Monday, May 31, 2004

Ok, call me wierd, but I've always had a thing for red headed, freckly boys. Dates back to 5th grade. First Richie Cunningham, then Andy Gibb, now Rupert Grint. He's becoming somewhat adorable, in that pasty-red-head type of way. How old is he anyway?

(PS - though Hub is not a red head, he has plenty of cute freckles)

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Hubby and I are at

Hubby and I are at the drive in -going to see Shrek 2. I'm blogging from my cell phone.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Jenny and I did the Corporate Challenge together today. (Joel ran too, but was much more serious and finished much sooner) 3.5 miles. Ran some, walked some. Got poured on. Thought the Corporate Challenge was going to turn in to the Corporate Wet T-shirt Contest... but then the sun broke and a full Rainbow appeared across the sky as we finished the second half.

We finished in 50 minutes. The things we'll do for free t-shirts and free food. And that free Kodak t-shirt is extra special. Jenny and Joel collaborated, Jenny designed it, I helped with the little tagline, and it won an award! Yay!

As for how I feel... I'm going to be sore. I'm going to have shin splints... and thigh splints... and ass splints. I'm going to be Adviled tomorrow. But my spirit and soul feel good.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Jenny got me this book, Pills for Cats, Finding Happiness Through Modern Pharmacology, as a thank you giftie for having her shower.

"Depressed? Sleepless? Anxious? With pills, you can be a brand-new kitty.

This is the tale of one very neurotic, anxious, depressed, unfocused, sleep-deprived cat who discovers the joys of medication."

It is the funniest book I've ever read.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Jenny's bridal shower went very well yesterday. I couldn't have done it without my Sis and hubby. They helped me whip the house into shape, decorate, and prep the food. Hubby was my Superman. Able to dip small, slippery strawberries into chocolate in a single bound. And my Sis, six months pregnant and all, was an unstoppable force (ok, more accurately, a neurotic, can't-relax-until-everything-is-clean, force).

I found a couple great recipes on - Annie's Fruit Salsa and Cinnamon Chips and Double Tomato Bruschetta. According to the guests (and me, if I don't say so myself), they were VERY yummy!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

It's 5:07am. I am officially a complete insomniac.
This is why I stay up all night... following links... Bombshell Boutique, The Pink Puppy, Style Bakery, Choco Choco House... so many cool link names... must follow them all... Funky Junkk... ooh, an extra k, they MUST be funky, must click... and so on, and so on...
Holy crap, I can't believe I'm still up!

Using BloggerBot to post the pic of Mya clowning around Posted by Hello

Trying out BloggerBot. Here's a pic of Me 'n Hub Posted by Hello

Thursday, May 20, 2004

So let me try to describe the latest family drama, maybe you'll find it amusing... note that all these calls occured in within about a 30 minute span.

Backstory: within 2 months after Mom died, Stepdad procraimed his love for my Mom's former friend of 30 years, and proposed to "her". After much fuss from the family, they called off the engagement, though at some point last year, "her" started wearing the ring again. My sister suspects they secretly got married, but when she asked him a couple weeks ago, he said no.

CALL #1: Sis calls, tells me she got a letter from Grandma A. saying she heard Stepdad got married. Sis is pissed over this and the whole "her" situation.

CALL #2: I call Gram Q. to say hello and let it slip that Sis got a letter from Grandma A. saying she heard Stepdad got married. Just making conversation.

CALL #3: Gram Q. calls Aunt D. and tells her that I told her that Sis got a letter from Grandma A. saying she heard Stepdad got married.

CALL #4: Aunt D. "accidentally" calls Stepdad and "her", then asks them if they got married. They say no. Aunt D. tells them that I told Gram Q. that Sis got a letter from Grandma A. saying she heard Stepdad got married.

CALL #5: Aunt D. calls me to tell me she "accidentally" called Stepdad and "her" and asked if they got married, they said no. I get out of her that she spilled the whole story, blew us all in. I start to freak, then calm down (trying not to upset her, she's already unstable) and just tell her she shouldn't have said anything.

CALL #6: Stepdad calls Gram Q. and asks her, "what's this I heard that you think we got married?" To which my ever thinking Gram says, "I didn't say that"... and proceeds to protect my involvement as the second-level gossiper and tells him that Aunt D. "has a big mouth." Stepdad says he wouldn't get married without telling the family.

CALL #7: Gram Q. calls Aunt D., who must be on the phone, because Gram Q. gets her answering machine. Gram Q. leaves a message on Aunt D's phone telling her she "has a big mouth."

CALL #8: Gram Q. calls me all upset, worried that she started drama with the gossip because Aunt D. has a big mouth. Worried about me because I am going to have lunch with Stepdad and "her" tomorrow and upset that she made it uncomfortable for me. I calm her down and tell her not to worry, we were just making conversation. I'll be fine at lunch. We both agree, again, that Aunt D. most certainly does have a very big mouth.

CALL #9: I call Stepdad to fess up to the gossip, but tell him we didn't believe it anyway, we were just making conversation, and that Aunt D. has a big mouth. Stepdad says he wouldn't get married without telling the family. I say, "ok, see you at lunch today".

I at least prevented CALL #10 which could have been the call to Sis to tell her how after her first call, the gossip spread like wildfire and caused this drama. Whew!

Lunch will be so fun today.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

So the last time I looked at the clock last night, it was 3:37am. I think my multivitamin kept me up. I got about 3 hours sleep. And right now, you'd think I'd be tired, but I'm all wound up. Family drama.

I stayed up and watched the last episode of Queer as Folk. My Showtime is on the fritz, so I missed it on Sunday. Blasted digital cable. Can't live with it, can't live without it (ok, I could if I had to, but only if it were an emergency).

There's more psychological benefits to TV than people are aware of. There's this little thing called DISTRACTION which is one of the most effective ways (I've found) of surviving the constant, painful memories that can haunt you if you're brain is not otherwise occupied.

And cable is cheaper than therapy.

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Online shopping sprees are fun... Jenny, I DID order an NPR shirt that day! Does that mean people will think I'm smart? What about the people who aren't aware of NPR, will they think my shirt is promoting the National Piglet Roundup? Why am I still awake?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

OK, in ordering my Chocolate Body Glosser, I picked up a few other items... Aquolina Pink Sugar Glossy Shower Gel (how can you go wrong smelling like sugar)? Too Faced Bunny Balm in Pineapple Pin Up (you can't get much cuter packaging!), and Philosophy Amazing Grace Perfumed Body Gloss (Amazing Grace smells so... well... Amazing... and in a convenient spray moisturizer...)

I know, I know... I'm going to be EXTRA GLOSSY. People will be forced to wear sunglasses to look at me. I will be able to kill ants just by pointing my leg at them... Don't worry, I won't use them all in the same day... most of the time =)

I also got a few free samples, including Versace Eau de Toilette, I hope it smells good. For some reason, alot of expensive colognes smell like bug spray to me. Chuck tried on a sample of Kenneth Cole Black today (as opposed to the Kiton he normally wears which I LOVE) and to me, it might as well have been Raid Black. Must be something along the lines of how cilantro tastes like soap to some people.

(... if you're going to buy something at Sephora, you can use coupon code SURF3 to get an additional "deluxe" sample)

Monday, May 17, 2004

As Jenny mentioned, we were in Ithaca yesterday. While in a little Kitsch store, I spotted foam clown noses. Backstory: Aaron hates clowns, I have belly button issues. Aaron often "pokes" fun about belly buttons (AAAHHH, even mentioning it is KILLING ME)... So I don't hesitate to harass him on the clown front....

So I covertly had Chuck buy 3 foam noses... armed Jenny, Chuck and myself... and as we got in the car, we all put on our noses... to our delight and to Aaron's disgust. We kept our noses on for most of the 2 hour ride home.

So here we are, 3 clowns and Aaron, riding in a green VW Bug through the countryside... Aaron spots a kid out raking in his yard, when suddenly, the rake breaks and the kid is left holding up an empty rake stick. So Aaron turned the car around*, we pulled up to the yard, looked at him with our clown noses, pointed and laughed... and drove away.

*OK, this part didn't actually happen... we didn't go back... Aaron started to, but we (me) chickened out. Aaron said we were all clown-talk and no action. We were pretty amused at the prospect of what could have been the funniest event in our lives... brainstorming things like yelling to the kid, "we got the call and came as fast as we could"... Protecting America, one site-gag at a time, as members of the Volunteer Clown Association of America... BAH HAH.

Saturday, May 15, 2004

As I mentioned in an earlier post, food fragranced beauty products are really becoming popular. Sephora has a whole new line of yummy products. I just ordered the Chocolate Body Glosser.

I've used the Michael Kors Leg shine and love the look but not so much the fragrance. I think chocolate will be much better, since, let's face it, I'm the one who has to smell ME the most, so I'm picking something I like. I just hope I don't start craving Hershey bars!

The other yummy things they now have:
Coffee & Cream Morning Body Scrub
Triple Layer Cake Hair & Body Wash
Great Pumpkin Mask
Kiwi Ice Exfoliating Body Scrub
Watermelon Slush Exfoliating Body Wash

Sunday, May 09, 2004

An excerpt from "Motherless Daughters", a book by Hope Edelman, sums up how I feel today and every day since October 6, 2002...

"Ask any woman whose mother has died ...
and she will tell you that her life is irrevocably altered;
that this one fact forever changes who she is and who she will be."

I miss you Mom.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

So much hubub about obesity in America. Books, movies, Atkins, South Beach, Zone, Sweatin to the Oldies. I've read it all and I'll read it all again under a different headline. The thing is, I think alot of us know HOW to lose weight. We know that if we eat apples instead of oreos and tuna filet instead of Chicken Crispers®, we'll be slim & trim. But here's the harsh reality... EVERYTHING THAT IS BAD FOR YOU IS DELICIOUS. And though it may not be good for the body, it can be good for the soul.

On that note, if calories and health didn't matter, this is what I might have eaten today:
- A big bowl of Captain Crunch
- A Pellegrinos Buffalo Chicken Wing Sub
- A few or ten original Krispy Kremes
- A Venti Mocha Frappucino with whip
- A (ginormous) molasses cookie from Starbucks
- A Banana Caramel Crepe at Simply Crepes
- Two slices of pepperoni pizza from Pontillos in Pittsford
- and the modest dessert of a frozen Faux Ho

I'll add that THANK GOODNESS they don't actually SELL entire bags of the chewy, defective Whoppers... someday they might... I called Hershey and asked about them... told them they are yummy and they should sell them... Jenny would call me "unusual" for doing so. Takes one to know one.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Saw Guster on Saturday night. They are just the best live non-heavy-metal band ever (what can I say, I'm a reformed 80's headbanger).

After the concert, Hubby, Jenny and Aaron and I went to the RIT carnival, got a funnel cake, then went to Krispy Kreme and got donuts. Strange coincidence or does listenting to Guster lead to sugar binges? I think maybe.

On a separate note, I thought I found some really irreverent t-shirts at Bogus t-shirts ... but then I found T-Shirt Hell, which has some doozies. Most are unnecessarily sick... but my fave clean one says, "I'm what Willis was talkin' 'bout".