Thursday, December 08, 2005

The View into Martha, Ellen, Tyra and Oprah

Still on bedrest. Third trip to triage yesterday, but everything seems to have settled down and we are ok for now. Hubby is taking great care of me - he is a Saint. I'm very lucky.

TV is still the easiest thing since it's hard to be in other positions for any length of time. The mornings consist mostly of various talk shows - not the ridiculous ones like Jerry Springer - the somewhat more redeeming ones like Martha, Ellen, and, of course, Oprah. Oprah is an amazing human being. Oprah for president!

I also learned that if you're going to be on The Price is Right, you need to wear a goofy t-shirt. And if you're pregnant, don't even try since it seems to be that you must jump up and down like a maniac when you get picked and/or win anything, which would probably cause immediate labor.

The new season of Project Runway started last night too. Oooh, I just love it. There are some great designs - and some that are just hideous.

I'm also pretty up on the Top 100 SNL Moments. Laughing is good for your health.

Food TV is a staple, though I find Rachel Ray very annoying and most often they are making something with fish (yuck). Bring on Paula and the Bacon Crisps for me! (crackers baked with parm cheese wrapped in bacon) or anything involving lots of sugar.

Now I'm hungry - time to call for lunch, "Honey..."


Anonymous said...

So are you stuck on bed rest until you're due? Didn't you say that was in April? Yikes. :(

Well, all the best! I'm sure you'll forget COMPLETELY about all this boredom once your little girl gets here. :)

(sending LOTS of good thoughts your way)


vintage lilac said...

I can totally relate to this post. My job ended in October so now I've been able to watch shows I've never really seen before. And you're right, I didn't know the Price is Right contestants wear those crazy T's. Have you noticed how young they are? Most of the contestants are college age which seems odd to me because the last time I watched the show the contestants were all 60+ years old.

And don't get me started on Oprah....I was never a fan but now? She comes on as I'm starting dinner and by the time I'm done and my husband comes home I'm sobbing and/or in tears. (Did you see the one on fistula?? Or the girls locked up in the basement?? Now why she didn't pay for their counseling is beyond me.) I'm truly pathetic now. Oh, yeah, my friend works for the local ABC station and she said Tony Danza has been canceled and Rachel Ray is taking his place. Just thought you'd like to know if you already didn't.

Anonymous said...

Have you even watched The View at 11 a.m.? It is the only daytime program that I Tivo every day. I'm praying that all goes well for you and the baby.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear things are a little tough, and I wish you well. But - glad that you have the time to blog now :)

justJENN said...

Bedrest sucks. I was on it both with my first son and my second. B.O.R.I.N.G.

Catie said...

I can't watch The View, Oprah, Tyra (except American's Next Top Model) and Ellen is cute, but I get bored after a few shows.

I love Martha, but I loved the old show better.

I realize that if I ever had to go on bed rest (when they say bed rest, do they actually mean laying down, or do you just need to be still?) I'd be in huge trouble. I guess I'd go for DVDs and whining.

You're a good egg, Tina. I hope you're doing okay.

LadyGypsy said...

Bah. My mom, brother and I attended a Price is right taping with funny tees and we didn't get picked. Still bitter. ;)

Hang in there, Tina!

-julie said...

I understand. I'm a teacher with a Snow Day! It's like a whole new world of TV. Too yucky to go outside; might as well craft and veg.

Though I can't relate to bedrest, I hope there are some cherished moments of peace and reflection.

nancy said...

I am glad you are making the most of your bedrest..when are you free of bedrest jail?