Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Am sitting at Laguardia watching

Am sitting at Laguardia watching bolts of lightning light up the sky and losing hope that my flight home will leave on time.

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Big Apple

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I am going to Manhattan tomorrow - a one day trip, but will have some time after my meetings... I am overwhelmed at the possibilities. Suggestions are welcome... shopping, eating, seeing... I will be up near 49th and 8th, but I can hoof it or cab elsewhere.

Jenny's Fear

Hubby is a golf fanatic - and thus hoping to go to the LPGA. Between the four of us (Jenny and our hubbies), we got 4 tickets... but Aaron was going to be out of town this weekend, so we were trying to figure out who could go with who and when.

I said that though hubby and I would like to go on Saturday, we did not have anyone to watch Lauren (HINT, HINT)... here was Jenny's reaction as an attempt to offer to babysit...

uh, I used to watch Hannah, but now I'm outta shape. I'm scared to watch her by myself. I guess I could... it would have to be at your house... not my house of death... knives and stuff laying around...

This is why I love Jenny. Because she says things like "house of death" =)

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Plea to Paris Hilton

Paris, Paris, playing dumb,
Got in trouble, to jail you've come.

Money can't buy everything,
it can't buy class or the ability to sing.

Why can't you do something redeeming?
Show Lindsey and Nicole how to have a life with meaning.

Help the poor instead of helping yourself,
put your selfishness and excess on a shelf.

Get out of jail and grow up a lot,
and show people what you've really got.

Use your influence for the greater good,
I'd be happy to hear about THAT on CNN, if you only would.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

I got hubby a SkyCaddy Golf GPS device for our anniversary and Father's Day combined (that little sucker was expensive!). Now for those of you who don't know my hubby... he is not the excitable type. No dramatic flare from this boy. But after over 20 years, I can read the tiny signs... and he LOVES this gadget.

It would best be described with an analogy a-la SAT test.

SkyCaddy Golf GPS Gadget is to hubby as meeting Colin Firth in person and having him say, "would you like to have tea and crumpets with me? I find you fascinating!" is to Tina.

Monday, June 18, 2007

Sephora comes to town

Finally Sephora opened in Rochester at Eastview Mall. I share Jenny's sentiment... it won't be so special anymore with it right here, 15 minutes away (as opposed to a plane ride away)... but it is nice to have access to some of my favorite products - Benefit, Philosophy, Aqualina...

I went on Sunday and bought myself a couple little things, including some Oscar Blandi dry shampoo that looked interesting. It smells HEAVENLY and seems to work good, though you look like you aged 10 years at first until the powder gets worked in.

Also sniffed some Marc Jacobs Orange perfume, liked it, sprayed a little paper stick, wanted a sample but, alas, no one was around... so all I have is a great smelling little paper stick. The more I sniff the little stick, the more I like it. A SAMPLE WILL BE MINE!

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Lauren started daycare last week, it's been a trying time. On day 1, she seemed pretty happy to be there, "auk, auk" she demanded when we entered class (translation: let me down so I can walk)... saying "Hi" to everyone... smiling alot. Things went downhill over the week... each morning she was less willing to let go of Mommy and crying like crazy as I tried to leave...

And naptime is not going well either - Lauren is not one of those kids who just falls asleep when tired. If she's out and about, she will fight sleep tooth and nail. She doesn't want to miss anything. So naptime, on a cot, in a room full of toys and people, is just not going well... which = cranky, clingy baby, who needs to be in bed early.

And the clingyness is weird.. after 16 months of relative independence (hers and mine) - to suddenly have her "attached to my hip", I'm not sure how I feel. I like the extra attention a little (she likes me, she really likes me), but not when I'm trying to actually DO something, such as cook at a hot stove.

So, we can only hope things will smooth out as she gets more comfortable with the situation.

Aside from that drama, this girlie is becoming quite entertaining. She's communicating well and soaking up new things. She seems to know over 30 words... and over 10 signs from her Baby Einstien video. She likes to golf - she actually hits the ball with the club - and she loves to dance.

This week she also started singing... "ee eye ee eye oh" and "twinkle twinkle"... and she does the hand gestures for Itsy Bitsy Spider... and she says "wow" and "uh, guys... uh, guys"... she is so funny.

But now I gotta stop swearing. Dammit.


I love this pic from our visit to my Mom's grave for Mother's Day.