Tuesday, September 10, 2002

Speaking of Toffee

Toffee is the main ingredient in a Heath Bar. Heath Ledger was in Toronto. Heath Ledger passed me on the escalator. I was within 3 feet of him for about 2 seconds. Before my brain registered that it was him, he was gone. For some reason, my initial thought was that it could be David Beckham. This moment of unclarity was caused by the fact that D.B. had been plastered all over every paper and magazine in UK and, with the VERY short hair, they actually look kinda similar, don't ya think?.

David Beckham

But then I realized it was Heath - about 5 seconds too late. He just slid in the side door, up the escalator, flanked by security, looking down the whole time. I sent Jenny to the restroom (which was up the escalator) but by the time she got there, gone.

Sure, Chuck get's checked out by Tim Curry in the lobby of the Four Seasons, but I can't even get a glimpse of an eyeball. Still, it was cool.

Aaron also spotted Michael Caine waiting for the elevator (by himself, wheeling his own luggage). The elevator took forever and by the time it came, the crowd that had gathered around him (and chatted with him) all piled in and M.C. had to cram into the elevator with all these schmos who got there much after him. Inconsiderate!

We may also have seen Lauren Holly, but not sure it was her. And I'm pretty sure I saw the guy from E! channel. We missed Salma Hayek by mere moments, which didn't seem to phase Jenny until I pointed out that S.M. may equal Edward Norton. Then her eyes lit up... But alas, not to be this weekend... but there's always next weekend.

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