Tuesday, September 10, 2002


Been away so long...

Went to London, loved it. Walked a ton but still gained 5 lbs. So on that note and since my blog IS The "Daily Bite", I'll start by talking about the food I had...
  • a Brie and Bacon sandwhich at the Hog in the Pound Pub (their bacon is like our ham)
  • lots and lots of chips (I ate more fries in 2 weeks than in the previous 2 months here)
  • a yummy pizza at Pizza Express, which is actually a pretty fancy little place
  • a Banana Sundae - with yummy crunchy little merengue chips in it
  • many Mocha Frappucinos
  • a heavenly plate of Gnocchi drowning in cheese

Went to Edinburgh, Scotland for a weekend. Visited Edinburgh Castle and walked the Royal Mile. Gorgeous! Scotland is VERY VERY green... more memorable food...
  • Jenny shared a dessert that I think was a little cake covered in toffee sauce with baked toffee on top - mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm - I almost ate it all before she could. I love toffee!!!!

Went to Paris the last weekend. Lots of very beautiful sights, a little more difficult to get around than London, but definitely had a good time and some good food...
  • the best coffee I've every had... with warm milk... and many sugar cubes, mmmm
  • that tasty baguette with butter and jelly each morning
  • the butter and cinnamon crepe... I wish I'd had a few more... I'd go back just for the Crepes!
  • the fruit tart from Fauchon - it was the kind of dessert that makes you realize how good life can be

Yes, it was a wonderful trip. Great friends, great food, great sights, great times.

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