Wednesday, June 30, 2004

So I'm torn between keeping my blog lighthearted or posting what's really happening in my life. Because what's really happening in my life is mostly bad. I'm like "Debbie Downer" from Saturday Night Live.

Not sure if I should post about my "romantic" dreams about celebrities or the news that my brother's Hodgkin's Disease may have returned.

In an effort to keep myself from taking the bridge, I'll take the lighter route.

So I had a "romantic" dream about George Clooney the other night. Alas, it did not turn out as I'd hoped. It started off well... we were at the same movie theater, we made a connection, we looked into each other's eyes... we began to kiss... (still going well), then, suddenly, George's head got much bigger, just at the top, and his hair got very sparse and diseased looking... and the last thing I remember of the dream was thinking, "he's hideous... you don't have to keep going with this just because it's George Clooney..." then I woke up. What a rip off.

A few nights later, things got a little racier with... David Schwimmer... yes, I know, wtf? It's MY dream and I know I wouldn't choose to be fondled by David Shwimmer if I had any conscious control over it. But in actuality, the dream wasn't so bad, David had a way with his hands.

In the non-romantic-but-still-very-strange part of the dream, I was also scanning barcode items with my mouth - boop, boop, boop. Now that would be fun.

Saturday, June 26, 2004

Better news today. My sis was released from the hospital this morning. I drove to Syracuse, picked her up and brought her home. Her hubby was much nicer to her today too. I don't think he realizes how condescending and accusatory his words and tone of voice can be. He needs to realize and adjust before he does too much damage to the relationship - and my Sis.

So I got to visit with her and Mya, who was still a happy little camper despite Mike making it seem otherwise.

I now feel the need to stay very close by until she's had the baby. She really doesn't have anyone to rely on other than me. Even if her husband wasn't a jerk, he still can't afford to take many days off from work since they live off just his income. My Sister and niece are so precious to me, even moreso now that Mom is gone, and I want to do whatever I can to help them through, as I know they would do for me.

So I got home from Syracuse, changed, and headed off to Jenny & Aaron's Post Wedding Party. It was alot of fun, great food, and FINALLY there was some serious cake-up-your-nose smooshing! Superb!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

My sis, who is 7 months pregnant (and with her last pregnancy, was hospitalized for 2 months and had the baby 10 wks early), had to go to the hospital today. She had neck and chest pains this morning. She went in at 8am and they did test after test but couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finaly, 12 hours later, they determined that her muscles were deteriorating because her thyroid is low. She is doing better and should be going home tomorrow, but I'm still very worried.

Last time my sis was hospitalized, she was in Rochester and my Mom was alive, visiting her every day. Now she is in Syracuse, with no Mother to comfort her or keep her company, with a daughter at home being "cared for" by a complete and utter Asshole for a husband who instead of telling her "everything is fine", tells her that the baby is "being a bad girl", is "a spoiled brat" and yells at the baby and makes her cry while they're on the phone... i.e., making Sher worry even more about Mya. It breaks my heart. I don't think I've heard him say one nice, not snide thing to her in the 3 years I've known him. Assbite.

I just pray that my sister gets through this safely and then smartens up and leaves his stupid ass. She is a wonderful person, does EVERYTHING for him, and doesn't deserve the miserable bastard turning his misery on her. She deserves to be treated beautifully and be happy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

I am famous for not seeing anyone famous when I'm in celebrity-infested areas. So when I was out in Vegas and LA last week, I, of course, did NOT bump in to Ben gambling at the Palms or Brad grabbing a latte at Starbucks or (the one I truly hold out hope for), George Clooney buying hair dye at Ralphs Drugs... (mind wanders... "I can help you out with that George, I am quite experienced with at-home coloring"...)

So my brother, who just moved back to LA two days ago, tells me how he was shopping at Whole Foods today (I LOVE that store!!) when the girl in line ahead of him turns around and is... guess who... Drew Barrymore. She asked for help putting her groceries on the belt because she had gotten ahead of her cart. He said she was "perfectly sweet" and "looked fabulous". I'm sure tomorrow he'll be at Jiffy Lube and Leo DiCaprio will be there waiting for the oil change on his Toyota Prius to finish, and they'll chat about basketball.

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

A closer picture of the t-shirt Jenny made for me (of me) for the party. That's exaclty what my dress looked like! I don't think I was having such a good hair day though.

I did my bridesmaidly duty and helped Jenny taste cakes this week. It was torture ;-) I think we sampled cake from at least 6 bakeries around town. Jenny and I were cake monsters, eating cake for lunch, eating cake in the car, feeding her cake while driving, cake, cake, cake!

All in all, the Baker Street Bread Company, on Park Avenue had the best cake and the best attitude.

Let's all address the elephant in the room here... we may need to take turns playing bride every month so as to partake in the underground cake sample offerings available to those "getting married".
It's not really Tuesday. Well, it is, but really it's 1:30am and I'm WIDE awake. Good Internet... find me lots of info... Bad Internet... keep me up until all hours. Actually, it might be a chicken-egg thing. Do I stay up late because I'm on the internet? Or do I stay on the internet because I'm up late?

Things that keep my mind racing until 1:45am... Mom, Mom, Mom... did I miss a therapy appointment... that dream the other night about George Clooney (it was all going well until his head got big and ugly)... Christian Bale as Batman - "Holy Religously Named Hottie, Batman!"... the new toy idea Jenny and I had, that might just finally make us rich, and let me quit this job I despise... the ant infestation in my kitchen... middle school ant jokes... remember the one where the kids hear a ghost singing, "I see you're hiney, all white and shiney, if you don't hide it, I'll come and bite it" and it turns out to be an ant floating in the toilet bowl? Anyone? Beuller? Anyone?

With that, I must attempt sleep.

Monday, June 21, 2004

After much pain, including 3 calls to Time Warner and one call to India (Dell) at 2:30am, I finally got my internet working again. It was painful. I heard phrases I don't ever want to hear again, like "ipconfig" and "winsock".

Had a good weekend. Went to see the live stage show of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. It was great. I especially enjoyed seeing a larger-than-life drag queen run her (his) hands through hubby's hair. Seriously though, it was a top quality off-broadway show with amazing music and some impressive dance moves. I highly recommend it if it comes to your town. Proceeds help the University of Rochester Aids Vaccine research.

My glam rock name is "Diamond Freak". Get your glam rock name from the Hedwig site.

We also went to see the movie Dodgeball. It was hilarious -(aside from the HORRIFIC belly button scene, which nearly sent me into a coma). Jason Bateman was especially funny, though I'm not exactly sure why. If you go, be sure to sit through the credits for the extra scene at the VERY end, it's worth it.

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Feeling zombielike... when I go to Vegas, I not only adjust to the time change, I over adjust and stay up until 5 am (read: 8am NY time!)... Those casinos MUST pipe in happy-perky-gas, pure oxygen perhaps? So Tuesday night I got a decent amount of Ambien-assisted sleep, but last night I opted to go au naturale, thinking I was soooo tired that I would be asleep before my head hit the pillow... I was wrong. I started to worry when I was still WIDE AWAKE at 12:30am. All in all, probably slept about an hour. I'm not sure how new parents stay vertical.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

I'm back from Vegas (with an excursion to LA). I wish I had better things to say. It was a bit of fun mixed with alot of family drama. My brother and his wife are breaking up. Not a good scene.

Aside from that, I enjoyed... playing Blackjack at the Palms (much to my dismay, Ben Affleck did NOT come and sit next to me and offer me pointers)... eating Chicken Madeira at The Cheesecake Factory... having a Banana Berry Jamba Juice... eating In-N-Out Burger... laying by the pool in LA... hiking Runyon Canyon... listening to my brother's friend sing in the lounge at Mandalay Bay... and playing with Buddy (my Bro's doberman... pictures soon)

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Made it to Vegas safely. Was super tired though, got 2 hours sleep Sunday night, then worked a full day (got dropped off at work at 7am), then hopped on a plane at 5pm, flew for 6 hours, landed in Vegas, then went out to Mandalay Bay for a few hours. Sometimes it's like I'm on crack. But I'm not.

Oh, and I posted pictures of Jenny's wedding on here blog!

Monday, June 07, 2004

Oh, BTW, blogging from my

Oh, BTW, blogging from my cell phone =)

On my way to Vegas

On my way to Vegas - sitting on the plane in Chicago. Have to admit, I'm a bit nervous over the elevated terror warnings

I do love Ohare's rotating

I do love Ohare's rotating plastic covers on their toilet seats! I'm also amused that Jlo got married the same day as Jenny!
Jenny and Aaron's wedding was absolutely beautiful. The solo by Aaron's sister Amy and the Violinist and Pianist really added such elegance and romance. But don't let that fool you, Aaron and Jenny were still using celery sticks to look like walruses later that day.

After the reception, hub and I headed to Syracuse to visit with my sis and Mya. Here are some new photos of the girlie, who turns two in a month! Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Today is my 13 year

Today is my 13 year wedding anniversary - Hub sent me a dozen roses. He's a keeper!