Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Privacy is Dead (again)

Just in case anyone needs a reminder – NOTHING ONLINE IS PRIVATE.

Likely, before this week, most of you had not heard of Ashley Madison (or, like me, wondered, “who is this Ashley Madison girl?”)… turns out Ashley Madison is a website that facilitates extra-marital affairs. And it got hacked this week. And they’re threatening to publish names.

Regardless of the various possible reactions  - 

“ha! Those cheaters deserve it!” 


“what a total invasion of privacy” 

or maybe even 

“oh crap, I'm screwed”

– the bottom line is, it’s worth remembering that your online activity is not private.

So just like Mom’s advice to, “wear clean underwear, you might get in an accident” – when it comes to any content or information you email, share, join or view online (OR on your phone), assume it may become public at any moment.

Didn’t these folks learn anything from General Petraeus? If the Director of the CIA can’t keep his stuff private, NO ONE CAN!!