Friday, March 10, 2006

So with most of my time spent at the hospital, my tv watching has dropped off dramatically. No more FBI Files, no more Cash Cab. But I did catch up on Project Runway in time to catch the last few episodes. I thought for sure Santino would win (and was actually pulling for him by the end). I also got hooked on American Idol and have yet to break that habit. I think Mandisa and Chris will go all the way. And, I'm sorry, I don't find the dorky kid cute or likable. I hope he gets voted off. Maybe when he's 22 he'll actually be cute, but at 16, with that horrible haircut and tiny glasses, he DOES look like Chicken Little and I find him incredibly annoying. Rant over.

And as for Miss Lauren, she is progressing well and they are saying she may come home soon! She is still little, 3lbs 14oz, but gaining each day. I mean look at the size of that ginormous cheek! She is definitely on her way to being a very chubby baby.

Her little digestive track isn't working so great yet, so she grunts alot, sounding alot like the character Mo Collins used to play on Mad TV.

She smiles alot - even if it is gas, it's adorable.

Oh, and I put up more pix at


Aprille said...

I cannot believe that Chicken Little made it into the top 12. Sorry, but he's just not in the league. I often miss the guys performances, or only come in for the last couple, so I really haven't seen Chris enough to say....
Most adorable pics! Can't wait to meet her!

Catie said...

Were you shocked at Chloe won Project Runway? I was. Of course I can't wait for the next one, but right now I'm focused on the new cycle of America's Next Top Model.

The photos and the video or Lauren are absolutely adorable. I particularly liked the squeakiness of her hiccups.

You didn't mention your health, so I'm going to guess that means you're doing better.

Anonymous said...

That is one precious, amazing little baby girl y'all have. I enjoy your blog and wish you and your new family all the best!


justJENN said...

I nearly choked laughing - CHICKEN LITTLE. I never thought about it, but YES!

kimberly said...

Lauren grows cuter by the day!

Santino?! Really?!

Elaine said...

So precious. What a difference a week makes! She is chubbing up a little, isn't she. Bless her little digestive system. I'll bet you're chopping at the bit to get her home already. Speaking of project runway, I'm digging her little hat.