Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Yay Blake!

On a musically related note, I finally got my very own iPod. How late am I to the game?!! I did use hubby's iPods a bit (even inherited a shuffle but didn't use it much), so I'm not totally lame, but pretty lame. I'm just not one to listen to stuff while working, I find it a bit distracting (but I will certainly try it tomorrow).

So far I've mainly grabbed songs we had already downloaded - so most of them are older - but did add a couple - the new Maroon 5 and Augustana... and of course my all time favorite songs - Battleflag by Lo Fidelity Allstars... and subscribed to several Podcasts...

I'm sure I will be spending many hours and dollars on iTunes buying music! Here's what I have so far for music and podcasts...

Monday, May 14, 2007

- Saw Martha Stewart today, she is amazing

- Heroes was awesome tonight

- Need to buy a new phone, can't decide. I've been a flip-phone girl for many years and an LG fan for most of that... but I am torn between the adorable - but would have to get used to the slider and touchscreen - LG Chocolate Strawberry:

or the newer - flippy LG VX8600

It's not pink, but I can buy a skin for it...

I really want a phone with a higher mega-pixel camera, but the Samsung 3 megapixel phone is megabucks.

Any opinions?

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Sis just called me after dancing the Tango with Bob Lonsberry tonight. She says they "redeemed themselves" with the Tango, so she's hoping they don't get voted off this week so they make it to round 3 for the Tango.

So please go and vote for Sherri & Bob =)