Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mac Happy

The Black Friday sale at Apple seduced us and Christmas came early - we finally got an iMac (though I've been using a Mac at work for years, I had a pc at home). I LOVE it. I barely want to leave the house, I just want to play with my Mac. It was so ridiculously easy to set up. I mean RIDICULOUS! It found our wireless router and I was on the internet within 5 minutes. Just TRY to do that with a PC! Our PC takes 10 minutes just to boot up!

Someone else loves it too. As I brought her downstairs Saturday morning and she saw it (set up on the kitchen table) she said, "oooh, Mommy, pretty!" That's my girl! We spent most of the weekend on - her favorite thing at the moment. Though I held it off for 22 months, I now have a child who just constantly wants to watch "baby Shrek", so as of now, I've watched Shrek 2 and 3 about 20 times each. She wakes up saying "baby Shrek", then says all the names, "Shrek, Donkey, eeona, puss". I downloaded the wallpaper and she can barely pull herself away from the screen, she just wants to stare into Shrek's eyes.

We also listened to the theme from Spiderman - another one of her favorite things since her class made a Spidey scarecrow for Halloween. I always sing, "Spiderman, Spiderman" and then can never remember the rest (Lauren shortens it and sings "spider, spider" as she sways) . So now I am reminded of the rest and she can learn more than two words to the song.

Now I have to pull myself away from the screen and get ready for bed!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I fear that my child is showing "unique" tendencies. Really I don't fear it, I revel in it. I want her to be unique, creative, funny.

The other night, just after I got home and peeled off my high heeled boots and put them in to the closet, she walked over to the closet and said, "Mommy, boots" as she pulled them back out. I said, "no, honey, Mommy doesn't want to put on her boots now", but as she repeated, "boots", I realized - she didn't want me to put them on - SHE wanted to put them on.

She's been pretty obsessed with shoes since she was very young - it was one of her first words. If I start saving now, maybe I can buy her a pair of Christian Louboutins for her high school graduation.

Here is video of her after she had just put on one of my shoes.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Vegas Baby!

Had a great trip to Vegas last week with Jenny. Celebrated my Brother's birthday. Shopped alot. Saw, "Menopause, the Musical" (thanks to free tix from bro - it was cute).

Also went to In-N-Out Burger. If there were an In-N-Out Burger here in Rochester, I would be FAT. Not PHAT, but straight up FAT. And I wouldn't care, because those burgers are soul food and I'd rather have a happy soul than a small ass.

We met my brother there and as we stood just inside the door, couldn't find him anywhere. Finally, after about 5 minutes, we saw this - just the top half of his beanie'd head peeking over a seat - as he wondered why we weren't coming over to him. For some reason, this was hilarious.

So, about my brother. He is not your average person. He is different in so many ways, I can't even begin to explain. For starters, he is a CHARACTER. Always telling stories, always making people laugh (when he's not violently angry and beating someone up). Always having weird things happen to him (like the time he got robbed at gunpoint but still "swooped" the guy, then kicked him and almost got shot).

He drives a cab in Vegas - which to me is one of the coolest jobs - and perfect for him - because he's such a people person and racks up the stories. He told Jenny and I one summarization of his experiences. He says that "married women from 25-35 are the worst"... "I have a pulse. I say in shape. they're tipsy. It's 4am, it's a little dark, does me a little justice..." in other words, they hit on him alot... but his delivery, just too funny.

Looks like we might be back in Vegas in January too!

Monday, November 12, 2007

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Stuffed Animals are the new Black

As I begin to plan for Christmas, and wonder what I can get Lauren that won't be laced in lead, I come back to my favorite things - stuffed animals. I surrounded myself with them. I slept with them. I took them with me on trips. I hugged and kissed and loved them. Most are "put away" now that I am an, ahem, "adult". But now I have an excuse to get more. Now I can live vicariously through Lauren, so the stuffed animal collecting has begun!

Yesterday I got her a huge Jellycat sheep. I got him at Parkleigh, my favorite store (with my 30% off coupon!!). I also found Jellycat animals at this great site called Oompa toys - I love the look of their site and their selection, thought they seem a bit pricey.

The sheep is currently stuffed rather unceremoniously into a box too small for his body. I thought about him as I lay awake last night. Is he sad? Is he lonely? Is he having trouble breathing in there? I may have to let him stay with me until Christmas eve, when I can wrap a red bow around him and place him gently under the tree for Lauren to find in the morning.

Big Bang Theory

I just think the new show Big Bang Theory is hilarious. I think my inner geek is finding Sheldon annoyingly cute.

Those greedy studios better give the writers more $$ and end this writer's strike or I'm not sure how I'm going to feed my tv addiction!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oh No, Stinky Butt

Ignore the video but listen to the audio. Lauren's new favorite thing to say when getting her diaper changed (or to Mommy if Mommy is laying on the floor), "OH NO, stinky butt". She learned this in part from me, who throws around the word "stinky" when changing a poopy diaper, and from her daycare teacher, who says to the kids, "who has a stinky butt?".

Friday, November 02, 2007

Elefant and Daddy

Originally uploaded by Matt_Bernius.
We had a wonderful Halloween, I think it will be Lauren's favorite holiday from here on out. She LOVED pumpkins, loved seeing "scary" things - "Mommy, cary?" she'd say about skulls and pumpkins and ghosts. But I think her very favorite part was handing out candy to the other trick or treaters.

On Halloween Eve we attended Jenny's dinner party, Leetle Elefant had quite a good time - especially eating Aaron's Grandpa's super secret, super delicious Spaghetti.

Thank you to Matt for the wonderful picture!