Monday, April 24, 2006

Our second baby shower was yesterday - the one Jenny threw for us. It was fabulous, especially the favors and the pulled pork, mmm. Jenny is so damn creative and generous. I am so lucky. Sarah and Lisa also made the most adorable jungle animal cupcakes... and they were delicious too - I hoarded a few to take home.

Jenny also made an awesome picture - Lauren's name spelled out in photos of letters (I will post a picture soon). It will be a family treasure.

We got lots of other great things too, now I just need a bigger house for all Little L's stuff!

Little L, though doing pretty good, is still going to the eye dr every week, still not passed the hearing test on her right ear, still having reflux and spitup issues, still having lung/breathing issues (she's a periodic breather or something like that), has thrush, and is not gaining enough weight (a problem I wish I had). She has to go for an Upper GI in a few weeks to rule out any malformations of the gastrointestinal gear. I'm not too worried because I think she is spitty from her medicine.

She like to stare at the tv, which scares me, because I know she is genetically predispositioned to want to watch hours of E! Entertainment Television.

Friday, April 21, 2006

Why doesn't the media point out how Tom & Katie lied about their pregnancy? I remember when they first announced it she was supposedly 2 months behind me. I KNEW her bump was too big, she was showing as much as I was... then, a week later, the timeline changed by a month... then, sure enough, at some point, she caught up and viola, had her baby within days of my original due date! I KNEW it! LIARS!

Ah, remember the old days, when Tom Cruise seemed normal and attractive. Now he seems like a horse-toothed lunatic and I have no desire to see any of his movies. RUN KATIE, RUN! Get Suri a semi-normal life!

It makes me wonder... if I had loads of money, tons of adoring fans, and was recognized in every corner of the world, would I turn in to a wacko? Would I star in a movie with Jake Gyllenhaal, divorce my husband and within weeks, marry Jake only to have it annulled 2 months later? Would I spend more money on handbags than most people in third world countries see in their lifetime? Would I lose 40 pounds and have to use my ultra-expensive handbag, filled with cash and water bottles, to keep me from blowing away in a strong wind - and yet still claim not to have an eating disorder? Would I assault someone with my cell-phone? Would I change Lauren's name to Jamba?

I'd like to think I wouldn't.

Friday, April 14, 2006

I am so addicted to reality shows. But the competition-based and how-to-improve-yourself-or-your-kids ones, not necessarily the watch-us-live-together and either hate-each-other-or-have-sex kind (not that those aren't fun to watch either).

American Idol, Top Chef, Next Food Network Star, American Inventor... all on my Faux-Tivo.

Nanny 911, Supernanny, Honey We're Killing the Kids (or, as it could be more accurately titled, How Not to Raise Fat Lazy Ugly Kids), Shalom in the Home, What Not to Wear, 10Years Younger... all helping me to be a better dressed parent.

PS, here are my picks for the competition shows:

American Idol - Chris (gotta go with the Rocker this time)

Top Chef - Lee Ann

Next Food Network Star - Guy

American Inventor - The Un-brella

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Fuzzy Hair
Fuzzy Hair,
originally uploaded by tostina.
Posted more pix. Little L is 5 lbs 5oz now! Hard to believe she was a little 2 pound peanut. She has not passed the hearing test for her right ear but is otherwise doing very well.

She has little red dots that the doctor said are hemangiomas that should go away. Chuck calls them Chuck Mangiones. Bah!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

I think Jenny already blogged about this, but I finally went in and played with this cool little app Kodak has where you can upload pictures and see them in the gallery commercial. I had worked on this a tiny bit before all the pregnancy craziness started.

I especially like the dramatic ending.

Another think I was working on - the Kodak Birdcam. It follows the Peregrine Falcons that roost in Kodak tower. They laid SIX eggs this year, that's amazing!

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Froggy Cupcake

Froggy Cupcake
Froggy Cupcake,
originally uploaded by tostina.
This three dollar cupcake went smoosh before I could get him home. I half suspect my hubby plotted his demise upon "bringing in the groceries" so, rather than having to save him for Grandma's birthday (you can't give an 85 year old woman a smooshed frog cupcake - she just won't understand), he was able to eat the disastercake himself.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Hello, my name is Tina and I am a SuDoku addict. I remember back in November at Sit & Knit, Lisa mentioned SuDoku and I had never tried it and didn't think I'd be interested. Then, while on bed rest at the hospital, I did one (or tried to do one) in the newspaper. It's like crystal meth - it only takes once to become addicted.

I now buy any SuDoKu book I can get my hands on, grab abandoned newspapers, and play on my cell phone. Yikes!

PS - Natalie, can you send me an email, I don't have your email address at home.