Tuesday, April 12, 2005


Back from NYC and aside from the jacked up, blistered feet, it was excellent. I did wear comfy shoes, but walking about 6 miles a day - when you normally barely put in 1/4 mile - is bound to do damage.

Thursday got off to a great start with Pommes Frites. I'd have to walk 6 miles a day if I lived there because I would eat these soul saving fries every day.

We were also happy to see that NYC is now spotted with Jamba Juices. They were busier than Starbucks! Banana Berry gave my soul and soles some much needed potassium.

Then it was on to Broadway. I cannot emphasize enough how hilarious Spamalot is. Tim Curry should win a Tony. Tim Curry's alto voice and charming smile warmed my soul.

The gentle rain that fell upon us as we politely handed our playbills to David Hyde Pierce and Hank Azaria was refreshing and enlightened my soul.

Friday brought us Maroon 5. Assigned seats and row 10 made for an easygoing, no jostling with teenage girls, good time. Adam's lyrics touched my soul and he was very easy on the eyes.

Sneaking into the secret Burger Joint was invigorating and the caloric bounty fed my soul.

Saturday brunch at the Brooklyn Diner was delicious. I love dipping toast in eggs, it remings me of my Mom and brings joy to my soul.

Chilling in the Oasis Lounge at the W New York made for a relaxing evening. Though there were no rhythm-less dancers to be amused with, there was a huge wall with dolphins being projected onto it. My soul is soothed with the sight of dolphins. The Corona didn't hurt either.

Making the most of Sunday, we put on our walking shoes and headed south. Walked over fourty blocks before bringing it all back around - back to Pommes Frites. Finishing off a great trip with a delicious chocolate milkshake while eating soul sticks with your best friend, that's what it's all about.

My soul was warmed, refreshed, soothed, and fed... and I am better for it.

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Tina*:) said...

Such jealousy....ha!

Mahalo for the armchair experience*;)