Tuesday, August 05, 2008

How lame am I, I barely blog anymore - none in July. Twitter like crazy, but blogging seems to take so much more time.

June flew by... we announced the Kodak Challenge and I went to the Buick Open and the AT&T National golf tournaments.

FINALLY ate at a Melting Pot, Shruti had urged us to go there while in Chicago 2 years ago, but I insisted on The Cheesecake Factory (before we had one in Rochester). Well, let me tell you this, the Melting Pot immediately jumped to the #1 spot of "Restaurants that if I were ridiculously rich, I would charter a plane weekly to get to a city with a Melting Pot." They have one in Buffalo, and Shruti, Jenny, Denise and I went last weekend... they are thinking of opening one in Rochester. We begged, pleaded, and are about to bombard the guy with email weekly, urging him to open here ASAP.

Other than all that, my little one is at a very fun stage. She says things like, "OMG" and "Hello Mommy Honey, you want some dinner?" and "I no like to go to cool [school]" (though I did get her English corrected to say, "I DON'T like to go to cool"). She daily makes requests to visit people, "I want to go to Jenny & Aaron's house". Definitely a fun stage, except when she doesn't listen (she may grow up with the nickname "Brickwall").

So this post has no pictures and is lame, so I'll try to do better next time.

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DreamzMe said...

It doesn't have pictures but it's not lame - 1. you admit you shouldv'e listened to me in Chicago 2. We get out Lil L fix of new things she does. Win win! :0)