Friday, April 18, 2008

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Go Tiger Woods!

Now that Lauren is at that stage where she repeats almost anything, I had some fun today getting her to cheer for Tiger Woods during the Masters golf tournament. She is saying, "go Tiger Woods, go Tiger Woods, get a birdie, get a birdie, get a hole in one!"

I am still working on, "whatchyou talking bout Willis?" and "may the Schwartz be with you".
Well, as I search for a playset for Lauren for the backyard, I'm starting to see what rich people can do with all that money - this castle is $7400!!

Now I don't want to sound like a bitter, self-righteous middle class person, but seriously, if you spend $7400 on a castle for your 3 year old, you should question your morality. OK, so you're not killing anyone or cheating on your wife or anything, but when there is so much famine and struggle in this world, it just doesn't seem right.

Now if you build it yourself, and it costs a couple grand in supplies, that's different. Then it teaches your kids more than just "Mommy & Daddy can buy me whatever I want".

ok, off my soapbox now. will continue to look for a playset that does not cost a few months' salary (or even a week's salary for that matter)

Thursday, April 03, 2008

My favorite golfer, Adam Scott, defends his title starting today at the Shell Houston Open. As of this moment, he is in the lead with three birdies through five holes (if you don't know alot about golf, just know this - that's REALLY GOOD!)

He also did this PSA comparing surfing to golf. Adam Scott in a wetsuit is not a bad thing.

On that note, I think there is a missed marketing opportunity within golf right now. There are many rather good looking guys on the Tour and while Natalie Gulbis "gets it" over on the LPGA, I'm still waiting for the "Hot Men of the PGA" calendar to come out.