Friday, July 28, 2006

I became a Peetnik today. It's Jenny's fault. She got me hooked on Peet's Major Dickason's coffee when she innocently brought me back some as a souvenier from her trip to CA last month. So as I ran out, I found myself in dire straights. But now I'm a Peetnik, so it will all be ok. I will have the coffee delivered to me automatically each month. Whew!

If only Jamba did the same thing. Yet another thing Jenny got me addicted to, among many others... her home-made Bugogi... Lay's Lime & Cracked Pepper Potato Chips... I thought they'd be gross, but they were YUM YUM YUM. Then my sis came over and was dipping them in tuna fish. Again, I thought "super-gross", but tried it and BINGO, another top 10 food addiction.

Jenny also did the near impossible, got me to like salad. She found a secret weapon - Emerald Nuts Glazed Walnuts - throw them on some lettuce with some Craisins and Honey Balsamic Vinegar dressing - and it's a salad I really like, not just feel socially obligated to eat.

There are many others, too numerous to mention. I suppose I've done the same to her... we're always excited to go to a city with a Cheesecake Factory and chow down on the likely-laced-with-crack Chicken Madeira! And going west always means we start singing our favorite little ditty, "In-n-Out, In-n-Out Burger, In-n-Out, In-n-Out Burger"...


Alysia 'n' Chris said...

Hi Tina,

I came to your blog via Jenny's and I've been enjoying reading it these past few months. Had to stop lurking to give a shout-out to your West Coast shout-outs; I'm in Los Angeles, and practically addicted to In-N-Out. Did you know there's a secret menu they never advertise? You just have to hear about it via word of mouth. Animal-style fries are my downfall:

Also, fortunately, and unfortunately, I live a block from a Cheesecake Factory. My pajamas just got a bit snugger as I typed that. :)

mariko said...

Welcome to the Peetnik Club. You'll never go back now!

Tina said...

Hi Alysia (or is it Chris?), thanks for posting! I am very jealous! If you ever want to experiment with dry ice and shipping methods, just let me know, because I'm sure a Double Double and/or Chicken Madeira are still yummy reheated!