Wednesday, August 28, 2002


On the internet at Tower Records in Picadilly Square in London. Trip so far is great. Been to Scotland and have been seeing the sights in London. Jenny is an excellent tour coordinator! Heading for Paris on Friday.

However, the interesting story comes from the trip from Rochester to Pittsburgh. One of those leetle planes - seats about 20 - two seats on one side, one on the other. Jenny and I were sitting together and Chuck was just across the aisle. A man of about 400lbs was milling about waiting for another passenger to move from his seat. He then was in the way of others trying to get by and squeezed his way into my seat to get out of the way. Yes, his 400lb ass was right directly in my face. I had to lean WAAAAAYYYY over to Jenny so as not to have my face touching his enormous ass. I honestly thought he was going to sit on me, so I politely pleaded, "be careful, be careful". Not for him to be careful not to hurt himself, but to be careful not to crush me! Worst part about it, he didn't even apologize or say excuse me. I'm scarred for life.

Saturday, August 17, 2002

The Enabler

Jenny writes of me being an enabler for buying her the kitty purse shown here. But in her blog, she leaves out the fact that I owe her and Aaron a huge debt of gratitute for not only inviting us to England, but handling all the plotting and planning for while we're there.

It was a small token of my appreciation for all the wonderful things Jenny does for me!!!!

We also got Aaron a man purse yesterday. The guy told me that in NYC, you don't see a man without a man purse. It really makes sense - everyone, regardless of gender - has STUFF to carry. You can only fill your cargo pants so full before you start to look like MC Hammer.

Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Heath Bar

Jenny is beginning the annual plotting and planning for the Toronto International Film Festival. This will be our third year. We enjoy the films, the shopping and the celeb-spotting (my favorite pastime) - read more about it in my archives.

This year, there will be a nice collection of hunks available for our viewing (hopefully in person) pleasure. Edward Norton will be there and Jenny is quite fond of him as he appeared in Keeping the Faith (not necessarily in any other film).

Heath Ledger will be there, who I have a soft spot for since watching him in his unknown days on the drama series "Roar" where he played a Celtic warrior prince. Mmm. I remember thinking, "that guy will be a big star someday". Aren't I perceptive.

Separated at Birth

I really wanted more examples, but I can't hold out any longer. I think Joel is Gary Sinese's evil twin.

We've determined that Joel needs to write a book about all his life adventures and stories. My favorite being the one where (recounted via my memory and story telling abilities, not Joel's - so this chapter in his book may read different...) anyway... he was riding his bike when he noticed a thin metallic glint ahead, the thin metallic glint turned to face him and became a large metallic obstruction - a guy in a Smartfood Popcorn costume - who he proceeded to mow down with his bike.

I doubt there are too many people in the world who have run over a guy in a popcorn costume. Only Joel.

We've also determined that Gary Sinese will play Joel in the film version.

Monday, August 12, 2002


Sorry, not sure what has or hasn't gotten in to me. On top of not having time, I guess I haven't had anything interesting to say.

So, an update. My niece is doing very well, up to near 4 1/2 lbs and on probably coming home in the next two weeks. The feeding tube is out, no more incubator... growing, growing, growing. Soon she will be ready to be fully enveloped in the insanity that is my family. Good insane though.

Other than visiting le petit bébé, I am trying to learn French. Chuck, Jenny, Aaron and myself are leaving for London next week and will be taking a side trip to Paris. So as not to offend anyone, I am doing my best to learn. I am quite sure that, no matter how much I THINK I know, I'll get there and go completely blank. I see myself saying, "ah duh" over and over. So maybe they will continually think I am counting to two, assume me to be "off" and perhaps have pitty on me.