Monday, November 20, 2000

I'm Baaaaccckkkk

Ok, I've been away a long time and after the last blog, you probably thought I ran a way and became a showgirl. No such luck. I did get to have a wonderful trip to San Diego and back to Las Vegas. I don't want to bore you with the details, so I'll give highlights.

San Diego

Arrived with Ab (11-4)... we checked out the beach and checked out the bods (I do my looking strictly to be a second pair of eyes for Ab ;) The beach scene was very easy on the eyes, however, the lack of studly specimens at the conference left Abby feeling sick - or more likely it was the start of the flu. I made her take her vitamin C and echinacea - I think Abby drank more tea that week than was spilled into the Boston Harbor way back when - and it helped a little, but she was still low on energy and couldn't really enjoy all that San Diego had to offer. We'll have to go back sometime and finally get those surfing lessons Ab.

Side note: as we watched the election results roll in, I heard more expletives out of Abby's mouth than a New York City cab driver, and I loved every minute of it! You go girl!

Los Angeles

On thursday (11-9), Abby flew out early and I drove up to LA to meet up with my brother, as lack of funds and loneliness would not have allowed me to stay in SD until Sunday. I had one quick day in LA - and of course spotted NO celebrities (the Karma just gets worse and worse), then we hopped in Bro's car for the 3 and a half hour drive to Vegas. For the first hour of the trip, my brother had the radio so loud I thought my eardrums were going to bleed. I wanted to say something, but first of all, I'd have to scream at the top of my lungs to be heard and second, he was doing me a favor so I didn't want to break his groove - after all, he drives from LA to Vegas a couple times a month. I drove along thinking in my head, "is he seriously going to drive for almost four hours with the music so loud that we can't have any kind of conversation and we have to stare off into the darkness with nothing to look at but the hypnotic glow of the tail lights in front of us?", when Christina (his wife of 2 weeks) finally said that she thought she was going to die soon if he didn't turn it down. He was a perfect gentleman and turned the music almost off for the rest of the trip. Then we just had to struggle to find stuff to talk about.


Let's see, Vegas went by pretty quick once the less-than-excitement-filled weekend ended. My Brother (the ex male-slut and now married one) and his wife have changed from party animals to the Cleavers in a short matter of time. I could barely get them out of the house. Other than that, Vegas consisted of working all day amongst mostly male computer geeks and boogying down all night at the clubs. I did see one Elvis, but he was the obese, drug addicted, hit with the ugly stick version of Elvis.

Then we celebrated my birthday for almost two days straight, it was fabulous. When we (mostly Ted) asked people how old they thought I was, I got everything from 18 up to 24 - but with 24 as a maximum, I'm as happy as a pig in, err, mud. So when I take on my new identity, I will easily get away with shaving 8 years off my actual age. I can only say hallelujah for good genes, moisturizer and sunscreen (you younguns take note - it's NEVER too early for sunscreen!)

Other highlights include:
- FOOD to die for... belgian fries with dipping sauce, yummy soup at Voodoo Cafe, Krispy Kremes, Filet Mignon, Pumpkin Cheesecake - heck, even the Kosher Hot Dogs at Comdex were good... aaahhhh, my second chin says thanks
- DANCING - shook my thang a number of times, most notably at RA and Baby's - two very happnin' places in Vegas
- ENERGY - thank Heaven for Red Bull energy drink - allowed me to do the, "there's no sleeping in Las Vegas" thing pretty successfully
- FRIENDS... though there were some special people missing from the mix, we had a great group of people and had a really good time

Back Home

Though I had a great time, I was very happy to get back home. Chuckie baked me a cake - and made frosting from scratch!! And it was yummy!!! Also while I was away he became a neat freak. He used to be a wanna-be neat freak - he'd talk about how clean he wanted the house but wouldn't take any action necessary for it to happen. Now he's actually putting things away, cleaning sinks, fun stuff like that. I must admit he's nagging me to do the same and I'm not sure the messy-slob-don't-tell-me-what-to-do-Scorpio in me can handle it, but I'm doing ok so far.

I'm glad to be home.

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