Thursday, March 30, 2006

Son of a b, I missed applying for the World Series of Pop Culture by ONE DAY. I got all the sample questions right. As if I could jet off to NYC, but still, I really think I would have kicked butt in that.

I didn't get the nickname "TV Guide Tina" back in college for nothing.

PS - This Swaddle Me blanket is the bomb. Thank you again Catie! I can't believe how much better she sleeps when she's wrapped up tightly. I was told this was so, but now I know and I worship at the house of baby in a burrito!

Friday, March 24, 2006

If you're not babied-out, I just published more pictures from the past couple weeks.


Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yes, it's true, the little one came home Tuesday - after over 7 weeks in NICU. Which considering she started with an APGAR score of 1, is amazing. She is on many meds, still has lung issues, weighs a mere 4lbs 9oz (which seems huge compared to the 2-2 she weighed at birth), but they feel she is stable and doing well.

Tuesday night was crazy, I think I slept in 10 minute increments. She's a grunter and a squeaker - and with each noise, I had to jump up and chekc her (in the bassinett beside our bed). Last night was a little better, I think I got a few hours, in one hour chunks.

I am convinced that I will never get a good night's sleep again. So much for sleeping until noon on Saturdays. Yes, I am a night owl and a sleeper and I have to be honest, I always dreaded the lack of sleep deal with babies.

Other thoughts and things :
- is this life really entrusted to MY care?
- every driver on the road is a reckless bastard
- what the hell do I put in a diaper bag besides diapers?
- how the hell do I dress this kid?
- what if I'm roasting/freezing her?
- how can one 4lb baby make so much laundry?
- what a little angel, I can't believe she's here
- I can't believe Peppermint Tina, Catie and Lindsay (blog friends) all sent such nice gifties (THANK YOU!!)
- did I eat today?
- is that normal for a baby?
- I wonder what Parkleigh looks like these days
- must... shop... soon... or will burst
- ooh, Oprah's on!
- ooh, American Inventor is on!
- ooh, Top Chef is on!
- finally Chicken Little got voted off American Idol!
- damn, I didn't realize the next season of America's Next Top Model had started!
- I miss Project Runway
- it will suck when I have to start watching Rolie Polie Olie and Blues Clues all the time - losing my tv shows might suck as much as losing sleep
(just being honest about my shallowness)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Holy crap, registering for baby stuff is ulcerating. It literally feels like you are making life or death decisions.

For example, while we were at Babies R Us registering (I LOVE scanning barcodes - boop, boop, boop), we registered for this Papasan cradle swing. It looks really cool, right? And it swings from side to side or right to left. Then, online, I read the reviews:

"Then I realized the swing started smoking, so I imediately took her out of the swing and threw it ousde when the dial part went up in flames!"

I found her once with her head hanging over the side of the swing still belted in and a few days later my son saw her belted in with her head hanging off the front."

AAAGGHH! So I was going to let someone buy this death trap for my child!

I'm going to go cough up blood now, for I am sure I am going to choose a stroller that is prone to roll away on it's own, find the nearest bar and order Lauren a vodka on the rocks - to be put into a baby bottle that will certainly cause her to need braces later in life.

Friday, March 10, 2006

So with most of my time spent at the hospital, my tv watching has dropped off dramatically. No more FBI Files, no more Cash Cab. But I did catch up on Project Runway in time to catch the last few episodes. I thought for sure Santino would win (and was actually pulling for him by the end). I also got hooked on American Idol and have yet to break that habit. I think Mandisa and Chris will go all the way. And, I'm sorry, I don't find the dorky kid cute or likable. I hope he gets voted off. Maybe when he's 22 he'll actually be cute, but at 16, with that horrible haircut and tiny glasses, he DOES look like Chicken Little and I find him incredibly annoying. Rant over.

And as for Miss Lauren, she is progressing well and they are saying she may come home soon! She is still little, 3lbs 14oz, but gaining each day. I mean look at the size of that ginormous cheek! She is definitely on her way to being a very chubby baby.

Her little digestive track isn't working so great yet, so she grunts alot, sounding alot like the character Mo Collins used to play on Mad TV.

She smiles alot - even if it is gas, it's adorable.

Oh, and I put up more pix at

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Often, as I sit there holding my little girl, I think, "wow, I can't believe she's mine, she's like my little toy."

I can tickle her nose. I can move her mouth up and down and make her look like she's singing I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy. And, I can dress her in whatever I want. And yes, I will be dressing her like fuzzy little animals until she can verbalize her distaste for hats with ears. I'm assuming around age 12.