Monday, December 30, 2002

Today seemed to be a better day. I had lunch with Mikha, Daniela's sister. It was so great. Both Mikha and Daniela (two gorgeous Brasilian women) are both so fun and interesting. I wish I could see them more often.

Last year at this time, Chuck and I were in Brasil with Daniela, staying with her family at their beach house (i.e., Paradise). It was definitely the best New Years of my life, all was good... we'd stay up until 3am playing Buraco, a card game. Chuck and I were so addicted to that game yet we haven't played it since. I guess it's not as much fun without Brasilians to play it with =) Daniela's family was so kind to us... it was so wonderful.

We did the Brasilian New Year's Eve tradition of wearing all white, going to the beach and, at midnight, wading in to the water, making a wish, and jumping 7 waves. I don't remember my wish, but I do remember becoming "champagne-enhanced Tina".

I am also very happy for Jenny and Aaron, they are now engaged. I knew Aaron was going to pop the question and I was so careful not to drop any hints to Jenny. Jenny's going to have to work out now, just to be able to hold her arm up with that gigantic ROCK on it!! Congratulations my friends!

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