Monday, September 08, 2003

Back from the first weekend of the Toronto Film Festival. It was a Giovanni Ribisi weekend, as he was in both movies we saw.

The first movie was "I Love Your Work" by Adam Goldberg. The first half was great - funny, different... the second half got confusing, dark, and drawn out. Much of the cast was sitting in the same row at the theater and, as we exited, we passed them. Giovanni was filming with a little camcorder... if I had any balls, I would have run up in front of it and and yelled "I HATE YOUR WORK"... half to be funny and half to release the tension and anxiety that had built up in me throughout the last half of the movie. However, in all fairness, the acting was really great, it was just the story finale that bit... so technically that would be Adam Goldberg's work I hate, not Giovanni's.

The second movie, "Lost in Translation", also had Giovanni in it, but the main stars were Bill Murray and Scarlet Johanssen. It was set in Tokyo and I enjoyed it alot, even though it shed a bit of bad light on marriage. It was especially cool for providing a taste of Japanese culture.

So... on to celeb spottings... saw a few at the "I Love Your Work" movie... saw a few in the lobby of the Four Seasons, where we go to have tea and crumpets... seriously, the crumpets are to die for! I coincidentally sat in the same spot Dan Akroyd had been sitting in just hours before, when I had noticed him noticing Jenny.

Jenny created a montage pic for me of the celebs we saw. They are, from left to right, top to bottom...

Adam Goldberg (actor/director/funny guy who made a bad movie)

Giovanni Ribisi (very good actor/may know him as Phoebe's brother on Friends/might have me on videotape outside the theater)

Franka Potente (actress/was in Run Lola Run and The Bourne Identity)

Christina Ricci (actress of fluctuating weight/best know as the sister in The Addams Family movie)

Dan Akroyd (if you don't know who he is, crawl back in to your cave/looking much younger and slimmer than expected)

Nicole Kidman (same deal as Dan as far as the cave/very brief glimpse/per Jenny - stunning in person)

Toni Colette (mom in The Sixth Sense and About a Boy/no makeup/not stunning in person)

Nick Stahl (noticed him on the escalator but didn't recognize him as an actor until Jenny pointed out that was just in Terminator 3)

Sadly, we did not see Colin Firth... who, I'd imagine, is also stunning in person. There's always next weekend...

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