Thursday, May 25, 2006

OK, I got the Next Food Network Star guess right (Guy), but I was totally wrong about my pics for American Idol, Top Chef, and American Inventor.

As for the AI finale...
...still convinced Chris is way better than the rest
...was Toni Braxton stoned?
...Meatloaf has aged surprisingly well
...only an ubur geek could make Clay Aiken look sexy
...Prince? Prince! Prince!
...Soul Patrol!

As for the Top Chef finale...
...well, what can you say about food you didn't get to taste? Actually, I'm glad I didn't get to taste it - I'll definitely pass on the squid ink stuff, gross!

What am I going to watch now? I guess I'll have to give in and watch So You Think You Can Dance?


Catie said...

I finally caved and started watching Top Chef. I'm glad Harold won because he was such a good guy.

I'm saving myself for the next season of Runway. And of course America's Next Top Model.

Aprille said...

Hell's Kitchen is on again this summer! :)

LadyGypsy said...

My reality fix this year was Dancing with the Stars. I was in love with that show. This summer wee'll be watching Last Comic Standing, which starts tonight!