Thursday, March 23, 2006

Yes, it's true, the little one came home Tuesday - after over 7 weeks in NICU. Which considering she started with an APGAR score of 1, is amazing. She is on many meds, still has lung issues, weighs a mere 4lbs 9oz (which seems huge compared to the 2-2 she weighed at birth), but they feel she is stable and doing well.

Tuesday night was crazy, I think I slept in 10 minute increments. She's a grunter and a squeaker - and with each noise, I had to jump up and chekc her (in the bassinett beside our bed). Last night was a little better, I think I got a few hours, in one hour chunks.

I am convinced that I will never get a good night's sleep again. So much for sleeping until noon on Saturdays. Yes, I am a night owl and a sleeper and I have to be honest, I always dreaded the lack of sleep deal with babies.

Other thoughts and things :
- is this life really entrusted to MY care?
- every driver on the road is a reckless bastard
- what the hell do I put in a diaper bag besides diapers?
- how the hell do I dress this kid?
- what if I'm roasting/freezing her?
- how can one 4lb baby make so much laundry?
- what a little angel, I can't believe she's here
- I can't believe Peppermint Tina, Catie and Lindsay (blog friends) all sent such nice gifties (THANK YOU!!)
- did I eat today?
- is that normal for a baby?
- I wonder what Parkleigh looks like these days
- must... shop... soon... or will burst
- ooh, Oprah's on!
- ooh, American Inventor is on!
- ooh, Top Chef is on!
- finally Chicken Little got voted off American Idol!
- damn, I didn't realize the next season of America's Next Top Model had started!
- I miss Project Runway
- it will suck when I have to start watching Rolie Polie Olie and Blues Clues all the time - losing my tv shows might suck as much as losing sleep
(just being honest about my shallowness)


Kuky said...

Congratulations on bringing the little one home!!

Salinas blogger said...

Oh no, sister, you aren't allowed to complain about Rollie Pollie Ollie. Because I had to watch episode after ever-lovin' episode of Barney. My husband would come home from work, ask where the toddler son was and I would say, "He's off worshipping his purple master."

Toddler son turns 12 next week. His feet reek and he's inherited my moodiness.

Congrats on bringing Miss Peanut home.

Bridget said...

Congratulations on finally bringing lauren home!

For the diaper bag-an extra outfit (full + socks/shoes), wet wipes, a blanket. it's when they start eating solids and become mobile that everything but the kitchen sink ends up being carted around! Some days I still need a big bag and my kids are 6 and 4.

I'm so happy she's home at last for you both.

Catie said...

1. You're totally welcome.

2. Yay! She's home.

3. I think pretty much everything is normal, except when it isn't and then maybe even that is normal, too.

4. Hold firm on your TV shows. I trained my nephew to totally love watching Martha Stewart (the old, good show) and reruns of NYPD Blue.

p.s. ask more cat questions. I can help out better with that.

lisa said...

i'm happy that you were able to bring lauren home. :)

when my boys were little, i'd pack in the diaper bag (besides diapers/wipes):

1. small lightweight blanket
2. full change of clothes for baby, plus a spare shirt for me
3. nursing pads
4. bibs
5. baby hat
6. sunglasses
7. keep-'em-occupied type toys
8. baby motrin (only if you know the proper dosage for her)
9. sunblock (they can't use it until ~6 months of age or so, though, i believe)
10. diaper rash creme
11. thermometer
12. teething stuff
13. my mayawrap sling (my favorite post-baby thing i owned)
14. snacks for you
15. baby jacket

of course, it all depends on the trip. (we had plenty of "ohmigosh what do you mean we don't have any spare pants for sammy?" moments. you learn to survive. :) ) (and, yes, i did have a lighter diaper bag around, too.)

Anonymous said...

I always went with a really small diaper bag which held: a small bottle with water in it, a snack size ziploc bag of formula powder, a few diapers and a small travel pack of wet wipes. Now that my daughter is a teenager I practically need a U-Haul behind my car when we go anywhere. And, I'm with Mary on'll get no sympathy from me about Rollie Pollie Ollie. I had to watch Barney until I thought my eyes were going to fall out. :)

kaymaria said...

My child will not watch Barney. I will hold fast and firm to that. I actually do kind of like Rolie Polie Olie though. Babies R Us has a cool list of diaper bag stuff, most are already mentioned here but I think the disposable camera is a good idea:

I'm a really light sleeper when it comes to grunting babies (I've taken care of several for friends) and I now have an innate fear of sleep deprivation....and Barney.

SOOOOOOO glad Lauren is home!!!

Kim said...

Congratulations! I'm so excited for all of you. :) She looks so tiny in that big car seat!

As far as all your questions about what to carry, is this normal, etc. It will all come together. You're both still getting to know each other. You love your daughter and that's all that matters right now.

Elaine said...

Look at the baby! She is amazing. Sorry about the sleep, get's better, promise. It may not be noon, but 10 AM on Saturday's just as good!

kimberly said...

Congratulations! Yay for the little grunter!

You will get more sleep someday; I've learned to consider sleeping in until 9 a.m. a wonderful gift.

Anonymous said...

I found your site through Jenny's site. Your little girl is so adorable! I love all the captions for the pics too. The "What the?" one had me smiling for a while. Your photos of her also has me thinking...hmm...maybe I am ready for a baby too :)


Lady M said...

I also found my way here from Jenny's site. I overpacked Q's diaper bag for ages, but you'll figure out what you really need out of the long lists fairly soon. Q was such a noisy sleeper that we lovingly called him "Darth Baby." The silver lining to all the noises? We never needed peer at him worriedly in the dark, trying to figure out if he was still breathing. :)

laura said...

Also here from Jenny's site ...

When my Shmoo was Lauren's age, the diaper bag contained

- four diapers, travel pack of wipes, and a small changing pad
- two cloths for wiping drool/milk
- one change of clothes
- receiving blanket
- a hat

If the Shmoo liked either a pacifer or a bottle, I would have included those as well. I really believed in packing light :)

Anonymous said...


The best present my husband ever gave me was a TiVo. I didn't want to miss my shows because I was putting the girls to bed. I also wanted to be able to watch them when they weren't around, which is pretty much nap time and night time. So, TiVo is the best thing ever created.

You will never sleep the same again, but you will sleep better and better as that cute little girl gets older.

Take care!

da' Mama said...

WHEE!! Lauren is home! Congratulations :o)

Diaper bags can be a mystery. Mostly I put diapers, wipes and baby tylenol in mine. But when they kids were tiny, there was also a change of clothes. Some days there is an assortment of snacks and toys in there, inevitably some crayons. Don't worry, Blue's Clues isn't as bad as you think....

Stacey said...

New to posting on your site, but just wanted to tell you to hang in there! My nephew was born weighing 2lbs and 1oz. He had all sorts of troubles and kept my sister up all night just "checking on him." He's now three years old and is heathly as can be!! In fact they always said he'd be small for his age, but that was entirely untrue. Good luck with your little one!! She's gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

My baby is 8 months now. I would say the first 4 months were so much more difficult than I was prepared for. He had colic and there were many days that I wanted to throw him in the street, or drop him off at the local fire department in a basket with a note. I'm sure with a preemie you will have different struggles. I would like to say that once the little guy was four months, life got easier and we couldn't be happier. He is the best thing in the world and each day I am amazed at how much love I feel and how protective I am. Motherhood is life changing and I'm so happy for you and all that you will experience!

nancy said...

Oh..I am just as shallow..which why I don't have kids but something tells me when I do I will come around. So will you. BTW, who says you can't have a baby AND Project Runway, Oprah, Shopping, etc. The newborn stage is tough I hear, but it will get better. Besides its healthy to think of yourself, just because you have a child doesn't mean you don't have needs yourself, you are still a person you you need to treat yourself soon. Give me a call when you are ready for a babysitter so you and Jenny can go out - I know it might be a while but the offer will be good, I mean it! ;)