Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lauren has FINALLY started politely asking for things instead of demanding them. What was formerly, "I want a Cereal Bar!!", yesterday morning became, "Mommy, may I please have a cereal bar?"... in the sweetest voice. Imagine my dismay when I did not, in fact, HAVE a cereal bar to give.

Yesterday Daddy took Lauren to the new Wegs on Calkins. Today when I picked her up from Daycare she said, "Mommy, I want to go to Wegmans and get a cookie." The marketing genius of this free-cookie per kid idea finally truly hit me. I believe Lauren will be asking to go to Wegs every day. And I had half a thought to make it a routine. Wegs, cookie for Lauren, Brie and Bread for Mommy... sounds like a nice idea to me.

And a note to TRISH: fun things to do with an 11 month old in Rochester - I recommend the Zoo, always safely fun (there is a creek she can dip her feet in)... the kids go crazy for Strong Museum - especially the mini Wegmans... and a nice walk along the canal at Schoen Place, feeding the ducks, followed with a Ben & Jerry's ice cream, is good too. Very near Schoen Place is the Pittsford Dairy - I havent' been there this year but Jenny goes often and I believe they have cows in front for the kids to pet. Good luck, I hope it is a very nice visit for you! Direct Message me on Twitter if you want to ask more.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baby Bumble Bee Song

I taught Lauren the Baby Bumble Bee song, and she was singing it quite sweetly. We tried to get in on video, but then she got very quiet. So I asked her to sing it loud... here's what we got:

She says, "Bumble Bee Song! Won't my Mommy be so proud o me cause I'm throwin up my baby bumble bee. Won't my Mommy be so proud o me cause I'm throwin up my baby... do it loud. (me: you do it loud). YOU do it loud!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Just sent this to Jenny. She finally got me to read Twilight... then I read New Moon... now I'm 10 pages away from finishing Eclipse... and will be running out tomorrow to buy Breaking Dawn.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Lauren learned to sommersault a while ago and loves to do so, she also loves jumping. So when the Olympic Gymnastics came on, she was enthralled. She said, "Mommy, she's wearing her babysoup (bathing suit)" - she demanded to have her bathing suit on, then started sommersaulting around. She copied other movements (arms in the air) and at one point just dropped from standing to sitting position (this was pretty damn funny).

I got a little nervous that she'd try a no handed cartwheel or something, but she stuck to sommersaults (probably did at least 20).

I guess it is certainly time to enroll her in a gymnastics class!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Taking a walk down to the river. Before the bee attack.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How lame am I, I barely blog anymore - none in July. Twitter like crazy, but blogging seems to take so much more time.

June flew by... we announced the Kodak Challenge and I went to the Buick Open and the AT&T National golf tournaments.

FINALLY ate at a Melting Pot, Shruti had urged us to go there while in Chicago 2 years ago, but I insisted on The Cheesecake Factory (before we had one in Rochester). Well, let me tell you this, the Melting Pot immediately jumped to the #1 spot of "Restaurants that if I were ridiculously rich, I would charter a plane weekly to get to a city with a Melting Pot." They have one in Buffalo, and Shruti, Jenny, Denise and I went last weekend... they are thinking of opening one in Rochester. We begged, pleaded, and are about to bombard the guy with email weekly, urging him to open here ASAP.

Other than all that, my little one is at a very fun stage. She says things like, "OMG" and "Hello Mommy Honey, you want some dinner?" and "I no like to go to cool [school]" (though I did get her English corrected to say, "I DON'T like to go to cool"). She daily makes requests to visit people, "I want to go to Jenny & Aaron's house". Definitely a fun stage, except when she doesn't listen (she may grow up with the nickname "Brickwall").

So this post has no pictures and is lame, so I'll try to do better next time.