Monday, June 27, 2005

Off the Wagon

Holy Overeating Batman! The special events over the past couple days have offered a plethera of tempting treats and sent my resolve to eat good into the toilet.

Though delicious, Marie's Rasperry Vinaigrette dressing on romaine is no match for cake, peanut butter cookies and Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip.

Tomorrow I will get back to fruit & veggies & chicken or I'll have to buy a new wardrobe to support my new friends - the extra 10 pounds that I've been hanging out with lately.


Anonymous said...

Any chance you have that recipe for Buffalo Chicken Wing Dip?

Anonymous said...

I vowed off of Diet Coke (Diet, even, I know!!) last night. However.

Today I had one at lunch (tuna salad from Paradise isn't the same without it--though I *did* avoid ordering a sandwich because *that* comes with a chocolate chip cookie...). And yeah, another at dinner.

And while I was going to switch to once a week dessert (had pie on Sunday), my roommate is hosting book club tonight and there's cheesecake with raspberry topping sitting on the table.


I feel your pain. :)

And odds are, neither one of us looks that bad. But I know what you mean about the clothes...