Saturday, February 14, 2009

My little chastity bono.

Conversation between me, Lauren, and Charlie yesterday as I got home from work:

L: That's my Daddy.
Me: That's my husband.
L: That's MY husband.
Me: No, he's your Daddy. He's my husband. We're married.
L: Married?
Me: Yes, married.
C: Remember, we told you... you get married before you have a baby.
L: want to see the baby in my belly? (she got obsessed with this when Shruti was pregnant)
C: No honey, you get married first.
L: And wear a dress?
Me: Yes, and carry flowers, and walk down the aisle.
Me: who do you want to marry? Chase? (boy at daycare)
L: Yes, I want to marry Chase.
Me: or do you want to marry Laksh? (another boy at daycare)
L: Yes, I want to marry Lakshe. I want to marry Ashley.
Me: Ashley's a girl. You're supposed to marry a boy.
L: I want to marry a girl.
Me: Well, they'll gave to change the laws first, but ok.


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Michele said...

She can come up to Toronto and marry whomever she likes. ;)

Cute story. I love the way kids minds work. :)