Monday, July 10, 2006

Little L is getting so strong, she is already trying to sit up on her own, so I ordered her a Bumbo chair. I hope it comes soon, I can't wait to see the little one try it out. I hope she doesn't flop forward and do a face plant.

I'm reading this book called Secrets of the Baby Whisperer : How to Calm, Connect, and Communicate with Your Baby. I figured if the Dog Whisperer can help so much, this might be a good read. Bottom line: babies need structure. So I'm trying to follow the author's E.A.S.Y. plan - Eat. Activity. Sleep. You (as in ME time, which is a joke, because ME time usually involves doing laundry, dishes, or, if I'm lucky, actually washing my hair).

We were doing pretty good with the E.A.S.Y. plan on Sunday until, just as I was about to give Little L a bath (an Activity), hubby called - his truck had crapped out nearly in the middle of a major intersection. I had to pack up the kid and drive out to get him. $650 later, his truck is fixed, for now. Little L took it all in stride though, not too much Birth Control Crying out of her.


Katie said...

I got my daughter, Maggie, a bumpo and she LOVED it. She has since moved on to her exersaucer, which she'll sit in for hours. Maggie is almost the same chronological age as Lauren...she was born 2/6. I think the bumpo really helped develop her back and neck muscles. She can now sit without support and she's only 5 months old! Although, the stinker won't roll over because she's too interested in sitting!

Miss W said...

I got my son his bumbo seat when he was roughly 3 months adjusted age (about 5.5 chronological age). He loved it! In fact, at 6 months adjusted he still sits in it quite a bit. No worries about a face plant with it -- the way that the seat is angled, she won't be able to go forward. (Recently my son has figured out how to shift his hips to one side and play with the rug beside him -- ours may be retired soon as I fear he might push himself out sideways)