Monday, January 21, 2002

Focus, Focus, Focus

I'm having the same problem as Joel, I'm having trouble focusing on work.

I will have been gone 5.5 of the first 10 weeks of the year. Brasil took up two and soon I'm off to Vegas (for vacation) and Salt Lake City (for work). Then, after being home for 4 days, I head to Orlando for a kiosk convention. I know it all sounds great, but let me weigh the pros and cons.

:: Vegas ::

PROS: time with hubby; nickel slots at the Hard Rock Hotel (if I can get anyone to go there with me); potential celebrity sightings; get to visit with Eddie & Christina (brother and sister-in-law who live there); Sephora; abundant cheap food

CONS: going with the in-laws who aren't in to going to clubs or even gambling for that matter; in-laws will have control of the rental car; won't be hot (maybe 50s); Eddie will have gotten back surgery 5 days before I arrive so he'll be no fun; I've been to Vegas MANY times (even lived there for 3 years) - so I've already seen it all; abundant cheap food = Tina becomes a fatty fat fat

:: Salt Lake City ::

PROS - ok, it's the Olympics, that's very cool; Chucky's going too; pretty scenery; maybe sunny; free abundant food at the hotel; potential celebrity sightings (though sports celebrities don't excite me)

CONS - will be working the whole time; will spend at least 2 hours/day travelling from Park City to Salt Lake; it's going to be COLD; I probably won't get to see even a single event; going snowboarding seems out of the question; most of my time will be spent many miles away from the free abundant food; and even if I DO happen to see Ben Affleck chatting with Tara Lipinski, I'll be a dweeb bundled up in Kodak clothing

:: Orlando ::

PROS: warm and sunny (maybe)

CONS: conference the whole time; there alone; don't think I'll have a car so stuck in the vicinity of hotel; no time to go to Disney or SeaWorld but can't afford it anyway

OK, not saying I'd trade it (though I would pass up Orlando if it wasn't going so applicable to my current project and potentially career enhancing), but it's certainly not all wine and roses.

I suppose on some level I'm being granted these opportunities for "fun" because in April, the fun level drops significantly when I have to have an incision into my uterus via my bellybutton. Aaagh!

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