Tuesday, January 27, 2004

For the past few weeks, my internet connection had been getting worse and worse, to the point of driving me insane.

When I first call, they say "no problem found, it must be your computer". So I delete many applications & files, check for viruses, reinstall my operating system... no improvement. Call again... they send two burly-guy techs, who show up, reaking of smoke, get snow and dirt all over the rugs (yes, I was too meek to ask them to take their boots off... I HAVE seen "The Cable Guy"... but honestly, shouldn't they have a policy...), and tell me "can't find a problem". So I install an upgrade to my OS (XP) and overwrite the old one. Still can't connect.... dying to book flights for Florida and/or Vegas but connection is too slow or gone. Pulling hair out. Another service call, another big burly technician (who wears grocery bags on his feet so as not to dirty the carpet)... yep, it's the modem... it was shot.

Back to lightning speed and getting my internet fix nightly. Hopefully will blog more now.

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