Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Feeling slightly better, as I get through the anniversary of the worst events of my life.

Been seeing movies, including "Love Actually", which I really enjoyed. It was a bit much with the cheating... and I didn't like the minimization of the fact that the kid's Mom had died (obviously), but overall it was very enjoyable. Not sure you can go wrong with Colin Firth and Hugh Grant. It IS true, those damn british accents are so appealing.

Also saw "Elf" tonight... very funny... I think Aaron and Will Ferrell went to the same school of face making.

and... drumroll please... Mya (my neice) took her first steps! Sis tells me that she walked, then clapped and screamed with joy... like she knows that everybody's just been WAITING for her to put on this "walking" show.

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