Friday, May 05, 2006

Q: what makes you smell funny, breaks your heart, but feeds your human spirit?

A: an adorable little baby who pukes all the time, cries for no apparent reason, then smiles at you.

Lauren finally totally passed her ear exam this week! She won't be able to say, "what Mom? I didn't hear you tell me I couldn't go to the Metallica concert with Billy."

She is going for an Upper GI test in 2 weeks to make sure everything is normal with the digestive track system.

Her Physical Therapist came today so she got her weekly baby massage. Because she was so tiny at birth, she qualified for the New York State Early Intervention program that offers rehabilitation services for free. It's a great program. Too bad it doesn't cover the Mommies too, because I, on the other hand, had to shell out $75 to get my neck and shoulders massaged, since they are killing me from looking down at her.


Michele said...

Woot! Glad to hear that the little peanut can hear just fine. With those bunny ears, how could she not?! ;)

da' Mama said...

EI programs are wonderful! A lot of people don't even know they exsist let alone that they qualify for them. My son has been getting speech therapy through EI since he was 18 months old. Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

EI prgrams are great. I'm a speech therapist and I've seen a lot of little ones really benefit from the programs.

P.S. I just love those adorable bunny ears!