Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year's Past

Reminiscing today of New Year's past.  A few really stand out in my head. 

Like 1989->90... Charlie and I were in Vegas to visit my Dad, sis and bro who were all living there... I had just turned 21 a month earlier... it was a new decade, I was in the party capital of the world and I was old enough to go out to a club!!  TIME TO PARTY!!!  Right? WRONG!! Not one of those previously named wanted to venture out to revel in the New Year.  We went to a friend of my sister's - and played darts. I was so disappointed.  Though looking back now, I treasure the time I had with my Dad (I'd lose him the following year) and the family, safe from the fray.

Dad, Little Bro Adam, Big Bro Eddie

And both 2000->01 and 2004->05... both were spent in Brazil with my friend Daniela and her family.  Both times her Mom put out a beautiful, amazing spread for dinner and both times we honored the Brazilian New Year's Eve traditions... wearing all white, going to the beach and, at midnight, wading in to the water, making a wish, and jumping 7 waves. Magical. We hope to do this again soon with Lauren.

Then there was New Year's Eve 2005->06... spent in the hospital.  I was 25 weeks pregnant with Lauren - my water had broken on Christmas Day and Charlie drove like a maniac to get me to the hospital. They managed to stop the contractions, but still told us of all the risks of having the baby so early.  I don't really remember that New Year's Eve very well (I think I've repressed a lot of that intensely stressful few months), though I'm sure we watched the ball drop on TV.  I watched a LOT of TV over the next 4 weeks as I remained on bed rest in the hospital. Ironically, I think I made it so much further along by visualizing myself floating in the pool in Brazil the previous year... so after 5 weeks in the hospital, our little Lauren was born, changing our lives forever.

The New Year's Eves have been much mellower ever since, hanging at home, and though I will forever miss the midnight phone call from my Mom, "Happy New Year!!" I wouldn't trade the quiet celebrations at home with Charlie and Lauren for anything.

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous New Year!!