Wednesday, March 07, 2001


Today I went to see The Wedding Planner by myself while hubby was golfing. It was either that or See Spot Run. Have to wait for Chuck to go see The Mexican , he wants to see it too. The Wedding Planner was a typical unrealistic, predictable love story, but Matthew McConaughey made it more than bearable.

I also almost got ran over by the blue-hair cart guy at Publix. He had collected about four carts and proceeded to almost plow me over with the ton of steel he was pushing - definitely would have put me in the hospital... "What happened to you Tina?" "I got run over by grocery carts." Not a very compelling story, I'd have to make something else up... "I was in the water at the beach when I saw this fin. I thought it was a dolphin so I got closer. Aaaahh, it was a Great White shark coming right at me. He swam by me, then whipped away and as he turned, his tail plowed into me like a ton of steel. I was badly hurt and could barely tread water. He turned around and was coming back for me, I saw many, many teeth and thought I was going to be lunch when suddenly, out of no where, a dolphin charged up and rammed into the shark and scared him away. The dolphin came back, let me grab his fin and towed me to the beach. Then a young studly EMT gave me mouth to mouth, lifted me in his arms and put me into the ambulance and that's how I ended up in the hospital." Yep, that sounds a bit better.

So the old cart guy didn't even look at me, didn't even SEE me. Maybe I'm invisible and I didn't know it.

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