Tuesday, December 30, 2003

I am spoiled. I got lots of great gifties for Christmas... with the piece de resistance being a new wedding band. After 12 years of marriage, hubby surprised me with a new wedding ring earlier this year... and for Christmas, the matching band...

he is so wonderful, I am a lucky girl!

And many other great gifties...

a watch from Hubby

Peace of Mind gumballs from Hubby and Jenny (Hubby needed a hint on this one, Jenny instinctively knew that I'd love them)

I also got lots of yummy bath & body products from Sis, since she knows I am a beauty product addict... but they will likely cause a severe increase in my intake of sugary substances... either that or I will be caught licking my own arm and deemed insane...

Gingerbread Man body scrub

mini body powders (one in cake scent!)

Marshmallow Cocoa Body Whip

Pomegranate Body Polish... this one from Hubby

....and many more adorable things. Again, I am spoiled and it doesn't go unappreciated.

Sunday, December 28, 2003

Made it through Christmas. Lots of good mixed with broken heartedness and anxiety. Had the family over on friday... not used to having so many people... or any for that matter, but... it went fairly well, but not without drama... Stepdad (and his no-show "new" woman) and Stepbrother (who didn't feel invited even though I didn't even know he was going to be in town) and my drug-addicted-perverted-tank-top-wearing-in-the-middle-of-winter Uncle.

I just thank God I have some truly wonderful people in my life that I can get through. Though I still wish Mom were here to comfort me.

In knowing that all this drama would upset Mom, I resolved myself to believing that in Heaven, souls have no feelings other than happiness. So Mom cannot feel regret or guilt or anger or sadness. So though she sees us, she doesn't worry about what goes on here on earth, she is at peace.

Last night I started to read "The Five People You Meet in Heaven". In it, the main character (who dies), experiences that exact thing - no pain, no sadness, no regret, only peace. I know it is fiction, but it brought me comfort to have my ideas reinforced. I'm only a bit in to it, but so far, it is a good book.

Wednesday, December 24, 2003

We exchanged gifts with Jenny & Aaron last night... J & A had done the most adorable wrapping job, completing each gift with Oscar sticker nametags. Jenny made me a very cute shirt, sticking with the heart theme of last year. Gifts are so much more special when they are made for you. I tried to pretend like I made the Nigella measuring cups I got for her, but that joke only went so far...

She showered me with other gifties too, including a small christmas tree (as she knows I'm still a little too Christmas-leary-lacky-cheery to have a big tree), Rudolph character ornaments for the tree, and a Starbucks espresso cup ornament, which I WILL be using as a real cup after the holidays =) And Origin's Peace of Mind gumballs, which I will probably chew up while trying to survive having the family over on Friday.

Hubby also got good gifties, enough poker chips to start his own Celebrity Poker Showdown. Now if only he could get Jude Law to show up, because, according to my Jane magazine, he is the celeb I am destined to kiss this year.

And Oscar got Grizzy a Pug "The Dog" Squeaky Toy and a huge bag of biscuits. Grizzy is quite pleased!

Tuesday, December 23, 2003

hmm, I can post about sad stuff, like the story I heard on NPR that made me sob all the way home last night... a story about a guy who found out his Mom was dying and got all these wonderful childhood stories from her before she died... and how it triggered such deep regret and sadness in me because I hadn't been able to do the same...

... or post about the frustrations of the holiday... like how my house looks like the Tansmanian Devil blew through it and how my Aunt has called me four times today... to get a recipe... to tell my my Gram fell but is ok... to ask me to print recipes from Dr. Phil off "the computer" because she's gotten so fat (her words, not mine)... and how you can get a free two weeks at Gold's Gym by saying you're a member of "Dr. Phil's Booty Club" (again, her words, not mine). I think there'd have to be alot more in it for me to say that aloud, to anyone, ever...

... or post about happy, fun, holiday stuff... like going to see "Irving Berlin's White Christmas" with Jenny, Aaron and Chuck... and then having the four of us bust into song spontaneously... "snow, snow, snow, snow"

I guess I've achieved all three.

Friday, December 19, 2003

Yesterday morning, I read a link on MSN called "Spoof alert: Online buyers beware." I hadn't heard the term "spoof email" before, it is where criminals send very official looking emails that appear to be from a reputable sight but are just a way to steal personal info. Last night I go in to my account dammit if I don't have two pretty convincing looking emails from security@citibank.com and security@ebay.com (ok, this one wasn't so convincing), both asking for info you shouldn't be asked for. The faux-Citibank email asked for my ATM and pin#... uh, I DON'T THINK SO! I checked both sites and sure enough, they were fraudulent.

Rat-bastard criminal spoofers.
ef, blasted sleeping problems... still awake...

Thursday, December 18, 2003

Turns out there is a Bunny Museum in Pasadena. When you look a little closer, you realize it's not so much a museum as it is a house occupied by two crazy people who have collected more bunny paraphanalia than all the rest of the world combined. And I thought Jenny was a bunny hugger.

It gets stranger... they say on their site, "please do not bring the following into their home: no coats, no hats, no purses, nor bags". Isn't it just a little frightening that the people at the "Bunny Museum" expect you to be practically naked in order to view their collection of stuffed animals?

Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Overdose of sugar = up late, not tired.

Lack of blog... what have I been doing you ask? I've been shopping and shopping and shopping and then I shopped and I shopped and I shopped (inside joke reference to a Plymptoon that rang a little too close to home)

Great link to online coupons - styleforfree.com.

Sephora is offering a multitude of free gifties. I got the "Free Ultimate Goodie Bag" when I ordered stuff for my sis... gift code GIFT4U3... it was a cosmetic addicts dream.

Saks Fifth Avenue has some items that donate to VH1's Save The Music Foundation. I love the pink Burberry bucket hat as modeled here by Jewel... unfortunately, at $140, even though it's for a good cause, still much beyond a price within my spending habits.

Also checked out Presents for Purpose, which donates proceeds to various charities.

Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Roy told me about Cat Town today. I've seen some of the cat pictures before, but never the stories. Pretty hilarious.

And Jo sent this snowglobe link today too... after you've shaken it, stop, wait patiently, and watch closely for the girl who builds the snowman...

Friday, November 28, 2003

Bleh, full. Sis did Thanksgiving for the first time this year and her turkey was excellent! It's still very hard having a holiday without Mom, but last year my Aunt was 2 hours late and my Stepdad stormed out of the house, so at least this year, it was better.

She served pasta in addition to the traditional foods and had 4 pies for only 6 people. Is she Italian or what??!!

I got Mya to say "Ho Ho Ho", she's so damn cute and funny.

My Gram got on the phone with my brother (who's out in Vegas) and said, "Happy New Year!!", then cracked up at herself for 5 minutes... then, when I was asking her what kind of pie she wanted, I know she meant to say "cheesecake", but she actually said, "chicken", then we all cracked up again. She realizes she'll be hearing about that for a while.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Back from Hollywood, a place that is at times exciting and fun and at other times shallow and exclusionary. At least in Vegas, everyone at the nickel slots gets free drinks, even if you're broke and toothless.

But we stuck to the non-velvet-rope side of LA and with hubby, Jenny and Aaron able to be there too, I had a great time. Now we can all pine for In-N-Out Burger and Lola's Mac & Cheese together (except hubby, who doesn't get "the same way" about food as we do, though he did love the fries at In-N-Out).

My fave thing was driving the tiny winding canyon roads of the Hollywood Hills. It's like a puzzle... you just keep driving - clueless as to where you are or where you're going - until, after many turns, ascents and descents, you find yourself on a road you recognize, knowing exactly where you are. In some ways, much like life.

Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Feeling slightly better, as I get through the anniversary of the worst events of my life.

Been seeing movies, including "Love Actually", which I really enjoyed. It was a bit much with the cheating... and I didn't like the minimization of the fact that the kid's Mom had died (obviously), but overall it was very enjoyable. Not sure you can go wrong with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. It IS true, those damn british accents are so appealing.

Also saw "Elf" tonight... very funny... I think Aaron and Will Ferrell went to the same school of face making.

and... drumroll please... Mya (my neice) took her first steps! Sis tells me that she walked, then clapped and screamed with joy... like she knows that everybody's just been WAITING for her to put on this "walking" show.

Monday, November 03, 2003

Today is Mom's birthday, she'd be 58. I keep dreaming that we "find" her and she's just been missing. Going in to this second year without her is turning out to be more difficult than the first. Apparently a common thing, not something I expected.

It's strange the way I've been feeling... it's like my mind has split in two and one half knows that I shouldn't think certain things or feel certain ways, but the other half just keeps thinking those thoughts and feeling those feelings. Like I have no control over my own psyche.

I'm afraid the reality is, I'm affected and I'm not sure I'm the same person I was. I'm not happy about it, Mom would hate to see me this way, but I can't seem to change it. I do know that if I didn't have such loving and understanding family and friends, I'd be done for.

Thursday, October 23, 2003

FINALLY, Kodak is in the camera phone game - Kmobile is here! http://www.kmobile.com

It's Ofoto but for your phone pics. Last week (just using old fashioned Ofoto upload), I printed a few 4x6 prints of pics I took with my camera phone. All were a bit too pixelated for my taste, but the one I took of my sis and Mya, in bright, bright sunlight, that I printed wallet size, came out pretty damn good.

Here's link to my first album:
View Photos

Monday, October 13, 2003

Sorry no blogs of late, I just don't have the energy. I'm drained from all the terrible thoughts in my mind and I cannot turn them off. I didn't expect the anniversary to have such a profound effect on me, I didn't think things could get worse. I was wrong.

I used to wonder how anyone could commit suicide (no, I'm not suicidal, I'm just making a point)... I used to think... just move away, change your life, it can always get better. Silly, naive me. Now I know, no matter where you go, you can't escape your thoughts.

Saturday, October 04, 2003

Was in LA last week... mix a fragile emotional state with the opportunity to eat food-you-can't-get-at-home and top it all off with the fact that it's on the company tab, and you, my friend, have a climate ripe for complete gluttony.

A sampling of what I ate:
Banana Berry @ Jamba Juice
Double Double w/fries @ In-n-Out burger
homebaked mac & cheese (twice) @ Lola's
Gnocchi @ Ago

all worth every calorie...

Wednesday, October 01, 2003

When Mom went in to the hospital, she was VERY scared and thought she was going to die. We told her not to talk crazy. I wish I'd let her talk about it. I wish I'd said...

What kind of flowers do you want on your grave?

What should we do on your birthday?

If you can see me from heaven, try to let me know.

I know you don't want me to be sad, but I love you more than anything in this world and I will think of you and miss you every day for the rest of my life.

Monday, September 29, 2003

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I am mostly coping with the fact that last year, my Mom was struggling for life in the hospital (rapidly approaching the dreaded 1 year anniversary of her death)...

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

I was right, Colin Firth did look stunning. I'm bumming that I did not see him... or bump in to Dylan McDermot in a dark alley.

Colin Firth

and today is Colin's birthday! A Virgo!

Dylan McDermot

Monday, September 08, 2003

Back from the first weekend of the Toronto Film Festival. It was a Giovanni Ribisi weekend, as he was in both movies we saw.

The first movie was "I Love Your Work" by Adam Goldberg. The first half was great - funny, different... the second half got confusing, dark, and drawn out. Much of the cast was sitting in the same row at the theater and, as we exited, we passed them. Giovanni was filming with a little camcorder... if I had any balls, I would have run up in front of it and and yelled "I HATE YOUR WORK"... half to be funny and half to release the tension and anxiety that had built up in me throughout the last half of the movie. However, in all fairness, the acting was really great, it was just the story finale that bit... so technically that would be Adam Goldberg's work I hate, not Giovanni's.

The second movie, "Lost in Translation", also had Giovanni in it, but the main stars were Bill Murray and Scarlet Johanssen. It was set in Tokyo and I enjoyed it alot, even though it shed a bit of bad light on marriage. It was especially cool for providing a taste of Japanese culture.

So... on to celeb spottings... saw a few at the "I Love Your Work" movie... saw a few in the lobby of the Four Seasons, where we go to have tea and crumpets... seriously, the crumpets are to die for! I coincidentally sat in the same spot Dan Akroyd had been sitting in just hours before, when I had noticed him noticing Jenny.

Jenny created a montage pic for me of the celebs we saw. They are, from left to right, top to bottom...

Adam Goldberg (actor/director/funny guy who made a bad movie)

Giovanni Ribisi (very good actor/may know him as Phoebe's brother on Friends/might have me on videotape outside the theater)

Franka Potente (actress/was in Run Lola Run and The Bourne Identity)

Christina Ricci (actress of fluctuating weight/best know as the sister in The Addams Family movie)

Dan Akroyd (if you don't know who he is, crawl back in to your cave/looking much younger and slimmer than expected)

Nicole Kidman (same deal as Dan as far as the cave/very brief glimpse/per Jenny - stunning in person)

Toni Colette (mom in The Sixth Sense and About a Boy/no makeup/not stunning in person)

Nick Stahl (noticed him on the escalator but didn't recognize him as an actor until Jenny pointed out that was just in Terminator 3)

Sadly, we did not see Colin Firth... who, I'd imagine, is also stunning in person. There's always next weekend...

Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Back to the grind today... with an attempt to get back on the wagon after a weekend of gluttony (which culmonated with s'mores washed down with coke)

Saturday, August 30, 2003

italian sausage (the real deal, not turkey sausage)
tootsie rolls
creme filled caramels
tortilla chips
zweigle hot dogs
roast beef
potatoes with gravy

... what is this list, you ask? This is some of food that my Mother-in-Law has for us while we're visiting the 1000 Islands... AFTER Chuck told her we were trying to eat healthy! I hate to think what we'd be eating if we hadn't said anything.

The thing is, I'm all for falling off the wagon for the weekend, but I want to do it on my own terms... eat the food I deem worth the calories... such as a Pellegrinos Buffalo Chicken Sub or a box of frozen Faux Hos or Pontillos pizza washed down with a Venti Mocha Frapuccino or KFC (and so on)... Now that I put it that way, her offerings do seem relatively healthy!
Here's my damn luck. My in-laws finally get their boat in the water up here (1000 Islands) and what happens? The tempurature plummets and it's practically ready to SNOW! The 90 degree weekends are gone, replaced by a very chilly 60 - not my idea of boating weather.

On top of that, I am itchy and bitchy. Curs-ed ragweed!

Friday, August 29, 2003

Watched the Mtv Video Music Awards last night - as I have for the last 20 years. So contrived, but I'm a sucker for these things. I love to see the fashion -or lack of it. Seriously, Missy Elliot's stylist should be tarred and feathered - what the hell was that not-so Ghetto Fabulous Golf outfit she was wearing????

Mo Rocca was just on tv talking about Johnny Cash not winning more VMAs. He said, "alot of the kids don't know who Johhny Cash is. They think it's slang for hooker money."


Oh, and incase you missed it, Madonna kissed Britney and Christina. Shocker [said with dripping sarcasm].

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Currently, I am finding Mo Rocca to be hilarious... He's on a new show on CourtTV called The Smoking Gun, a satire of law and forensics. And, of course, I love The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, where he got his start. I tried to win the couch, alas, to no avail. I don't win things in contests.

Monday, August 25, 2003

I don't think I explained my last post thoroughly. The second pic shows the model without her hair styled, thus the reason it doesn't look good. To see her with it styled, go to the Loreal Professional site.

I thought it sounded good because, though I can use products (yes, I use Pantene Pro-V), a blowdryer, and a flatiron to get my hair straight and smooth... this would make that process go ALOT faster... and let me sleep longer, and probably protect me from turning back into a frizzhead at the slightest sign of rain or humidity.

But I'm not suggesting to take these things lightly (if you're obsessed with hair like me)... you should do research, hear real first-hand accounts, find an experienced stylist before deciding to do them. After all, this is OUR HAIR, it's with us all day, every day. It's not the same as deciding to try the new Mod fashion trend, deciding you look silly, and returning the white go-go boots a week later.

Friday, August 22, 2003

X-tenso to the Rescue

In my ever present quest to have straighter, less frizzy hair, I found the latest and greatest hair technology, X-tenso. It is a "long lasting smoothing process" that "allows you to style hair more easily and quickly, reduce volume and relax the curls, have a healthier, more supple texture, increase shine and have long lasting smoothness."

Dull, frizzy hair? Have no fear, X-tenso is here!

Timesaver - yes! Suppleness - yes! Smoothness - yes! Shine - jackpot! Sign me up!

... alas, they don't do it in the US yet as far as I can tell... but with Toronto nearby, I may yet save my hair's soul.

Before and After-but-before-styling...

To see the final, straight, smooth hair, go to the Loreal Professional site

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Flash Mobs

So apparently, these mobs are all the rage. A bunch of poeple get an e-mail and are asked to go to a specific place, at a specific time, and they get instructions on what to do. Sounds pretty interesting, right? Now here's the not-so-appealing part... the "mob" has to do something silly, such as pretend to worship the giant Dinosaur in the Times Square Toys 'R Us. Then dispurse.

I'm not sure if it's a true global social phenomenon or just a bunch of techie geeks trying to be cool (not that there's anything wrong with that). Either way, there's no way in hell am I going to stand in a mall and act like a robot. I can look like a big enough dweeb all on my own, thanks.

Check out Cheesebikini for more in depth info.

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

Guster sent a newsletter that said, among other things...

"Those of you with well-endowed cable packages should watch for some upcoming appearances on MTV2... we're taping our first-ever guest VJ segment for them this weekend -- to air, sometime... "

Hmmm, I will never think of my cable quite the same way again.

Friday, August 15, 2003

BLACKout 2003

I love how the news goes over the top with everything these days. How, within hours (probably with some poor soul running his MAC on a generator), they can still come up with a title font and catchy event name to create drama. **Duhn, duhn, duhn** BLACKOUT 2003.

We lost power for about 4 hours. I was in a panic... "save the eggs, I have to have my scrambled eggs in the morning!!! Cook up the chicken and the sausages and the bacon... eat the ice cream, for the love of God - EAT THE ICE CREAM!!!"... all this as hubby sat there all relaxed, reading his golf magazine... He finally got up and gathered flashlights... comes in from the garage and says, "here, you can wear this" as he hands me a miner's headlamp from his hunting gear...

He was only slightly smug when the lights popped back on at 8:45, "see, I told you everything would be fine."

Thursday, August 14, 2003


I don't know if it's the heat or what, but lately Jenny and I have been prone to saying stooopid things. Here are some examples:

Jenny [to the lunch crowd], "I need to go home tonight and lawn the mow..."

Me [to Jenny] "oooh, that meat is going to turn ranchid" (meant to say either raunchy or rancid)

Jenny [to a coworker/client from Atlanta], "It was good to see you, sorry you didn't recognize me"

Me [to crowd at coworker's going away party], "and once, when Jack first started at Kodak.com, Cindy was eating a melon and she cut it, and it flew into his lap *heh, heh* and um, Jack, what did you say????" [Jack, put on the spot, looks at me blankly]... so I retort, "well, aahhhh, yeah, it was really funny."


... So in my attempt to push Jenny's buttons this afternoon, after sending a note to aforementioned coworker/client in Atlanta, I say to Jenny, "hey, sorry you didn't recognize me"

To which she replies, "yeah, and then the melon flew in to his lap..."

Touche Costco! (Family Guy reference) Maybe stupidity is contagious. In which case, Jenny and I are pulling each other into a swirling vortex of idiocy. Woohoo!

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Cow says.... eet more chikun... and that's what Jenny and I have been doing. We are addicted to Sesame Chicken at The King and I - a local Thai restaurant. We've gone there about 6x in the past few weeks... they're starting to recognize us... pretty soon, we'll be walking in the door and they will say, "aaaah, Jenny and Tina, you're Sesame Chicken is waiting for you"... and along with eating the best meal on earth, we will have immediate gratification and satisfaction. mmmmmmm....

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Dammit, I should be asleep... instead, I am WIDE awake. Seriously, I think the Thai coffee I had at lunch had crack in it.

Friday, August 08, 2003

Spotting Celebs

I want to clarify some things about my hobby of trying to spot celebs... it seems that with the way I talk about it, one would tend to think I'm a crazy autograph-picture-oh-my-God-I-love-you hound... my brother and Joel, in particular, eluded to this... but then I realized... they don't know how I act when I see them because they never see me seeing them, especially since I very rarely actually see them.

Sooo... the reality is... I do not make a scene, in fact the opposite - I make a conscious effort not to appear to even notice them. I don't stare, I don't talk to them (unless the natural situation would call for it as with any person), I don't ask for their autograph, I don't ask to take a picture... I just think it's cool to SEE them in an everyday setting.

Granted, I did get my picture with Steve Young, but that was only after Tom (the photographer) ignored my plea NOT to ask for a picture (not that I'm upset... I LOVE this picture =)

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Jury Duty Free for Four Years

So now I know why people hate Jury Duty. You have to park downtown, which sucks and costs $$ that you don't get reimbursed for and then you have to walk by vagrants and beggars hoping you don't get mugged... and THEN, once you make it into the court building safely, you are confronted with vagrants and beggars who have already been arrested and are on trial and are staring you down as you walk around with your little "be nice to me, I'm a juror who will determine your fate" sticker. And you'd better hope I've had my morning coffee, or your ass is grass.

But no one had to incur my wrath, alas, I didn't get picked for a jury. And the coffee was pretty damn good.

Confident Metrosexual

Jenny and I have been throwing around the term Metrosexual. We have a couple friends who are borderline (Bi-metro?). Reactions are interesting... from acknowledgement to pride to "no way, that's for sissies". Here's the bottom line guys... if you think that all it would take is a facial and a pedicure to make you gay, you may be teetering on the brink already.

Be confident in your manhood already and get those pores cleaned up!

Monday, August 04, 2003

Jersey Duty

I have to report for Jury Duty tomorrow. I was talking with my Gram last night... told her I had J.D. coming up... chatted some more... was saying bye and she said, "Have fun in Jersey." Classic. We both had a good laugh after I explained.

Unlike others, who groan, "uughhh, Jury Duty"... I kind of look forward to it. Then again, the last case I was on was a civil case. Not sure I'd want to be on a criminal case where, after the trial, the criminal you just convicted can hop on the elevator with you (that actually almost happened to hubby - the criminal's lawyer stopped the guy)... besides, got things going on this week... and I don't know if I can be fair, after all, I'm an angry little gumball* these days.

*Jenny and I saw this ad in a mag... we are both, in fact, at various points in the day, angry little gumballs.

Friday, August 01, 2003

I've taken note and predicted the rise of popularity in men's grooming products and services. Well now there's an official term for straight men who are in to primping and pampering (ie, facials, manicures, pedicures, hair product, skin care... all that stuff we ladies have been entrenched in for years).

They're now called "Metrosexuals". My hubby's one, he takes good care of himself.

The article says: Metrosexual men "are very secure in their sexuality", "They're comfortable getting a facial or a pedicure. It doesn't make them feel any less masculine or any less heterosexual."

Sooo.. for all those guys that put down grooming, me thinks ye protesteth too much.

Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Monday, July 28, 2003

Well, Bob Hope has officially died. I say "officially" because over the past couple weeks, at our lunchtime discussions, Jenny has been unsure if he was still alive or not. The rest of us thought yes, but weren't 100% sure. But now, alas, he is definitely gone.

In other news, Liza Minelli and her hubby split. Now that's a shocker (not).

Friday, July 25, 2003

While hungry... and commiserating with Jenny about the places we want to eat but shouldn't (because one meal would contain about 3 days worth of calories), I came up with an idea. One day a month we should eat just the bad stuff we've been craving yet depriving ourselves of for the sake of our asses. So I think that day would look like this:

Breakfast @ IHOP (eggs benedict, hash browns, pancakes, etc.)

Lunch @ Pellegrinos (buffalo chicken sub w/blue cheese, maybe fries)

Dinner @ Dinosaur BBQ (pulled pork, corn bread, fries, maybe a couple beers)

Snacks @ the movies (popcorn and a giant coke... I'd like some popcorn with my butter please)

and, to finish off the evening...
Dessert @ Krispy Kreme (as many piping hot glazed as the ole bellies can handle)

That would be one helluva day!

Vote for Guster!

Guster, my favorite band, is up for viewers-pick on MTV.com for their video for the song Amsterdam (you can listen to it on their website) - please help vote it into on-air rotation. Pleeeaaassseeee.


Oh, and vote for them here too:
Fuse's Oven Fresh: http://www.fuse.tv/ (click "quality tv shows" then "oven fresh")

Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Got a facial last night at Waterlilly... it was 90 minutes of heaven. They're supposed to be an hour, but I think the new aesthetician wanted to make a good impression... and that she did!

And for a glimpse into my demented psyche (which I am STRONGLY in need of Therapy for - according to the quiz on Psychologytoday.com)... here's a general summary of my thoughts as I lay there in the quiet room, eyes closed, listening to Enya-ish music and getting lotion upon lotion applied and wiped off...

aaah, warm... bright light, bright light!... skin inspection... time to hear my flaws... what? I have hyperpigmentation? But I've been wearing sunscreen daily for over 15 years... must stay out of the evil sun... ugh, reprimanded for picking at my face... wonder when she's going to pick at my face... aaah, darkness, soothing steam mist... aaagghh, bright light! bright light!!... the picking begins... this is satisfying... no, don't stop picking, there must be more clogged pores! aaah, darkness again, soothing cream, smells good... oh yeah, here comes the back massage... rub my knot, rub my knot... ooh, she found it, yep, grind that knot out... harder... oh, knots in my left shoulder too - she's goood... wow, that was great... oooh, that sounds like mousse being dispensed... ooh, it feels cool on my face... I must look ridiculous but I don't care... I could lay here forever... where is she going? why is she pulling the sheet away from my feet? Oh my God, my feet probably smell horrible! And I probably still have ugly sock rings! OH MY GOD, I haven't shaved my legs in 3 days! Ah, but that foot massage feels so good... please don't be done, please don't be done... she's done... I'm glowing... that was incredible!

Friday, July 18, 2003

Animal Factoids

We had our group picnic at the Seneca Park Zoo today. I was a docent (educational volunteer) at that zoo from about 1993 to 1998... It was alot of training, I had to learn about EVERY animal at the zoo and be able to spew factoids without a cheat sheet.

I also got to handle a few animals - hedgehogs, Rommel - a Fennec Fox, Daisy - an albino (yellow) Python, Shelly - a tortoise... along with other birds, mammals, and bugs. I hated the bugs - sorry, but I'll take a pass on letting a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach hang out on my shirt like a "roach broach" (another zoo-nerd docent I worked with used to do that!). As a matter of fact, I'm so skeeved by them, I can't even post a picture! UGH!

Sooo, though it's been over 5 years, I was just itching to share some of my useless animal knowledge with anyone who would listen..

"Did you know that snakes cannot hear your screams of terror, they are deaf"

"Do you know how to tell a seal from a sea lion? Sea lions have external ear flaps and articulating hips, which allow them to 'walk' on all fours, seals cannot and thus 'blob' along" (ok, I couldn't remember the technical term for how seals move)

"Did you know that Reindeer are the only deer where both the males AND the females get antlers?"

"Do you know the difference between an antler and a horn? An antler is made of bone and antlers are shed and regrown each year. Horns are permanent and are made of keratin - which is the same material as your fingernails!"

"Well actually, Polar Bears are great swimmers and have been spotted in the open ocean miles away from the nearest piece of land."

AAAHHH, it feels good to say it all again!

Wednesday, July 16, 2003

Queer Eye for the Straight Guy

Five gay men makeover a straight man and his home. They each have different specialties: fashion, food & wine, grooming, interior design and culture. Watched two episodes in a row last night. SHEER GENIUS! It's Changing Rooms, What Not to Wear, Fashion Emergency, Will and Grace and Queer as Folk rolled up in to one. Funny, entertaining, suspenseful, practical... I LOVE IT!
OK, so I really only ate a can of asparagus, a piece of chicken and some cheese... but writing it all down felt good. I did have a chocolate chip cookie for breakfast this morning though.

Tuesday, July 15, 2003

I am so on the verge of plummetting off the wagon. We're talking going to Pellegrinos and getting a large Buffalo Chicken sub and eating the whole thing while washing it down with a giant NON-DIET Pepsi, then swinging by Krispy Kreme and getting a dozen glazed for dessert, followed by running in to *bux for a Venti Mocha Frappucino to perk me up... maybe waiting an hour or two, then polishing off the three packages of peeps that have been hibernating in my freezer for months. I'd slip some chocolate in there too, perhaps a Heath bar or a Clark bar or a Butterfinger or a Zagnut. I might also take the time to whip up a batch of brownies, cook half the batter, eat the other half raw (salmonella be damned), then gobble down the cooked ones. I'm sure I'd also have to make some vanilla cake batter and eat it up like pudding. Then I'd sleep for three days, wake up and think I was dreaming, but the cake-batter encrusted drool on my chin would let me know that it was all real.

Sunday, July 13, 2003

Dead Like Me

I'm really digging this new show Dead Like Me on Showtime. It's about an 18 yr old girl who dies and becomes a Grim Reaper - her job is to take souls from people at their 'appointment with death'. It's different, interesting.

It gets my imagination going... lets me think that maybe my Mom is "working" in the afterlife and somehow interacting with the living. I picture her in charge of providing "warm fuzzies"... like how I feel when I drink a good cup of coffee or drink a Jamba. Some tiny bit of comfort. A moment of escape. Some small healing. Barely noticeable, yet critical to my survival. I can see Mom loving that job - she had years of practice making the little things count.

Saturday, July 12, 2003

Bittersweet Birthday

My niece Mya's first birthday has been bittersweet. I'm so happy she's here in this world, healthy and doing well... but I'm so sad that my Mom isn't here to see her first Grandchild grow. When Mom last saw Mya, she was a scrawny little 2 month old baby, barely 5 pounds, barely cute - and now she is this gorgeous little cherub you just want to cuddle and kiss.

My Mom truly would have been the best Grandmother, hands down - just as she was the best Mother.

Friday, July 11, 2003

I used to be so much funnier in my blogs. Harsh reality: I've lost my wit. I was looking back to the beginning and found this gem. Is it horrible to replay a blog? Isn't it like watching Seinfeld reruns... you probably already saw it, but it's still funny? Anyway, here's a really long one I posted back in September 2000:

Food Fantasies
Joel insisted I rename my blog something to do with food because everything I write relates to food somehow. It's true, I am obsessed with food. It's not so much that the actual eating is out of control, it's more the thoughts of the food. The food fantasies, if you will.

I can't stop thinking about food. When do I get to eat again? What will I eat next? Is it lunchtime yet? Don't I have brie in the fridge at home? Ooooh, must drive home fast! What festivals are coming up so I can get Kettle Korn? Do I hear the Dinosaur BBQ calling my name? If I don't eat a marshmallow peep soon, I think I'll die. These types of thoughts are constantly floating around in my head at any given moment. Maybe that's why I like to sleep so much, it's the only time I can escape the food fantasies.

I really should weigh alot more than I do. Luckily, I manage to temper the internal monster and actually control my eating habits pretty well, maybe because I spend so much time thinking about it, I don't actually need to eat so much. But if people really knew what was going on in the head of this skinny* little girl, they'd be shocked.

To be honest, I'm a bit worried. A Krispy Kreme donut shop is opening here in Rochester in December. I keep hearing raves about how good Krispee Kremes are, the fantasies have started... Jenny and I are planning a party for the day they open. I fear that I will become weak and succomb... I can see myself now... A cold december day... "hmmm, I really should take 390 instead of 590 to work today, I think traffic will be better. Oh geez, look at that, I think I need some gas, I'll just get off at Jefferson Road and filler up. Ooohhhh, lookee here, I just happened to go to the Mobil right next to Krispy Kreme. I bet everyone at work would be thrilled to have me bring in some donuts. OK, I'll take 3 dozen." arriving at work... "Hey everyone, I brought in a dozen Krispee Kremes so if you want one, hurry up and grab one." My thighs are scared too. I equate my thighs to the big ball of evil in the movie "The 5th Element"... EVIL BEGETS EVIL. The Krispee Kremes attack! My thighs grow, threatening the safety of all around them! Be afraid. Be very afraid.

*I don't really consider myself skinny, but it sounded right for the story.

Thursday, July 10, 2003

I watched this show Hopelessly Rich last night on VH1... a bunch of filthy rich kids living off their parents $$...

Bottom line: rich men become womanizers, rich women become shopaholics.

When the lottery was up to $180 Million, I was hoping to join the ranks (since I already have the shopaholic part down).

Jenny always says she wouldn't want to win a huge lottery jackpot... she says the money would change things too much... I reassure her that I will help her spend it and help keep things real... but she's still concerned...

But for those of us who wouldn't mind a bit, MSN posted some pointers with this article:

You've won the lottery! Now what?

Monday, July 07, 2003

Went to Ottawa on Saturday, didn't get "the purse". Decided it was not worth the $$, the pockets were too hard to get in and out of and the main section buckled closed (ie, picture me taking 10 minutes to get my purse open to pull out my license and registration to show to the nice police officer, then getting accused of dwi because I'm fumbling with my purse)

Did get some good stuff - all on sale - cute FCUK pants, some Club Monaco t's and eye shadow and this Guess skirt for only $25 canadian!

Saturday, July 05, 2003

At the in-laws this weekend, I was shocked to realize that QVC is quite "hip" to cool products. When my mother-in-law flipped to it the other night (as she often does), they were selling Smashbox cosmetics. I was ready to dial up and spend a good chunk of change on all the goodies... but I didn't.

Later I went to qvc.com and surprisingly they offer a few of the high end beauty product lines - Philosophy, L'Occitane, Caudalie... not sure if they're deals, but some good stuff there.

Friday, July 04, 2003

Let me elaborate on the BET Awards I attended last week in LA. Got offered $500 box tickets - couldn't pass up. Ran out and bought an elegant awards-show dress, new shoes, new purse (woohoo, an excuse to shop)... only to realize, upon seeing the crowds, that I could have worn my underwear and a cut up shower curtain and looked more approriately dressed.

Seriously though, it was an interesting mix, many people dressed up and elegant, many looking ready to hit the clubs, and many of the young guys looking ready to break into a basketball game at any moment.

But though I felt uber white and slightly out of place, it was a great show.

My favorite part happened off camera - they played the beginning line of Nelly's "It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes". When the music stopped, all the female fans kept singing the next line, "I am getting so hot, I'm gonna take my clothes off." It was a great moment. (Note: no one actually took off their clothes)

Wednesday, July 02, 2003

Ever notice that most all the items women tend to covet and buy lots of - clothes, shoes, cosmetics - get noticed by men in some way or another... but the one thing women LOVE to buy, spend alot on, have many styles of - purses - men don't even give a second glance to? But other women are drawn to them like a bee to pollen. "Oooh, I love your handbag, where did you get it?" Interesting.

Tuesday, July 01, 2003

And I shopped and I shopped and I shopped

OK, let's get back to the more frivolous stuff. Went shopping while in
LA/LV (shocking!)... got some good stuff:

At Sephora

Cellex-C Under-Eye Toning Gel

Not sure if it works, but if feels nice and tingly

Frederic Fekkai Glossing Cream

Love this stuff, works good on wet or dry hair.

At Steve Madden Shoes

These very tall Lain sandals

4" platforms but still comfy.

And these funky Stash sneaks/sandals in Pink from Steve Madden

Nice height on these too, mostly comfy.

At Lucky Jeans

They were having a great sale - 50% off

Linen pants
- very comfy!

Sunday, June 29, 2003

Trip was great until the fight with my brother. Combo of hurt feelings and hormones. Rare occurrence - my Scorpio-ness came out. Relieved to be home.

Friday, June 27, 2003

God Help Me

On another note, it's nearly 3am west coast time and I'm still up! I am going to be sooooo tired next week!

Vegas Baby

Let me start by saying, I'm not a brave gambler. I get nervous about losing money and I get nervous approaching the tables..

Well, at the Hard Rock Hotel tonight, after playing the nickel slots for ~2 hours for minimal cash and drinking four small tequila sunrises (which I'm positive had nearly nill alcohol in them), I got brave and played Blackjack. It was $10 minimum, which is too rich for my blood, but I said screw it - I wanted to play a couple hands... won some, lost some... got out of there down $35 (left with $30 in chips). Slightly stressful, but fun. Didn't lose enough to cause an ulcer, but couldn't help but think, "that $ would have bought me a nice pair of shoes" (even though I had already bought two pairs of shoes today).

Tomorrow we're going to play the $2 tables at the Suncoast - that's more my speed. Maybe I'll go crazy and play some craps too.

I laugh that most people visiting Vegas lose more in 5 minutes than I lose in 3 days, but it doesn't stop me from stressin.

Thursday, June 26, 2003

Star Spotting

Seriously, this is becoming a joke. I am the queen of spotting C-list celebs and that's about it. Granted, I got to go to the BET Awards and spotted alot of A-list hip hop stars down in the audience and onstage (such as P. Diddy, 50 Cent, Beyonce, and - best of all - Michael Jackson), but I don't consider that the same as a proximity encounter (ex: seeing them at Starbucks)... so on that note, here's who I saw:

- Adam Corolla (The Man Show) walked by me in the lobby of Trizec

- Jamie Lynn Spears (Britney's little sis) was at the next table at The Pig 'n Whistle

- Pauly Shore walked by me at the Vegas airport

Purse Saga

So my purse was supposed to arrive by thursday. Nothing. On Friday, on the way to Ikea, I get a call from Kamal (my devoted Holt Renfrew employee), alas, my bag could not be sent for the $5 shipping he had quoted me... may cost $20 and definitely won't arrive in time for my trip... bummed, but ok, will have it for summer... Monday in LA, I get another message from Kamal - apparently the shipping is only cheap at Christmas (due to volume) and it would cost $50-$70 to ship. UUUUUUGGGHH! I cancel the order and give up on my purse. Start to sink into depression... then realize that hubby and I will be within 2 hours of Ottawa next week, we can drive to Holt Renfrew! Call back Kamal and ask him to hold it. He says he will... and will let his manager know - because it's his last day and he regrets that he will not be able to meet me.

Now I can only HOPE that I don't get there only to hear, "aah, we thought you weren't coming so we JUST sold it" and I fall in to a pool of tears in the middle of Holt Renfrew (US equivalent is likely Saks)

Friday, June 20, 2003

In searching for a pic of the pink & black purse I bought, I found other good stuff.

Like this site for replica purses (for those of us who are not filthy-stinkin-rich yet) - replicawholesale.com...

And this cool is this new Kate Spade purse??!! If I win MegaLotto, I'll buy it!

Thursday, June 19, 2003

So I'm a traveling fool... off to LA again on Sunday (for work), then to Vegas for a short, side-trip to visit my brother. The BET Awards will be on while I'm in LA - right at the Kodak Theatre where we're installing kiosks - could be potential to see some big stars (Halle, Denzel, Magic, Beyonce... maybe they'll play with our kiosk... that would be very cool)... though with my luck in that area, I'll probably only see Gary Coleman.

My brother is going to move to LA soon to pursue his acting career. Can't wait to ride on his coat-tails! Then again, the NY Megalotto is $175 MILLION dollars, so maybe I won't have to wait. How SWEET would that be?

I'd be very generous to my family and friends and my favorite charitable causes, of course, but there'd be some reserved for frivolous stuff... having Jamba flown in*, hiring a cook, getting a kitten, but hiring a maid to clean DAILY so my sister could still visit and not have an allergy attack, fly to NY every wednesday just to eat Pomme Frittes (Jenny - I think we could work those calories off with our [price-is-right-come-on-down voice] NEW PERSONAL TRAINER, BOB)

*Jenny and I already discussed the best way to do this - put the smoothies in an insulated cooler, slap on a "LIVE ORGAN" sticker, and go thru the airport screaming "Let me through, a life is in the balance here!"

A girl can dream.

Jenny and I went to see the Peeps Fun Bus yesterday. Jenny is very into [fillintheblank]mobiles. Joel dissed the Peep Fun Bus and now he is on Jenny's S-list. They are having a very "energetic" discussion about the various mobiles as I type. Joel says the Peeps Fun Bus is lame because it's not shaped like one big peep, it's just a but with a giant peep sitting atop - apparently not enough to impress Joel. After all, the Weinermobile IS a giant weiner, the Spammobile IS a giant can of spam... and so on. I love my friends.

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

My life:
- working
- working out with Jenny
- eating less carbs
- drinking Myoplex Lite Chocolate Cream shakes - yummy if blended with ice and skim milk (yummy to me anyway)
- NOT losing weight - ugh
- listening to Guster's new songs on their website
- getting ready to see Guster in concert on the 21st
- getting ready to go back to LA, have Jamba, go to Vegas for a couple days, see my bro and meet his new Doberman, Buddy
Oooh, I ordered the purse. It's a cargo purse, pink with black trim. Oooh, oooh, oooh, I can't wait for it to arrive! I ordered it from Ottawa after calling four other Holt Renfrews. I hope it gets here before I leave for LA again on Sunday!

Wednesday, June 11, 2003

Oh Canada

Lately it seems that many things I want are only available in Canada.

I'm dying for a Chanel-copy pink and black purse I saw in Lucky magazine. The catch - it's only available at Holt Renfrew, a Canadian department store that does not ship to the US. UGH.

Of course, I'm always jonesing for Love Hearts - not available in the US - abundant in Canada.

And now, I need some Canadian Preparation H. Apparently the original formula - which is only available in Canada - works wonders for many things other than hemorrhoids. It is quite the nifty little beauty secret. I've read that it can be used to minimize a double chin, puffy eyes, and even cellulite! You can bet your itchy butt I'll be trying it!

Tuesday, June 10, 2003

Meow Meow Meow Meow

Apparently Guster (my favorite band) sends out almost finished* CDs to radio stations before their release. *The catch - the lyrics are all sung like a Meow Mix commercial. Pretty damn funny, those boys.

Sunday, June 08, 2003

Visited Mom's grave today, her headstone is finally in, 8 months later... makes it feel so permanent, so painful. It seems like just yesterday she was getting chocolate stains on my new sweatshirt just after Sherri had Mya... now Mya is about to turn one!

The graves next to hers also got their stones. The woman to the right of her was only 47.

What do I learn from this? Life is too short, do what makes you happy.

Friday, June 06, 2003

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. Been busy and travelling. Here's a quick rundown of the past few weeks:

- worked out alot with Jenny, cut down on carbs, ate lots of dairy, lost a bit of weight

- saw Finding Nemo, loved it... "seamonkeys stole my money"... Duuuude, SEE IT!

- celebrated 12 years of marriage - and yes, I STILL like him and still find him to be a hottie

- got ready to go to LA....

- client had hooked us up with tickets to Jimmy Kimmel Live... so looked up guest for June 2nd.. read... George Clooney... heart palpitations, nearly fainted... pinched myself... looked again... DAMMIT JANET... it actually said George Lopez... along with others I'd never heard of... ugh! Cried myself to sleep... my luck doesn't allow me to see Seth Green and Staind.. or Kelly Osborne, or Tyra Banks and Jay Mohr... nope, I get an unknown pickpocket and a barely famous comedian.

- went to LA...

- immediately got a Banana Berry Blitz Power Smoothie at Jamba

- hiked Runyon Canyon, was a dog whore* (*term coined by Jenny and Aaron for someone who pets every dog they see)

- ate at Jones, had a potential Justin Timberlake sighting, but couldn't verify

- had successful business meetings

- went to Jimmy Kimmel Live - lame guests, fake enthusiasm required of the audience... but overall, interesting experience

- went to Universal Studios - work related - prefer Disney

- dinner with clients at Lola's - homemade mac & cheese, mmmmm

- back to gloomy Rochester