Monday, January 26, 2004

ME, as told by terms of my job:
Entry: disappointed
Function: adjective
Definition: saddened
Synonyms: aghast, balked, beaten, blue funk, cast down, chapfallen, complaining, defeated, depressed, despondent, disconcerted, discontented, discouraged, disenchanted, disgruntled, disillusioned, dissatisfied, distressed, down, downhearted, foiled, frustrated, hopeless, let down, objecting, shot down, taken down, thwarted, unhappy, unsatisfied, upset, vanquished, worsted terms of my environment:
Entry: freezing
Function: adjective
Definition: cold
Synonyms: arctic, biting, bitter, chill, chilled, chilly, cold, cutting, frigid, frost-bound, frosty, gelid, glacial, icy, nippy, numbing, one-dog night, penetrating, polar, raw, shivery, Siberian, snappy, wintry terms of my marriage:
Entry: enamored
Function: adjective
Definition: in love
Synonyms: amorous, attracted, besotted, bewitched, captivated, charmed, crazy about, crazy over, devoted, dotty, enchanted, enraptured, entranced, fascinated, fond, gone, gone on, hipped on, hooked, infatuated, loving, nuts about, silly about, smitten, stuck on, taken, wild about terms of missing Mom:
Entry: brokenhearted
Function: adjective
Definition: devastated
Synonyms: crestfallen, crushed, desolate, despairing, despondent, disappointed, disconsolate, grief-stricken, grieved, heart-sick, heartbroken, heartsore, inconsolable, miserable, mournful, prostrated, sorrowful, wretched

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