Tuesday, April 29, 2003

Rochester Johns

I've seen the World's Best Bathrooms on the Travel Channel, but finally, Karen Miller has evaluated and written up info about Bathrooms that Boggle - in Rochester!

I'll have to go check some of these out, especially the one at Rain (a new nightclub here). Their ladies lounge has two-way mirrors, tables, couches, and even a window to order drinks! Cool.

Thursday, April 24, 2003

Someone hung a poster for TV Turnoff Week at work. Now I think that's fine and dandy to try to get your kids off tv for a week... nobody wants a little couch potato kid who wants to stay inside on a 75 degree day to watch Rolie Polie Olie... but I'm 34 years old and I DON'T want to be told what to do. I'm old enough to decide what's right and wrong for myself... and if I want to watch Extreme Makeovers, I'm going to, dammit.

Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Check out this site showing pictures of foreign groceries, pretty funny.

There's some really cool stuff with excellent packaging and names, like these "Funky Soy Sauce" Pringles from Japan. OK, the Hello Kitty Douche is a bit disturbing, but most of it is cool.

Monday, April 21, 2003

Easter was good, mixed with sadness. We visited Mom's grave, which is in a beautiful location, under a tree. Sherri (sis) leaned over to place the flowers we brought and, in her new 'low rise' jeans, unknowingly showed off her plumbers crack. I'm sure Mom got a kick out of that.

I then made a huge dinner for 6 - but enough to feed 12 (like a good Italian girl)... miraculous for me, since dinner usually consists of cereal and a frozen faux ho.

Got gifties from some very special people too... from Hubby - basket of goodies, from Sis - adorable stuffed bunny and candy, from Jenny - our very own set of "cake plates", from Natalie - a very sweet card, and from Peppermint Tina - many Hello Kitty gifties, many with HK riding a dolphin (PT knows that I am a dolphin fanatic). All were a wonderful pick me up that helped me get through the day.

Sunday, April 20, 2003

I think I've given up on Reality TV... I guess I just don't find it entertaining anymore... though I do still watch Real World and Road Rules and every now and then, while watching cable late at night, catch a show called Family Business.

The show is about a guy who is a porn producer and star. It's pretty funny... his Mom even works for him... The dude seriously needs a makeover... I don't care if you're a porn producer, NOBODY looks good in a pastel lame snakeskin jacket or "the wet look" hair.

Thursday, April 17, 2003


I was looking for a recipe for Chicken Madeira (like the dish I LOVE at The Cheesecake Factory) and found this website for cooking in the nude.

Sounds like a dangerous hobby to me.

Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Blogger is F*d at the moment.

Also, I have nothing interesting to say. My old blogs are good, might want to peruse the archives to back when I was funny.

How about this: things I'd rather be doing/places I'd rather be:

- at a beach in Australia, petting dolphins
- deep sea fishing
- learning native dancing in Fiji
- climbing a volcano in Hawaii
- shopping in Milan
- clubbing in Ibiza (maybe too old for this one)
- golfing in Scotland (one for hubby)
- getting pampered at a spa in an exotic location
- snowboarding in Park City

(Note: the only reason none of these ideas include eating is because at the moment, I feel like a stuffed pig after eating a St. Joe Panini at Cibon for lunch - turkey, mozzarella & basil on grilled flat bread - yummy!)

Saturday, April 12, 2003

Went and saw Bend it Like Beckham last night with hubby and Jenny. It was a great movie, very funny... very Big-Fat-Greek-Weddingish... and Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is pretty easy on the eyes for the most part... except when he was dancing, that was hard to watch.

Great music too - Basement Jaxx was in there but not on the soundtrack, bummer.

Tuesday, April 08, 2003

I'm normally not a sore winner, I don't usually rub things in... but when I win against someone who is SOOO confident that THEY will win (and makes that point well known), well, then I can say that - I LOVE TO WIN!! I LOVE TO WIN!! I LOVE TO WIN!!

I participated in an NCAA bracket pool at work. I don't watch sports too much, but absorb some through hubby... so I made my best guesses and, in going with my heart, picked Syracuse to go all the way and win it. The men in the pool, along with my hubby, thought I was a bit insane and did not think I had a snowball's chance of winning. My boss was particularly sure that he'd win, so we wagered lunch on it. Which makes my beating him so much SWEETER!! AAAAAHHHH SWEET VICTORY! Beat by a GIRL!! HA!!

I gave my boss a little reminder that I beat him, an air freshener with Happy Bunny on it...

Monday, April 07, 2003

Side note: I think I've gone a week without buying anything! Could explain the emotional outburst I had last night. Proves that buying stuff helps keep me sane. Retail Therapy, baby.
It seemed like a long weekend - probably because we were trapped inside all weekend. Sis was here with the baby and I actually got her (the baby) to crack up laughing. Usually she just gets a huge smile but doesn't make any noise... finally the ole 'rasberry on the belly' move put her over the top.

We did make it out for a quick trip to Starbucks on Saturday. My new favorite drink is a doozy to order... I get the non-fat, decaf, sugar-free Vanilla Latte. I want to order it with whipped creme, but that's just too much to say for a drink...

Jenny, still stuffed up from a cold, didn't have a full handle on her audio levels and blurted out, "I keep getting this gunk oozing from my eye"... just what everyone wants to hear while they're enjoying their Frappucinos. heh heh.

Thursday, April 03, 2003

more Confessions of a Cosmetaddict

Broke down and bought Shiseido The Makeup Smoothing Veil SPF 16 like a good cosmetaddict. It is described as "a colorless-finish foundation that minimizes the appearance of fine lines and enhances radiance to achieve natural perfection"

Yeah, right, whatever, it's new, the packaging is cool... just fork it over lady. Give the nice addict her crack and no one will get hurt.

And Then...

My brother lives in Vegas, so we stay in touch via cellphone constantly. Lately though, he seems to call me just as he's ordering food....

Last week it went like this... I hear, "I gotta back up, she's making me go to Dairy Queen"...
moments later, "hold on a sec teen" and then I hear, "I'll have a Butterfinger Blizzard with vanilla custard"...

That's just downright cruel to do to someone you KNOW struggles to eat healthy (and I mean STRUGGLES), work out, lose weight, etc. In addition to that, he's ordering it for his wife who is about a size 2 and in such great shape, you could bounce a quarter off her butt.

I got him back though, I shouted out a (phantom) order for a Pellegrino's Buffalo Chicken sub. He can't get them in Vegas. HAH, TAKE THAT! I added in a fake In-N-Out Burger order... "I'll have a double double with cheese, fries, and a chocolate shake". He got the point, but I'm sure he'll do it again.