Monday, April 25, 2005

One Down

Well, it worked. I was enveloped by the intensity of celeb after celeb... first Brad Pitt, then George Clooney, Steve Buscemi, Jamie Foxx, then, the most trusted of all, Tom Hanks, asking me to help make poverty history.

How can you resist?

I couldn't.

Why should you resist?

So I signed the declaration and I bought wristbands.

Then again, I also gave some grungy-dread-locked-barefoot-tree-hugger guy who showed up at my door at 9pm one night thirty five bucks to save the environment from pesticides, so why wouldn't I help Brad Pitt?

Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sunday, April 17, 2005

New Yorkie

I'm still in a NY state of mind. One of the best parts of our trip was all the dogs. NYers love their dogs, and Citysearch has a great article on all the dog-friendly places. Next trip we might not have a dog with us, but who says you can't go trolling for a little puppy love in the city.

Bubby's Pie Co. in Tribeca allows dogs. Their menu looks pretty tasty too. I think I'd have to get the Frog Parker Pulled Pork with a side of mac & cheese and Corn on the Cob and chase it all down with a Creamsicle Martini and, of course, finish with Mile High Apple Pie. Mmm.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Back from NYC and aside from the jacked up, blistered feet, it was excellent. I did wear comfy shoes, but walking about 6 miles a day - when you normally barely put in 1/4 mile - is bound to do damage.

Thursday got off to a great start with Pommes Frites. I'd have to walk 6 miles a day if I lived there because I would eat these soul saving fries every day.

We were also happy to see that NYC is now spotted with Jamba Juices. They were busier than Starbucks! Banana Berry gave my soul and soles some much needed potassium.

Then it was on to Broadway. I cannot emphasize enough how hilarious Spamalot is. Tim Curry should win a Tony. Tim Curry's alto voice and charming smile warmed my soul.

The gentle rain that fell upon us as we politely handed our playbills to David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria was refreshing and enlightened my soul.

Friday brought us Maroon 5. Assigned seats and row 10 made for an easygoing, no jostling with teenage girls, good time. Adam's lyrics touched my soul and he was very easy on the eyes.

Sneaking into the secret Burger Joint was invigorating and the caloric bounty fed my soul.

Saturday brunch at the Brooklyn Diner was delicious. I love dipping toast in eggs, it remings me of my Mom and brings joy to my soul.

Chilling in the Oasis Lounge at the W New York made for a relaxing evening. Though there were no rhythm-less dancers to be amused with, there was a huge wall with dolphins being projected onto it. My soul is soothed with the sight of dolphins. The Corona didn't hurt either.

Making the most of Sunday, we put on our walking shoes and headed south. Walked over fourty blocks before bringing it all back around - back to Pommes Frites. Finishing off a great trip with a delicious chocolate milkshake while eating soul sticks with your best friend, that's what it's all about.

My soul was warmed, refreshed, soothed, and fed... and I am better for it.

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Read Me A Drink

Jenny and I are in the Library Bar of the Hudson Hotel. We are using their computer like nerds while the cool people are playing pool. Jenny is fighting her alcohol allergy and I am flowing with my tolerance for it... We saw Maroon 5 tonight, they were great. There were alot of 8 year olds there too. I guess NYers like to spoil their kids. We also saw an eleven year old with a Louis Vuitton purse. Totally unneccesary in my humble opinion. I mean seriously, buy the girl a Hello Kitty purse and let her grow up empathetic. Another youngun in a fur scarf could have done with a sythetic blend. Oh well, that's NY for you.

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Wear in New York?

As Jenny posted, we are going to NYC tomorrow for a weekend of fun, food, and financial farewell (ie, say goodbye to our money because we will be shopping like mad).

One thing I'm having a dilemma over - what to wear. I want to look nice, but I don't want my feet to feel like I've been walking on hot coals.

What I want to wear:

The extremely comfy shoes I bought to wear (but in tan):

But I also have the problem that flat shoes are not very flattering on me. Not only am I short already, but my pants are so long, I'll look like The Incredible Shrinking Woman on day 4. So if not my comfy jeans, then what?

What are short women in NYC wearing to look nice but be comfy and warm? Or are they all suffering for vanity, which is still an option?

Friday, April 01, 2005

Heavenly Donuts

In discussing the dire health of the Pope, Jenny & I agreed that it would be unfortunate for him to pass away on April Fools Day - yes, it would be unfortunate for him to pass away at all - but if it's today, it will just open the situation up for tasteless jokes and what not. We also discussed how he is likely getting the best care and at only 84, has probably taken good care of himself through the years, so may have a good chance of pulling through.

But then there are Krispy Kremes. The belief that Krispy Kremes were created by the Heavenly Father to bring peace and happiness to our ever darkening planet. That the sugary glaze is not just yummy, it feeds our soul with lightness and blesses us with an internal glow of joy that radiates to others and makes the world a better place.

I think the world has overlooked the power of the Krispy Kreme. That if there were donut proliferation, we might not have nuclear proliferation. If the people that hate Americans were offered a dozen hot glazed, perhaps their view would be softened, their perspective expanded, for how can you hate someone who provides something so loving and kind.

I don't think it's a mere coincidence that they are shaped like little angel halos. So even though the Krispy Kremes might shorten our lives with clogged arteries, the benefits far outweigh the risks. Krispy Kremes are, as we've all suspected, an instrument of God.