Friday, January 18, 2008

Now I don't really know my ABCs

All that crap about blogging more and making lists and I've still been horrible about both. Today I am actually in Orlando for the PGA golf show for work. Met Omarosa and she is so nice. Can't say I'm shocked because I know that they edit the crap out of TV.

Lauren turns two in a couple weeks, the girl is cracks me up. I finally captured video of her singing her ABC's (somewhat) but gets stuck in a loop at the end - qrstuvwy tuv wx tuv wx tuv (and so on)... This particular time, I thought she was going to go on forever, but then she noticed the camera and asked, "I see Lauren Clark?" which she says when she wants to see pics of herself.


Michele said...

LOL OMG that's so cute! I love that she can say her full name.

disneymike said...

Lauren is so cute! I want to take pictures of her. ;)

Tina said...

I wish you could Mike, I know they would come out amazing!!