Monday, November 14, 2005

Heart Beat

Heard the baby's heart beat for the second time. What a relief that is each time. Find out the sex on the 29th - if he/she/it cooperates. Then we can really kick into name figuring out mode.

So far

- no names from males from my side of the family

- no freaky names like Apple or Coco or Chanel or Prada or Nike

- but nothing too normal, like David (not that there's anything wrong with that name!)

- no Chuck Jr. (though maybe Charlie for a girl)

- Spencer? maybe

- Tucker? no, sing the name game and you'll know why

- middle name Rose? yes

- Wayland? Maybe. During our brainstorming the other day, Jenny came up with that. I actually like it alot. My Dad was a big Wayland Jennings fan. Too bad it's a boy's name or we could name a girl Wayland Jenny. Ha ha.

All name suggestions are welcome!


Catie said...

Here are some of my favorites.
Girl names:

Boy names:

Not that I've given it any thought or anything.

Anonymous said...

I recently learned that Shannyn Sossamon (you've seen her before, even if you don't know her by name) named her son Audio Science.

Basically just know that anything you pick will be better than that!

Anonymous said...

I had a friend in high school whose name was Weylin, unusual but neat.(Plus he was really cute!)

Tina said...

Thanks Catie =)

Oh, and I do know Shannyn Sossman, I just didn't know she was a wierdo! I mean, seriously, Audio Science!? Poor kid. Would have been better as Big Audio Dynamite, then he/she/it would have cool nicknames, like "Big" or "Bad".

Anonymous said...

It's actually spelled Waylon Jennings. And I think Waylon is a cute name!

Anonymous said...

Can I place my bet? It's going to be a boy.

Karlene said...

We won't be having children, but I've always liked Lillian (Lily) and Katharine Elizabeth (Katie Beth).

My little sistah bestowed upon my niece, Ruby Marina Danger |insert last name|. Reasoning was when she is older she can say "as a matter of fact, 'Danger' IS my middle name". hmm.

Be creative, but kind.

Kim said...

Of couse I have to put my 2 cents in and tell you my daughter's name is still my favorite: Grace Isabella.

Bailey said...

How about for a girl..
Brooke or Brooklyn (my favorite)
Avery (can also be a boy's name)
Bailey :) (I know, overused)
Alexandra (love alex for a girl)
McKenna or McKenzie
For a boy..
I've run out of juice.

Bailey said...

Love the name Charlie for a girl and love the name Spencer. Took me a minute but I see what you mean about Tucker, even though it is a cute name.

K-Roz said...

Before I knew my bean was a Mr. Bean, I had the name "Joy" chosen for a girl. I still hope to use the name someday, but I'm equally happy with the name we came up with for my son--Cole Henson. First name is for a college professor who taught me and my husband and the middle name is for Jim.

Anonymous said...

We find on one day before -- Nov. 28. Both you and my brother are finding out before, I am due two weeks earlier! My doctor didn't get why I wantd to find out earlier?!

Good luck. I'd share names, but we are busy brewing up some of our own.


Elaine said...

I'm thinking we didn't have a girl for a reason: Sofia Lorena {spanish surname}. Actually, now that I think of it, Sophia Lauren woulda been kinda cute but our Sofia turn out to be a Joaquin. I like Isabella and Lily too. ...I see a girl name in your future...

suzie q said...

love the name spencer! ben and i chose that as our future child's first name (if we ever have a boy).

Yvett said...

Baby names are a very personal choice and I can tell you now that not everyone will like what you pick. I think it also depends on what your last name is and that it goes well with it. If I were to have another baby I'd name them

girl: Amaya or Miranda
boy: Nathan or Dylan

I think. Good luck. Here's a link that might be helpful. .

Emily C. said...

Hmmmmm...I like the name Aiden for a guy. Maybe for a girl Amelia or Cornelia....but I don't know how that would go with your last name.