Monday, April 25, 2005

One Down

Well, it worked. I was enveloped by the intensity of celeb after celeb... first Brad Pitt, then George Clooney, Steve Buscemi, Jamie Foxx, then, the most trusted of all, Tom Hanks, asking me to help make poverty history.

How can you resist?

I couldn't.

Why should you resist?

So I signed the declaration and I bought wristbands.

Then again, I also gave some grungy-dread-locked-barefoot-tree-hugger guy who showed up at my door at 9pm one night thirty five bucks to save the environment from pesticides, so why wouldn't I help Brad Pitt?


Tina*:) said...

And there I was watching the MiniCooper commercials...Sad state of affairs.


Anonymous said...

I'm a faithful reader of your blog and I've noticed that you haven't been posting very much lately! I am missing your posts-especially the ones about food! What's going on??

jon said...

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have a great day!!