Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Subscriptions are the New Black

I can't get over all the new "subscription" services. I mean, I remember the Panty of the Month Club (I wasn't a member, but how do you forget something like that) - so it's not new, it's just being taken to new heights with some very creative business models.

I was ecstatic when I got a card last November informing me that my very dear friend Daniela had gotten me a gift subscription to Birchbox for my birthday.  Birchbox sends you an array of deluxe beauty samples. HELLLOOOO, speaking to my heart as someone who chooses a hotel based on the toiletries they offer!

But not only do they send awesome sample, they make it adorable. That pink tissue paper just makes me smile and I have yet to recycle one of the boxes, I save them - for what, I'm not sure, they're just too nice to part with.

And then I learned about Love With Food - again, samples of delicious treats delivered to your door. I still think about the Pecan Divinity that was in the box a while back.

Now you can get all kinds of things via monthly subscription - from kids' craft projects to man stuff (oh, and Birchbox now has a monthly box for men... makes me wonder, does anyone use the term Metrosexual anymore?) - you can find it all.  

And if you can't find it... well, perhaps you have yourself a business opportunity right there!  And guess what - there's a site for that too! Member.ly will help you manage your own subscription service.

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