Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Block Aid

I am so having writers block. My apologies. I need to focus and pick something to blog about every day, like "TV Moment of the Day".

Last night I was jumping back and forth between I Want To Be a Hilton and AFI Top 100 Movie Quotes. I didn't watch all 100 movie quotes, but it sure made me want to rent Casablanca.

One of my personal favorites is "there's no crying in baseball" - I love Tom Hanks in that scene from A League of Their Own. I also love Tom Hanks in the scene from Turner & Hooch where he's rolling around with the dog in his skivvies. Did I mention I also had a crush on Ritchie Cunningham (Ron Howard) when I was young. What can I say, red hair and freckles were my tall, dark & handsome.

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Catie said...

"there's no crying in baseball" has becoming a very popular family saying with us. it's said whenever anyone is slightly whiny. one of my other fave is "your life is goin' down the toilet" as said by olympia dukakis to cher in moonstruck.