Monday, May 30, 2005

Drive-In, Pig Out

Went to the drive-in this weekend with my sis and Mya. It was a candy-covered-fried-food frenzy. Combine cheap prices, comfort food and limited access and something clicks in my brain that leaves me a danger to myself and others.

Even though Jenny says I'm a "food exaggerator" (as in, "I ate sooo much yesterday" when I only ate a hot dog and a half of a watermelon), I am not exaggerating the indulgence that occurred at the drive-in.

Here's what I really ate: 3/4 of a slice of pizza (all would have been mine if not for mini-me (Mya) who also loves junk food), not much of a gallon size coke, a bite of a s'more cookie, half a box of Butterfinger Bites*, 3/4 of a cheeseburger (again, the rest given up to mini-me), a bite of a hot dog, and 1/2 a thing of fries.

Now you may be thinking... not too bad considering it's the drive-in and all... but all this came AFTER a dinner of steak and potatoes. And especially this coming from someone who was on track to wear a swimsuit next week - all week I ate chicken, salads, mushrooms, fruit, chicken, tuna, cheese and almonds. But get me behind the wheel of a car while in front of a movie screen and **SNAP**, bikini-body-bye-bye!

*Note: These were worth every last calorie and then some!

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