Thursday, February 24, 2005

Yay for Jay

Yay to Jay McCarrol for winning Project Runway! Jay was catty and bitchy, but very funny, very honest and very talented. I love the skirt with the circles on it. I want one.

I was hooked on this show - the American Idol for fashion designers. It was great to watch them create something from scratch... and slightly amusing to hear Michael Kors rip their designs apart.

And in the finaly, Parker Posey looked Fab-u-lous with that crazy hair - you go Indy Girl!

My one rant for the show - I hated that the Producers manipulated the results to pick someone who they knew would add drama. Save that crap for the shows that need it, like Real World and Surreal Life. There was enough drama and suspense in Project Runway in watching the designs come together and seeing who won.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Paris Trumps National Security

The state of our culture today - Paris Hilton's sidekick getting hacked garners more law enforcement activity than a guy getting Secret Svc credentials for the Wht Hse with a fake name... which probably wouldn't even have made the news until they uncovered that he was a homosexual male escort who published nasty web sites. Then it becomes at least newsworthy.

I think it's all a PR stunt anyway. Paris' livelihood depends on her name being in the news. Helllooooo. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this out. She probably seduced some 15 year old kid to "hack" into her stuff.

On that note, I now possess the phone# of the lead singer of Maroon 5. I wonder if he'd like to meet me for a spot of tea.

Monday, February 21, 2005

Pretzels + Chocolate = Yummy

Tomorrow is Cookiepalooza at work - our fifth annual cookie baking contest. I think I won "Best Looking Cookie" last year for my frosted sugar cookies in the shape of ice cream cones.

This year I made Chubby Hubby Cookies. Yes, the name got me (though my hubby is no longer chubby as he has lost almost 30 pounds since last year and is continually shrinking and will soon fit in to my pants at which time I might truly lose my already loose grip on sanity). But moreso, I'm all about mixing pretzels and chocolate.

It started with the White Trash Mix given to us at Christmas - pretzels, crispix, cheerios, nuts all coated in white chocolate. I didn't think I was even going to like it. I was SO WRONG. Now I find myself at home, whipping up a batch as if it's popcorn and I'm sitting down to Colin Firth Fest.

Then Aaron and Jenny introduced me to the Take 5 bar. It was yummy. And now I'm hooked on the idea of pretzels with chocolate.

So I found this cookie recipe that includes pretzels. They're not that attractive, but I'm hoping they are tasty. Funny thing is, after all that, I have no desire to eat one. Perhaps the cookie dough getting in the way of the pretzel truly meshing with the chocolate dampens my desire.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Boarding for Breast Cancer

Our good friend Tony is riding for the 2005 Boarding for Breast Cancer Board-A-Thon. Tony helped teach me how to board and look at me now, I cut up the slopes like Kelly Clark... ok, not so much... maybe more like Kelly Clarkson. But I have the cutest snowboard ever, with pandas on it, incase I actually get serious about it. If not, I can still hang the snowboard on my wall as an artistic centerpiece.

Go here to donate for Tony

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

iPod Me

Got hubby an iPod Shuffle for Valentine's Day. He's happier than a pig in, well, poop. It came in this adorable green box and just seemed to say, "I've been waiting for you my whoooooole life!"

After a few bouts of him singing along to the song that was playing only in his ear, I've started to wonder what I've gotten myself in to here. Though he has multiple talents, singing is NOT one of them. Let's just say, not only should he not quit his day job, he shouldn't subject the shower walls (much less me and the dog) to this spectacle.

But let's be honest here, I'm just jealous. These days, having a white cord flowing out of your ears definitely increases your hip quotient... so needless to say, I am feeling like the nerdy, out of the loop member of this union - a position I am not used to.

I want an iPod!

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Maroon Me on a Desert Island

Yay for Maroon 5, they just won the Grammy for Best New Artist. After Los Lonely Repeat the Chorus Over and Over Again Boys won Best Pop Performance By A Duo Or Group, I wasn't hopeful that Maroon 5 would win, but they did. Thank Goodness it wasn't a Jethro Tull wins Best Metal Album moment!

They look pretty handsome in those suits too. Looks like suits are the new black. I don't think I could endure another thank me lucky charms I've turned from rapper to golfer outfit like Missy Elliott wore that one year, ugh!

photo: Wireimage

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


At this point, scary, but there's not alot of food that would make me feel happy (usually I can rattle off a long list). My food fantasies are fizzling.

I was going to mail order a Giordano's Chicago Stuffed Pizza, which definitely has potential for momentary bliss, but it was going to cost $41.25 for a 12" pie and I may be desperate, but I'm not crazy.

Matt, coming home for a visit anytime soon? =)

Monday, February 07, 2005

Cat Killer

My favorite SuperBowl commercial was the Ameriquest one where the guy looks like he is murdering the cat. Sick but damn funny.

Neither team is a favorite of mine (I'm still partial to the Miami Dolphins), so I cheered for NE only because I had heard on NPR that the QB was a QT, but let's face facts, he's certainly no Steve Young.

Sunday, February 06, 2005

Krispy Krack

I realized that my blog has strayed from what my title implies... my lust for food. I had contemplated telling my brother that I was going on a hunger strike, but I know he would know I was full of crap. I cannot, in fact, stop myself from eating. To the contrary, I am finding myself eating everything in site, assuming it will give me a moment of pleasure to distract me from the drama. And you know what, it does. Sound familiar? Like an addiction maybe? Because even something as seemingly harmless as Krispy Kremes can be dangerous if taken to the extreme. Let me elaborate...

Research says that if we take in 3500 calories more than we burn, we gain one pound.

According to this Calorie Needs Calculator, I burn about 2000 calories per day.

Each Krispy Kreme Original Glazed donut (my drug of choice) has 200 calories.

I'd need at least 3 dozen donuts per day to continually dull my pain (and, I assume that over time, I'd need more and more to get the same results).

That's 7200 calories in donuts.

Plus I'd need to wash them all down with soda, so that would easily bring me up to 8000 calories.

That means I'd gain almost two pounds per day.

So if I went on a Krispy Kreme "runner" for just two weeks, I'd gain over 25 pounds! I would definitely need a new wardrobe, but probably couldn't afford it because I'd be spending all my money on donuts. Any clothes that did still fit would probably have glaze stains on them.

Then things would turn really bad... I'll have gained so much weight that I'll be depressed... and even though I know how hard it will be to lose the weight, I won't be able to stop because I really love how the donuts make me feel and can't bear the thought of not eating them... then I'd think about how I've let my family and friends down because I don't want to go out anywhere, I just want to stay home and eat donuts, so to keep them from bugging me, I'd lie and say I was having "tummy troubles", then I could hide out in the bathroom with no one bothering me to stop eating my donuts and even if they did beg me to stop, I'd say "to hell with it, I've already gained ridiculous amounts of weight" and keep eating the donuts... and the vicious cycle would continue.

Amazing how frighteningly similar this is to actually being addicted to a narcotic substance! Only I don't think on the Krispy Kremes you'd bug out or pass out. Then again, I don't know for sure because I don't think I've ever had that much pure sugar flowing around in my bloodstream!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


What a horrible week so far. Brother is not doing well at all. My back is about to give out. My hair, well, we won't even GO there...

The horrible thing about having a loved one who is destroying themselves is that you wonder why they don't love you enough to be able to stop. It's a silly thing to think because you know damn well they do love you and you know addiction is not rational, but you can't help but feel hurt.

I wish I had the money to hire a couple big guys to go and kidnap him and keep him in a bungalow at Chateau Marmont for a month and only allow room service and a Psychiatrist to visit. Alas, independently wealthy I am not, so I'll continue on the Prayer route (though since that didn't work for my Mom's situation, I'd also like to win the lottery and hire the thugs).