Sunday, September 29, 2002

Mom had some serious setbacks since my last post... blood clot, heart failure, liver failure, kidney failure... she's on every machine imaginable - a heart pump, a dialysis machine, a respirator... she's hanging on by a thread... but she IS hanging on. I think that thoughts of Mya (her new granddaughter, my new niece) are keeping her going.

It is heartbreaking and torturous... mixed with hope, faith, and small miracles.

I hope no one ever has to know what it's like to go through this.

My Mom is so special. She's strong and she's fighting for her life.

She's my inspiration.

Sunday, September 22, 2002

Mom Update #3

Finally... some good news. Mom came off sedation today and responded well. She still can't talk, ventilator is still in, but communicated by blinking her eyes and nodding her head. She's definitely aware of who we are and what's going on - and that was a major concern. Tomorrow - when her Dr. is back - they should take out the ventilator and then she's "over the hump" - as the Dr. says.

Yesterday was a trying day, they kept her sedated all day... but obviously they know what they're doing, because it seemed to be just what she needed.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Mom Update #2

Things aren't going as well as we'd hoped with Mom - not out of danger, but indications are that she's improving slowly. They expect to keep her sedated and on the ventilator for the next couple days. It's hard to see your Mom like that. Funny thing is, I know if she were aware, she'd be more worried about everyone else than herself. The good news is that her heart appears to be functioning well.

I was supposed to leave for Germany today for Photokina, but just as I was getting ready to leave, she seemed to be doing a bit worse. So I delayed my flight until Sunday - not that I can do a damn thing, but just for my own peace of mind. Mom would tell me to go, but I need more of a warm fuzzy to be able to go and function like a human. I don't think I've ever felt more stress and worry in my life. My Mom is such a loving, fun and funny person and I'd be lost without her.

The nurses said that her surgery was the worst they'd seen in over a month but the doctor said that for what she's been through, she's doing great... So we just wait and hope and pray for better days.

Wednesday, September 18, 2002

Mom Update

Mom came through surgery after a couple complications. Turns out they had to replace 3 valves... then she had some bleeding after the fact so they had to keep her in OR longer. She is doing better this morning than yesterday... in Guarded condition rather than Critical... so things are looking up.

All your thoughts and prayers are appreciated. I'm off to see her now.

Wednesday, September 11, 2002

Guns N Noses?

This is supposed to be Axl Rose. I didn't believe it at first, but the picture was on E! online - wouldn't they verify their info before posting a pic of some freak posing as Axl? What the hell happened to him? He looks nothing like the Axl of old. Are his eyebrows gone? He looks bizarre. What the hell happened to him????

Ooh One More

Oh my God, I almost forgot (Jenny had to remind me) - we also saw Sharon Stone in Toronto... Very close up... hopping in to her limo... 2 feet away... she's stunning!

Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Speaking of Toffee

Toffee is the main ingredient in a Heath Bar. Heath Ledger was in Toronto. Heath Ledger passed me on the escalator. I was within 3 feet of him for about 2 seconds. Before my brain registered that it was him, he was gone. For some reason, my initial thought was that it could be David Beckham. This moment of unclarity was caused by the fact that D.B. had been plastered all over every paper and magazine in UK and, with the VERY short hair, they actually look kinda similar, don't ya think?.

David Beckham

But then I realized it was Heath - about 5 seconds too late. He just slid in the side door, up the escalator, flanked by security, looking down the whole time. I sent Jenny to the restroom (which was up the escalator) but by the time she got there, gone.

Sure, Chuck get's checked out by Tim Curry in the lobby of the Four Seasons, but I can't even get a glimpse of an eyeball. Still, it was cool.

Aaron also spotted Michael Caine waiting for the elevator (by himself, wheeling his own luggage). The elevator took forever and by the time it came, the crowd that had gathered around him (and chatted with him) all piled in and M.C. had to cram into the elevator with all these schmos who got there much after him. Inconsiderate!

We may also have seen Lauren Holly, but not sure it was her. And I'm pretty sure I saw the guy from E! channel. We missed Salma Hayek by mere moments, which didn't seem to phase Jenny until I pointed out that S.M. may equal Edward Norton. Then her eyes lit up... But alas, not to be this weekend... but there's always next weekend.


Been away so long...

Went to London, loved it. Walked a ton but still gained 5 lbs. So on that note and since my blog IS The "Daily Bite", I'll start by talking about the food I had...
  • a Brie and Bacon sandwhich at the Hog in the Pound Pub (their bacon is like our ham)
  • lots and lots of chips (I ate more fries in 2 weeks than in the previous 2 months here)
  • a yummy pizza at Pizza Express, which is actually a pretty fancy little place
  • a Banana Sundae - with yummy crunchy little merengue chips in it
  • many Mocha Frappucinos
  • a heavenly plate of Gnocchi drowning in cheese

Went to Edinburgh, Scotland for a weekend. Visited Edinburgh Castle and walked the Royal Mile. Gorgeous! Scotland is VERY VERY green... more memorable food...
  • Jenny shared a dessert that I think was a little cake covered in toffee sauce with baked toffee on top - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - I almost ate it all before she could. I love toffee!!!!

Went to Paris the last weekend. Lots of very beautiful sights, a little more difficult to get around than London, but definitely had a good time and some good food...
  • the best coffee I've every had... with warm milk... and many sugar cubes, mmmm
  • that tasty baguette with butter and jelly each morning
  • the butter and cinnamon crepe... I wish I'd had a few more... I'd go back just for the Crepes!
  • the fruit tart from Fauchon - it was the kind of dessert that makes you realize how good life can be

Yes, it was a wonderful trip. Great friends, great food, great sights, great times.