Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Glowing Orbs

I love these new glowing orbs. Much like the Candela rechargeable candle lamps Jenny blogged about, but now in available as ethereal little orbs that change color.

Now if they could just merge these with a Tomy Bobble Head Sunshine Buddy - like Jenny has - and I think they'd have a replacement for valium.

Monday, March 28, 2005

Bird Nerd

Yes, I'm rapidly becoming a Bird Nerd.

Kodak has two Peregrine Falcons nesting on our tower. Six years ago, decided to set up a Birdcam sitelet, to watch the Peregrines nest, lay eggs, hatch eyases, then fly off for the winter... and it's been wildly popular. I've peripherally followed the birds, though not quite dedicated enough to go stand out on the bridge on my lunch hour to watch them. As a former docent at our local zoo, I am, however, a bunny hugger, and have great love for anything furry and cute (ok, not anything... Robin Williams doesn't quite make my list).

So now that I am part of the team, I can't tear my eyes away from these two beautiful birds - at least on the website. I'm still not trekking outside at lunch - not until Falcon Watch 2005, where I can yell into a walkie talkie "WE HAVE A BIRD DOWN, I REPEAT, BIRD DOWN" and save one of the fledglings lives. Then I will be a full-on Bird Nerd and proud of it!

And, as Lis spotted, I'm even showing up on the site here and there. Can't determine if that's a perk or a peril.

Monday, March 21, 2005

Jug Protectors

I got these milk and juice carton covers for Jenny for Christmas at a local store. They were deeply discounted and too funny to pass up. Then I saw them on for $10 each - are people really paying $10 each for these??!! Maybe they work wonders for keeping your milk and juice fresh.

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Today is my Grandma's birthday. She is 85. She's in good shape, though she does suffer from CHS (can't hear shit). I called her to wish her a Happy Birthday today. Picture me at my desk, trying to be somewhat discreet...

[ring, ring]
GRM: Hello?
ME: Hi Gram!
GRM: Hello?
ME: Hi Gram, it's Tina.
GRM: Who?
GRM: Who?
ME: You're Grandaughter.
GRM: Dawne?
ME: No, Tina.
GRM: Sherri?
ME: NO, [near yelling] TEE NAH!
GRM: Tina?
GRM: Hi Honey.
ME: You can't hear me, can you?
GRM: What did you say, I can't hear you?
ME: Just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
GRM: ok
ME: I'll talk to you later, LOVE YOU!

Bless her heart.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Family Fun

Visiting with my Grandmother and Aunt Del - as I did on Monday night - without fail includes these three things:

1) definite insistance that I've lost weight

GRAM: you look like you've lost weight
ME: no, I definitely haven't
GRAM: [disgusted look of disbelief]
[10 minutes later]
GRAM: you look like you've lost weight honey
ME: no, actually I've gained 3 pounds since the last time I saw you, you can see it in my hips
GRAM: no, you've lost weight
[then I give up the debate, better her telling me I look thinner than I look "pouchy"]

2) insistance to eat more

GRAM: have a turkey sandwich honey
AD: what do you want to drink?
ME: I have water with my Crystal Light
AD: I have flavored seltzer water
ME: I have my drink
GRAM to AD: get Tina some of that soda
ME: I have my Crystal Light
GRAM: you need ice
ME: no, I used cold water
AD: have some Ambrosia Salad, I got regular and strawberry
ME: ok, I'll have a little
GRAM: are you going to have another sandwich Honey?
ME: I will Gram, just having a little ambrosia salad
[2 minutes go by]
GRAM: have another sandwich Honey
ME: I'm going to Gram [eat a second turkey sandwich]
AD: have some cheese and crackers Teen
ME: no thanks, I'm getting full
GRAM: have some cheese and crackers Honey
ME: no thanks Gram, getting full
GRAM: that's meunster cheese there
ME: oh
AD: I have Sugar Free Klondike Bars, want one?
ME: no thanks, having a sugar free klondike bar is like having [I stop myself before saying something gutterish to my Grandmother and very religious Aunt]

3) 20 compliments with 20 questions

AD: I love your coat, where did you get it?
ME: Banana Republic
AD: How much was it?
ME: About $79 - it was on sale.
AD: What was the original price?
ME: About $250
AD: Wow, that's a good deal.
[10 seconds or so]
AD: I love those boots, where did you get them?
ME: Kaufmanns
AD: How much were they?
ME: About $55 on sale

[To which I started rattling off info about all elements of my wardrobe, including my Hanky Panky underwear. I added that I am going to start showing up with those gigantic price tags attached to all my clothes like they do in the magazines.]

We had a good laugh.

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I'm glad hubby loves his iPod Shuffle. I could do without the karaoke-with-no-background-music effect. Let's just say, he will NEVER quit his day job to become a singer.

$789 per Inch

A vicious cirlce I like the sounds of... spend more money on cosmetics and clothes --> earn more money to buy more cosmetics and clothes.

A study found that attractive people earn more money... But that "anyone can increase their attractiveness to others if they maintain good eye contact, act upbeat, dress well, and listen well." The researcher says to, "stand straight, tuck in your stomach, hold your head high, and smile at those you meet" and "you will begin to be treated with more warmth and respect." Sounds like Stepford Wife training rather than research.

and size matters, too...

another study found that "tall people earn considerably more money throughout their careers than their shorter coworkers, with each inch adding about $789 a year in pay".

Whoa, Aaron is in for a nice salary. Good thing, because what Jenny lacks in height, she far makes up for in beauty.

Monday, March 07, 2005

I haven't fallen off the face of the earth... I just haven't been too inspired.

I did have a great weekend.

Friday, hub & I and Jenny & Aaron went to see Bride and Prejudice, a Bollywood movie. It was dazzling with a little cheese sprinkled on top.

Saturday, Jenny, Aaron & I hit the slopes and went snowboarding. I litterally hit the slope... with my head... when I fell after getting off the lift. CRACK! My head bounced like a basketball. Today the tendons in my neck are sore, but otherwise it was alot of fun and worth a bit of pain.

Yesterday I visited my Sis and we took the little ones to Chuck E. Cheese. More like Chuck E. Birthcontrol. Holy Chaos Batman! I'm also going to just go ahead and say this and probably be unpopular for it, but little boys are nightmares with legs (though I'm sure they're adorable when they're sleeping =)