Tuesday, November 28, 2006

I know everyone's probably in crazy shopping mode - except for you few nuts who are done with your holiday shopping - so I thought I'd post again one of my favorite sites for finding deals and coupon codes - Style For Free.

PS - let me rant that those Black Friday early bird specials really piss me off. It's so unfair to us night owls. For once I'd like to see a store have a ridiculously good sale from 11pm to 3am ONLY!! I'd so be there!


Aprille said...

Picturing it in my head. The 5am shopping crowd, in my mind because I'm not a morning person, have to be largely surly, grouchy, squinty, messy haired. The few who are actually morning people must be the target of much ill-will - way too cheery.
In contrast, the 11pm shoppers are getting into the grove after a day of rest - dressed to the 9's, ready for a party, social, bantering.
I'm definitely for the latter.

design dreamz said...

Woodbury Commons close to the city had a midnight sale - but my frineds who went said it took them an hour to drive the last 6 miles around 11pm.

Maybe you need a little trip to NYC next thanksgiving (can load up on chocolate too).