Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

There's a Method to my Madness

A while back Jenny gave me a wonderful little sampler of Method products. She is definitely a Method Maniac - I am also a fan of Method, though mostly the soaps and baby shampoo as I love that they are natural and smell yummy. Oh, and currently also loving the little dishwasher orbs.

One thing that bugs Jenny - sometimes when I receive cute gifties, I "save" them rather than "use" them (thus the adorable, unopened bag of toffee from her London trip circa 2001 that she repeatedly mentions how delicious it would have been had I eaten it when she'd given it to me 8 YEARS AGO!!)

And the Method gift pack was in danger of the same fate, I mean, it's too FREAKIN CUTE to use! I want to display it, not use them up! But a few days later, Little Miss got it in her head that she wanted to clean the sliding glass door (not sure what triggered the desire)... and the adorable little - and most importantly NON-TOXIC - bottle of Method cleaner was perfect for her little hands! (I sure as heck wasn't going to let my 3 year old get her hands on old school window cleaner!)

So I let Lauren "play" (clean) and I invoked my get-her-to-love-cleaning psychology... that I'm assuming will have her, in a few years, dying to clean the entire house... with something along the lines of, "ok, I'm only LETTING you clean because you've been a good girl" to go along with my usual, "no, you're not allowed to use the vacuum! Don't even THINK about touching it!! Now run along and put on a bunch of tattoos while Mommy vacuums and drinks her coffee."

Then grabbed my cam and got video as she cleaned and professed her love for Method.

Took her a bit to get the hang of spraying, but she loved it. She cleaned that one spot on the window about 20 times before I finally had to take it away from her, of course, ending with a, "if you're REALLY good tomorrow, you can clean the muolding with the wood cleaner..."