Friday, December 28, 2007

The Magic of Writing it Down

While driving around last weekend doing some last minute shopping, I heard a story on NPR about making lists. It featured Sasha Cagen, who has written, To-Do List: From Buying Milk to Finding a Soulmate, What Our Lists Reveal About Us (based on her To-Do List blog).

Jenny does this alot (writes lists but not about finding her soul mate - she found him years ago!). She writes lists in her hipster-pda -> gifts given, gifts received, movies to see, appointments, etc. She also collects "found" grocery lists, which I never realized could be so fascinating!

My Mom used to write lists alot - mostly little quick notes on tiny pieces of paper. I saved many of these notes, I love looking back and imagining what she was thinking. One of particular note, she carried around with her a list of animal baby names - kangaroo - joey, skunk - kit.

I've done lists in fits and spurts, but in '08, I'm going to be all about the lists.

I am going to start with lists of major things to do:

- plan (and make) meals
- finalize the decor of Lauren's room
- donate 50% of my wardrobe
- use reusable bags more often than not
- eat more vegetables
- clean the basement
- blog more
- write lists

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Well, this one was a little rough. I won't go in to it because I will sound too much like Debby Downer. Suffice it to say - illness was the name of the game for many people (shingles, bleeding ulcer, bad colds... and one passing... my Step-Grandmother).

Little L had a blast though and dug her new retro kitchen. She sang Jingle Bells alot - or at least this much of it - "jingle bells, jingle bells... HEY", though it sounded a little like, "Stinky butt, stinky butt... HEY!". And she also learned a little bit of the Miser songs - or at least this much of them - "I'm mister, I'm mister, I'm mister".

Though she says most of her words very clearly, she's definitely at the stage where Mommy has to interpret.

Oh, and she's been counting to 10 and saying "later alligator".

I want her to stay little and cute forever.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Visit with Santa

Saw Santa this weekend. She didn't freak out, but she wasn't thrilled either. She didn't manage to tell him that baby wants a new pair of shoes. She just looked a bit petrified and said, "Mommy? Mommy?" as I tried to snap a pic with my cellphone because I didn't have my camera with me.

"Santa" did, however, get her a new pair of shoes. Turns out she needed a size and a half bigger than what she was wearing. As the sales clerk was trying on a new pair, she commented that Lauren was "curling her toes because her other shoes were so small." Nice. So I replied, "Thank You. Would you also like to point out that her ears are dirty and her nails need clipping? OK, SO I'M A CRAPPY MOM - but I'm awesome where it really counts - like loving her and teaching her new things - BeeAtch!"*

*I didn't really say this. I just looked away in embarrassment.

Got bebe a pair of boots too. They were on sale (so were the shoes) and were too cute to pass up. Both pairs were on sale in the store, but not on sale online. I hate when they do that!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Just Friends

As I'm checking out the latest sales online, I am also watching Just Friends on tv. I was 5 months pregnant and confined to bedrest when this movie came out in theaters (in nov 2005), so I don't really remember it then, but I've seen it on cable many times now and it is one of my favorites. I love the use of comedic screaming throughout the movie. Ryan Reynolds is hilarous, along with Anna Farris, Chris Klein and Chris Marquette who plays the younger brother who's constantly having slapping matches with Ryan.

In looking for some video, I found that Chris Marquette's next movie is Fanboys - about "Star Wars" fans who travel to Skywalker Ranch to steal an early copy of "Episode I: The Phantom Menace" for their dying friend. Seth Rogan is in it too. It looks pretty funny and I think I know a few Star Wars nuts who are likely looking forward to seeing this movie.

So if you need some laughs, I found a youtube video with some of the funniest moments from Just Friends:

Friday, December 14, 2007

What a Girl Wants

Yep, ordered this KidKraft Pink Retro Kitchen for Lauren. I think it might possibly be the cutest non-human, non-animal (stuffed or real) thing that I've ever seen. Even if she doesn't love it (though I'm sure she will), I will enjoy looking at it.

I ordered it from - it was $179 including s&h (+tax and a 5% non-member fee) - pretty awesome since I saw the exact one on another site for $249 plus $43 shipping!! And similar ones from Pottery Barn Kids are also crazy expensive. I am just praying that I don't get a "sorry, we're actually out of stock on that" email, which will then ruin Christmas - because an almost 2 year old is SOOO aware of gifts.

I am being sarcastic of course, because at this point I could wrap up her shoes (yes, the ones she's been wearing for months), some of our pots and pans, and the sleeve to the Shrek DVD and she'd be the happiest little camper ever.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Elfed Lauren

While playing on my in-laws laptop over the new wireless I had just set up, I got an email from my brother with his "elfed" family, so I elfed Lauren. This pic had her head just the perfect size - she makes a darn good elf.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Still in Florida - at The Villages - a golfer's dream retirement city.

We went to The Christmas Parade yesterday - drove over in the golf cart, which Lauren loved as much as I do (they are so damn fun!). The parade consisted mainly of golf carts and many of the various clubs they have here - including the Belly Dancer club and the Village Cheerleaders! The retirees here are not usually sitting around watching tv, they do more in a day than most people do in a week. Lauren loved the parade, she waved and waved and waved. She would make a good parade marshall.

We got her the little piggy backpack / leash for the trip (I used to think leashes on kids was cruel, then I realized how fast they can run away from you in a crowded place) - it is wonderful. She loves having it on - I say, "let's put your piggie on" and she puts her arms out. She would be Gone, Baby, Gone without it!!

We've gone to a few stores here - Walmart, Target, TJ Maxx - I can't get over how nice, neat and organized they all are. Even Walmart was enjoyable - and they had the CUTEST line of organic baby clothes (George baby), but only in itty bitty baby sizes (including preemie, which reminded me that Lauren was once too tiny even for that size - which now is hard to believe she was so SMALL!!).

Grandparents are just reveling in Lauren - and her in them. It will be hard to leave. Luckily they will be up for Christmas this year.

The weather here is gorgeous, actually "hot" - low 80's each day. But we will be happy to have a white Christmas.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Off we go!

We made it to Florida. Lauren did very well on her first plane trip, though she did very much try to kick the seat in front of us (which was actually first class), so we had to hold her legs down a bit, but other than that, she did very well. Watched some Shrek, pushed the radio buttons, no ear problems, all good. She didn't sleep at all though and was awake until midnight!

Hug, Mommy?

The little one has been quite the handful. Her new thing is to kick or hit at me, then immediately ask, "hug, Mommy? hug, Mommy?" (she's very actively requests hugs these days). It's pretty slick of her, I mean how can I stay mad that she just cracked my kneecap with her size 5 stride rites when she's asking me for a hug? I am trying to teach her that she doesn't have to pop me one to get a hug, but I think she knows it and just finds it all entertaining.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Off We Go

Thursday we fly to Florida. First time flying for Lauren. I have been soliciting and looking up advice. I found this piece of advice very amusing:

Wear spunky clothes and dark glasses so that other passengers think you are someone famous enjoying quality time with your kids.

As if.

Besides, even if I were on a flight with Julia Roberts and Hazel was kicking my seat, I'd still be highly annoyed.

Other than that, lots of other good advice - like lollipops, crayons, portable dvd (we MUST have Shrek), colorful band aids, valium (for me, not Lauren)...

When we got the tickets, Lauren was a couple months younger, we didn't get her a seat, figured she'd be fine on our laps... in this short span she has become more defiant, more vocal, doing that "I will straighten out and stiffen up like a board so you cannot strap me in to my carseat" thing... so we got scared... and bought her a seat... but we are still scared. I may need to be medicated, since Daddy won't let me give Little L Benadryl for no good reason.

More advice is welcome!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Mac Happy

The Black Friday sale at Apple seduced us and Christmas came early - we finally got an iMac (though I've been using a Mac at work for years, I had a pc at home). I LOVE it. I barely want to leave the house, I just want to play with my Mac. It was so ridiculously easy to set up. I mean RIDICULOUS! It found our wireless router and I was on the internet within 5 minutes. Just TRY to do that with a PC! Our PC takes 10 minutes just to boot up!

Someone else loves it too. As I brought her downstairs Saturday morning and she saw it (set up on the kitchen table) she said, "oooh, Mommy, pretty!" That's my girl! We spent most of the weekend on - her favorite thing at the moment. Though I held it off for 22 months, I now have a child who just constantly wants to watch "baby Shrek", so as of now, I've watched Shrek 2 and 3 about 20 times each. She wakes up saying "baby Shrek", then says all the names, "Shrek, Donkey, eeona, puss". I downloaded the wallpaper and she can barely pull herself away from the screen, she just wants to stare into Shrek's eyes.

We also listened to the theme from Spiderman - another one of her favorite things since her class made a Spidey scarecrow for Halloween. I always sing, "Spiderman, Spiderman" and then can never remember the rest (Lauren shortens it and sings "spider, spider" as she sways) . So now I am reminded of the rest and she can learn more than two words to the song.

Now I have to pull myself away from the screen and get ready for bed!

Monday, November 19, 2007

I fear that my child is showing "unique" tendencies. Really I don't fear it, I revel in it. I want her to be unique, creative, funny.

The other night, just after I got home and peeled off my high heeled boots and put them in to the closet, she walked over to the closet and said, "Mommy, boots" as she pulled them back out. I said, "no, honey, Mommy doesn't want to put on her boots now", but as she repeated, "boots", I realized - she didn't want me to put them on - SHE wanted to put them on.

She's been pretty obsessed with shoes since she was very young - it was one of her first words. If I start saving now, maybe I can buy her a pair of Christian Louboutins for her high school graduation.

Here is video of her after she had just put on one of my shoes.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Vegas Baby!

Had a great trip to Vegas last week with Jenny. Celebrated my Brother's birthday. Shopped alot. Saw, "Menopause, the Musical" (thanks to free tix from bro - it was cute).

Also went to In-N-Out Burger. If there were an In-N-Out Burger here in Rochester, I would be FAT. Not PHAT, but straight up FAT. And I wouldn't care, because those burgers are soul food and I'd rather have a happy soul than a small ass.

We met my brother there and as we stood just inside the door, couldn't find him anywhere. Finally, after about 5 minutes, we saw this - just the top half of his beanie'd head peeking over a seat - as he wondered why we weren't coming over to him. For some reason, this was hilarious.

So, about my brother. He is not your average person. He is different in so many ways, I can't even begin to explain. For starters, he is a CHARACTER. Always telling stories, always making people laugh (when he's not violently angry and beating someone up). Always having weird things happen to him (like the time he got robbed at gunpoint but still "swooped" the guy, then kicked him and almost got shot).

He drives a cab in Vegas - which to me is one of the coolest jobs - and perfect for him - because he's such a people person and racks up the stories. He told Jenny and I one summarization of his experiences. He says that "married women from 25-35 are the worst"... "I have a pulse. I say in shape. they're tipsy. It's 4am, it's a little dark, does me a little justice..." in other words, they hit on him alot... but his delivery, just too funny.

Looks like we might be back in Vegas in January too!

Monday, November 12, 2007

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Monday, November 05, 2007

Stuffed Animals are the new Black

As I begin to plan for Christmas, and wonder what I can get Lauren that won't be laced in lead, I come back to my favorite things - stuffed animals. I surrounded myself with them. I slept with them. I took them with me on trips. I hugged and kissed and loved them. Most are "put away" now that I am an, ahem, "adult". But now I have an excuse to get more. Now I can live vicariously through Lauren, so the stuffed animal collecting has begun!

Yesterday I got her a huge Jellycat sheep. I got him at Parkleigh, my favorite store (with my 30% off coupon!!). I also found Jellycat animals at this great site called Oompa toys - I love the look of their site and their selection, thought they seem a bit pricey.

The sheep is currently stuffed rather unceremoniously into a box too small for his body. I thought about him as I lay awake last night. Is he sad? Is he lonely? Is he having trouble breathing in there? I may have to let him stay with me until Christmas eve, when I can wrap a red bow around him and place him gently under the tree for Lauren to find in the morning.

Big Bang Theory

I just think the new show Big Bang Theory is hilarious. I think my inner geek is finding Sheldon annoyingly cute.

Those greedy studios better give the writers more $$ and end this writer's strike or I'm not sure how I'm going to feed my tv addiction!

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Oh No, Stinky Butt

Ignore the video but listen to the audio. Lauren's new favorite thing to say when getting her diaper changed (or to Mommy if Mommy is laying on the floor), "OH NO, stinky butt". She learned this in part from me, who throws around the word "stinky" when changing a poopy diaper, and from her daycare teacher, who says to the kids, "who has a stinky butt?".

Friday, November 02, 2007

Elefant and Daddy

Originally uploaded by Matt_Bernius.
We had a wonderful Halloween, I think it will be Lauren's favorite holiday from here on out. She LOVED pumpkins, loved seeing "scary" things - "Mommy, cary?" she'd say about skulls and pumpkins and ghosts. But I think her very favorite part was handing out candy to the other trick or treaters.

On Halloween Eve we attended Jenny's dinner party, Leetle Elefant had quite a good time - especially eating Aaron's Grandpa's super secret, super delicious Spaghetti.

Thank you to Matt for the wonderful picture!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


On Sunday I took Lauren to the Strong Museum of Play for their Halloween festivities. She looked so cute in her "Leetle Elefant" costume. For the first couple videos I forgot to turn the camera, but this one's too funny not to share - because she was an Elefant on the go. I'm not sure where she was going, and I don't think SHE was sure where she was going, but she was determined to GO.

I also think she was intrigued by the fact that she suddenly had much more belly than normal.

She also did some shopping at the Mini Wegs and obviously already has the hang of it. Went right for the pasta like a good little Italian girl.

Her favorite part was seeing the "Elmos" - both the displays at the museum and the other kids dressed as Elmo. I find this funny because she barely watches any tv yet learned about Elmo at daycare (and via the decor on her diapers) and just LOVES him!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finally bought the Jessica Seinfeld book, Deceptively Delicious, with recipes for sneaking veggies into your kids food. I got one for my sis too as my niece refuses anything that might possibly be remotely healthy.

As for me, Lauren is good about eating her veggies - I, however, am not. Which means I am not good at planning food that includes veggies. And while we're being honest here, I'm really not good at planning food period.

So I need to get on the stick, get organized, have recipes, make meals ahead of time - all the things I worried about as to why I'd be a bad parent (that and the not sleeping in part - but it turns out Lauren is a late sleeper - thank you God).

I'm really good at loving her until she (or I) can't breathe. I'm really good at outfitting her in cute clothes. I'm really good about making sure she is warm and safe. I'm really good about reading her books, limiting tv to about nothing (hence the reason I have to squeeze my tv watching in to the hours after 8pm) and singing to her. I am patient, nurturing, encouraging, and calm...

but the food thing is needing work, and soon - she grows so damn fast...

I am, so far, good about getting her fruit and veggies in the form of pureed baby food or cooked frozen veggies, but I now need to get good at family meals. Hubby needs to get good too. I am hoping this book will help - if nothing else, the cover is adorable and just looking at it will inspire me to do better.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Dancing at the Pumpkin Patch

Finally got some video uploaded. Lauren can't resist shaking her hips as soon as she hears music. The waving arms thing is something they do at Daycare. (Sorry the video is sideways, I wasn't thinking when I was recording.)

Recently, when something leaves her sight, she puts her hands out and says, "where'd X go? where'd X go?" Apparently the songs verse, "whoops there goes another rubber tree" begged her to ask the question, "where'd it go? where'd it go?".

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Metal is Dee-licious

This Metal is Dee-licious
Originally uploaded by tostina.
We went to two pumpkin patches this weekend. Quite fun. On Saturday Lauren got a fake tattoo of a ghost put on her arm. She LOVES tattoos and has spent the days since either saying, "tattoo, tattoo, ghost, boo" or crying and saying "tattoo? tattoo? sleeve" because her shirt is covering her tattoo. I don't think I can wash it off without having a replacement ready.

On a related note, I read about some new tattoo inks - one that fades over time - TLTs - Time Limited Tattoos, and one that gives you a permanent but easily "erasable" tattoo - with Freedom-2 ink.

I like this idea and this technological breakthrough might also save Hubby's life one day - the day Lauren comes home and declares, "I got a REAL tattoo, Dad!"

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Oh my Aching Feet - but maybe not

Ok, even if I could afford them, I don't think I'd buy a pair of Christian Louboutins (which I think are GORGEOUS) because I would never get enough wear out of them to make it worth it - because I am not ready to suffer so much for fashion. If I am going to suffer, I will do it with a $40 pair of shoes that I won't feel bad throwing away after they cause multiple blisters and intense pain, not a $700 pair of shoes (though I could put them on a little shelf on my wall and call them art!).

I've had my feet kill me after walking in a pair of Crocs, so the idea of walking any amount of distance on a non-carpeted substance in spikey heels makes me wince in pain.

I've tried many inserts, but they don't really seem to help that much. But MAYBE, JUST MAYBE - help is here. I saw an ad for these Insolia insoles that were developed in conjunction with Rocket Scientists at MIT. If they can't figure out how to make heels comfortable, then basically, we're screwed (we meaning the collective group of women and transvestites who love to wear high shoes).

I am going to buy a pair as soon as I can get my butt to the store! I will let you know what I think!

Monday, October 15, 2007


Ignore the video, but listen to the audio. As we were leaving Jenny & Aaron's house (already in the car, someone needs to learn the concept of - if you can't see them anymore, they probably can't hear you), Lauren started yelling, "BYE JERRY".

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Could you get me some more crackers, Jerry?

When hubby and I were on our honeymoon cruise (back 16 years ago!!), there were basically two types of people - young, newly married couples and old married couples. Not much in between (except for the two young ladies just out of high school who, looking for romance, made a very unfortunate choice of ships... as the only young, cute, single men were the Czechoslovakian waiters who had to work about 18 hours a day).

Each night at dinner we sat with the same people and had the same waiter - Jerry. He was so nice, very funny, and very attentive. We sat with other newlywed couples and the two young girls. It was a very fun time. Jerry also had a few other tables made up of mostly old couples, with one lady in particular who would always be shouting for Jerry, in a thick New York accent, "Jarry, could you get me some more craaackers, Jarry?!"

Sooo... in talking up a storm, as Lauren does these days, she started to say "Jenny", except it comes out as "Jarry". And when asked to say "Aaron", she does, except it comes out as "Jarry". So Jenny and Aaron are Jerry 1 and Jerry 2. I think Lauren even called them, collectively, "Jerries" the other day, "Jerries go bye bye?".

So we are waiting for her to yell out, "Jarry, could you get me some more craaaackers, Jarry?!"

--> more apple picking pics from Jenny

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Jenny & Aaron & Bumble Ink

In looking at their adorable stationary, I also checked out the daily comics at bumble ink... OMG, I think they know Jenny & Aaron very well because these comics couldn't be more like the two of them!! Jenny even wears her hair exactly like that, and I bet a dozen dollars that Aaron owns a helicopter hat.

Ikea Dreaming

We really need to take a drive up to Ikea. Here are some things I want to get for Lauren:

This seesaw, which she will have to share with a very heavy stuffed animal or wait for her cousins to come over.

And this set with the bed, wardrobe and dresser to make for a very cute room:

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Last week Lauren and I went outside to play. This hat was a little small, but still fit. It is so cute, I will continue to put it on her for as long as I can squeeze her little head into it.

While we were out, I also caught a bit of video - Lauren singing the alphabet, sort of. She's done this a few times now, at first I wasn't sure - I thought, "did I just hear her what I think I heard?" and then one morning last week she sang, clear as day, "now I know my ABCs, YAY!". So I caught a bit of the elusive spectacle on video, but like a "Bigfoot" video, it still doesn't feel like absolute proof.

I'm sure that in hearing the alphabet 10 times a day for her entire life, it will soon be a staple of her repertoire and I will be able to capture definitive proof.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

Lauren's New Glasses

After a very rough Friday - where she had to get a shot of antibiotics in each leg - Lauren was feeling better. We did pick up her new glasses - NOT the style I'd prefer, but what she needs for now. It has been a battle of wills getting her to keep them on (and yes, I am being defeated by a 19 month old).

She thinks it's fun for a minute, then says, "glasses, all done" and rips them off.

Then I take them, put them back on and say, "glasses on"... and the scene repeats until Mommy gives up.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Honey

Today is hubby's 40th birthday. We've been together longer than we've been apart - 22 years. I've met him in 9th grade, he asked me to the prom in 11th, asked me to marry him in college, and married on a beautiful day in 1991. This past year and a half has been the best, he is such a wonderful Father. Lauren and I are lucky girls.

And still easy on the eyes.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Lauren and I are both very sick today. Bad cold. She also has an ear infection. We still tried to go to work/daycare today, but then I got a call from Daycare... when they got her up from her nap, she waddled over to the mini-bean bag chair and planted herself, somewhat dazed and half asleep. I picked her up early, ordered us a pizza, (she was very excited, repeating "peeza, peeza, peeza"), she ate a decent amount, played a bit, then passed out by 6pm.

I took some cold medicine and, 3 hours later, can almost ALMOST breath through my nose, but, of course, am not tired. Am wired.

Luckily, we are both "off" tomorrow - it is hubby's 40th birthday (though we may not be in any shape to celebrate)!!

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Kissing Daddy Through the Window

When Daddy is out mowing the lawn, Lauren watches him through the door, yelling, "Daddy, Daddy". Daddy stopped over for a kiss.

Monday, September 17, 2007

F*ing Bumper

Fucking bumper!

My brother just sent me this photo of his bumper.

When I was out visiting him in LV in January, he had an "incident". He has an automatic starter on his truck so that he can get the air conditioning going early. But it's a manual transmission. So he leaves it in neutral.

Well, we thought I might go somewhere, so he left it in 1st for me.

Later, when WE went to go somewhere together, he clicked on his automatic starter as we were walking up to the truck. Suddenly, the truck lurched forward about 4 feet. We both stood there, in shock for a minute or two - when suddenly, it lurched forward AGAIN, another 4 feet, into a small retaining wall just past the sidewalk. In the shock of the first "jump", my brother had forgotten that the auto starter tries again.

This time he jumped in, put the truck in neutral, then started it and backed up off the retaining wall and sidewalk, back into the parking spot.

When he got out and assessed the damage, the bumper had been slightly pulled. He managed to snap it back into place, but the gap between the bumper and the body is slightly larger than it should be. What I like to call the only-noticable-to-him gap.

So all he can ever say about it, in disgust, is: "Fucking Bumper" - and we both laugh at the ridiculous stupidity of the whole thing.

Friday, September 07, 2007

As I mentioned last week, my brother moved back from LV. Since then he got 1 job, quit the next day, then started a new one doing groundskeeping at a golf course. He likes this one, but of course, it will end soon as the season ends. Then he'll be on to job 3.

My brother is so funny, even though he's broke, back living with his Mom, single, and will likely never have kids... he's giving my sister marriage advice and both of us parenting advice.

He's actually very sweet and helpful, he decorated at McDonald's playland for our nephew's birthday. Even my sister's husband wouldn't have done that.

Can you tell we have the same nose - we both inherited from Dad. Actually, Adam looks like a spitting image of my Dad, except chubbier and with red hair. Back in the 70's my hippy Dad had long hair and I used to braid it for him. I loved doing that, it was WAY better than having a Beauty Shop Barbie.
Posted new pictures of Lauren. YoBaby Yogurt is having a photo contest, so I snapped a few to maybe submit one. She truly does love the yogurt - it's a "go to" food.

She's starting to be able to repeat almost any word we say, so as she was digging through the laundry tonight, I said, "no, dirty, dirty"... and then she says it right back, "dirry, dirry". That makes her kind of like a fun toy... but I just have to be extra careful not to say some of my favorite words - jackass and dumbass - because I'm sure she'll find those fun to say.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

These are the kinds of things that happen to my family...

After spending Thursday, Friday, and Saturday helping my sister move, she was officially "all moved in" to her new house on Saturday.

Sunday morning, at 5:32am, my cell phone rang. It was my sister. I answered but heard only static.

I hung up and she called right back. Again, only static.

Now I am starting to get very worried. She is in a new house and I am assuming something bad might be happening.

I hang up again and try to call her back, as I am calling, she beeps in - but again, static.

Panic is setting in.

I call her husband's phone. No answer.

I call her with my regular phone, thinking maybe it's a cell phone issue. No answer.

Now I am truly panic'd. I think I should drive over there (half hour drive) but am afraid to show up there by myself - if something bad is happening - little me is not going to do much.

I call 911. Tell them what is happening. They need the address. Seeing as though she JUST moved in, I don't even know the exact address.

As the 911 operator tells me that I will probably have to meet the police there, my Sister calls my home phone.

[In a very sleepy voice] "Teen, is everything ok? I saw that you called"]

Me: "You're phone was calling me, hold on a second."

I tell 911 everything is ok.

Me, back on the phone with my Sister... "You're phone was calling me (now I start mostly crying) and it was static and I was so worried that something had happened..."

Sher, "I was sleeping on the couch and my phone was on vibrate, then it started blasting your ring tone. I realized it was 5 something am and you were calling me and I panic'd that something bad had happened".


Yep, so these are the kinds of things that happen to my family. My sister's phone dials me at 5:30am coincidentally on the first night in their new house... and on my second call back, her phone switches to high volume, wakes her up and she gets panic'd. So we both get a boost in blood pressure, then relief.

It's just freaky, I tell you.

Monday, September 03, 2007

Crazy couple weeks. Grandma went into the hospital, was in ICU for a few days. Her heart rate had gotten very very low. Doing much better, hopefully home this week.

Found out Lauren needs glasses. This will be a challenge.

My sister moved and I spent most of my time helping by either packing, bringing food, and/or entertaining the kids. Note: entertaining the kids can be the hardest part!

Extremely excited to be going to the Toronto Film Festival next weekend. George Clooney is going to be there. If I had guts, I'd bring a box of hair dye and offer to dye his hair. I think of this (not because he needs it) but I read once (not sure where, gossip rag I'm sure) that someone saw him in a drugstore buying hair dye and he said it was "for a friend".

Colin Firth will also be there. He is my favorite. Really hope to see him (again).

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh Danny Boy

Yeah, so after watching last night's performances, I'd say Danny definitely deserves to win. I love Sabra too. Either way, it's cool that they will all be touring. I just wish that Hok had made it in to the Top 10! They should still hire him for the tour.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

This week, along with reading Lauren her favorite books, playing ring around the rosy, blowing bubbles, vowing never to buy toys made in China, still allowing a tiny bit of Baby Einstein DVD viewing, and trying to get her to warm up to my little bro (who looks like a chubbier, scarier, red-headed Jesus), I've been watching tv after the little one is in bed (shocking)...

...finale of Hell's Kitchen (yay Rock), new season of Design Star, snippets of The Big Idea with Donny Deutsch and, my fave, So You Think You Can Dance. It's American Idol for dancers. The finalists are really amazing and many of the routines are breathtaking (yes, I might even buy a ticket for the tour). I am rooting for Neil, he does some crazy good jumps - and he's very cute (though so is Danny). The finale is tomorrow night and I will likely be voting for Neil. You should too.

Here are two of my favorite dance routines:

Neil & Sabra dance Jazz to Annie Lennox

Neil & Sara Disco (Sara was amazing too, especially since she was a B-girl - which means her dance style was a street, hip-hop type of dance)

Monday, August 13, 2007

Green Little Elephants

Have I blogged about these Little Animals Tees before? They are so adorable and, even though I KNOW Lauren will be mistaken for a boy (grow hair, grow), I must get her the Elephant tee (the Elephant is her favorite animal... not that she realizes this yet, but someday she will).

Aside from being insanely adorable, they are green (as in environmentally conscious) - 100% organic unbleached cotton, made in the US (ie, design is not made with lead paint), and the packaging is made from corn, so it's biodegradable.

Slowly but surely Lauren's wardrobe is morphing from neon to natural... but with my Mother-in-Law buying a closet full of clothes every couple months, this is no small challenge! The Grandparents still think GREEN just means the color of their perfectly manicured, pesticide laced lawn.

Can you believe that the retirement village they live in - The Villages in FL - does NOT recycle!! Way to give a crap about the state you leave the planet in, old folks! (Note that my in-laws would recycle if their community supported it, but apparently they don't feel strongly enough to take any action to make that happen.)

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Was over in Emeryville today visiting Kodak Gallery. Had dinner at Skates on the Bay - it was a great view and the food was great too. I had Lobster Mac & Cheese - YUM - and Judy shared one of her scallops. I'd never had scallops before - I am a convert - it was excellent.

I talked to my little bro on the phone earlier today (little only as in younger - 28). He had been living in Vegas (he was born there and lived there until he was 11, then moved to NY, then back to Vegas a couple years ago) - he was working as a cab driver (which I think is just the coolest thing - to meet all walks of Vegas life) - but alas, he is young and stupid and irresponsible and therefore broke, so he is moving back home to NY to live with his Mom (my StepMom).

He was calling from the road - driving from Vegas - and was about 100 miles outside of Rochester. He didn't know I was in California, but I hope to see him on Friday.

I am sure Lauren will look at him like, "who the hell are you and what is that THING growing out of your face?" And Adam will look at her like, "she's cute, but I'm not touching her." I'm sure at some point she will become comfortable with him as her Uncle and he will become comfortable with her as a tiny person who goes to the bathroom in her pants.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

After the hell that was Sat and Sun morning, I felt well enough to go on my business trip to San Fran Monday morning (Lauren & Daddy are doing much better too). On the plane, watched Spidey 3 (ok) and Blades of Glory - was laughing out loud. Totally stupid hilarious humor. Some real genius lines, like, "I see you have learned to work the Google on the internet machine."

The trip is going very well so far, though chilly, which I am finding to be a refreshing change from the near 90 and very humid weather back home. Took a few pics with my cam phone, when I went to review them, they are not there, not sure what happened. So gone is the picture of the R2D2 mailbox along with a couple others.

Great food so far too. Last night Judy (my boss) and I ate at Cafe Claude, an adorable little French place. I had Coq au Vin for the first time, along with Gratin Dauphinois (Au Gratin potatoes - Betty Crocker, hang your head in shame). DELISH!!! I highly recommend it.

This morning we had breakfast at Cafe de la Presse - again (by coincidence - we were just happening by) - a French cafe type place. Cappuccino was perfect. I got Eggs Benedict and Judy got Vanilla French Toast and we swapped half of each (this is what Jenny and I love to do - and I was so happy that Judy likes to share food too!!) and both were heavenly. Again, highly recommend it.

Both are near Union Square.

And tonight, after a very long day of watching focus groups, Judy and I hopped the trolley to Fisherman's Wharf to eat In-N-Out Burger.

I can go home happy now.

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Let me start by saying that Little L has been sick since Wednesday evening, when she promptly barfed up all her dinner. This was followed the next morning by finding her in her crib covered by what was, at one point, peanut butter and jelly. Since then, she's also added a green-snotty nose. She is not eating or drinking much at all. The Dr. said it was a virus and just to keep trying to give her liquids.

I stayed home with her Thursday (watching coverage of the bridge collapse in horror), Daddy stayed home with her Friday, this morning he felt "off" and I went off for my manicure. As I was finishing up, I started to feel queasy. Headed home to find Daddy balled up on the floor, Lauren was in bed. Then things went like this:

L woke up crying hard,
try to feed her, get her to drink...
alert Daddy to open eyes and watch L,
run to bathroom,
barf up all contents of my stomache...
brush teeth and regroup...
put L for nap, put me for a nap...
hear L crying, get up (Daddy MIA - hugging the bowl)...
put L on changing table...
horrible feeling of nausea sweeps over me...
put L on the floor, yell for Daddy, close her door...
run to bathroom and barf up even more stuff...
brush teeth and regroup...
try to feed L (Daddy is even more incapacitated than me)...
let Baby Einstein DVD distract L for awhile...
try to get her to drink...
count down the minutes until her bedtime...
finally she's asleep after much crying...
break out into a fever...
start to blog (when I should be sleeping)

There should be some emergency babysitting response unit or something for when two parents are so ill they can barely move, yet the baby needs care and you don't want your family or friends to catch this horrible bug that floored you all in the first place. This was a bad situation that I wouldn't wish on anyone.

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

When Lauren's Grandma (Chuck's Mom) was here last, she brought a couple "kits" to put Lauren's handprints on t-shirts - one for Daddy and one for Papa.

Needless to say, Lauren wore more of the paint than made it on to the shirt. I love her expressions.

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Who Wins in Cincinnati?

Because it's on before Entourage and Flight of the Conchords (which bears repeating that it is SHEAR GENIUS HUMOR), I started catching snippets of John from Cincinnati. I couldn't quite follow the plot or figure out the characters (is Al Bundy talking to his parrot or his dead wife?) This is the first time this has ever happened to me. So I watched more, each week, hoping to figure out what was actually happening. Each week still wondering, WTF?

Now I think it was some tv exec's (or apparently, David Milch's) maniacal scheme to put on a show with good acting (except the young kid, he's as stiff as Cheney's arteries), good filming, and an implied theme (surfing and family drama, with some sci fi thrown in), but no real overall plot. Just because they can.

I am angry. BOTTOM LINE: John from Cincinnati has nothing on WKRP in Cincinnati.