Sunday, May 04, 2003


As you probably read on Jenny's blog, we took a quick jaunt to NYC last weekend... it was great. Some highlights of the trip Jenny didn't mention...

- the Hudson Hotel was a very nice hotel, very attractive staff, but the room was about the size of my ass on a good day... and they're pretty stingy with their toiletries... a paltry shampoo & conditioner in one and a body lotion... when I stayed at the W Chicago Lakeshore, I got LOADS of Aveda goodies - mint shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion AND mouthwash. The Hudson also had the worst lighting possible. Jenny joked to the hottie Bellhop, "so if you see us walking around with too much makeup on, you'll know why". But, because that Bellhop and others were so cute, I'd go back again! Nothing like a little eye candy to take your mind off the fact that you can rest your head against the wall in front of you while sitting down to pee in their dollhouse sized bathrooms.

- the other crazy guy Jenny didn't go into detail about was an intimidating looking guy selling belts out of a garbage bag who, in one breath said kindly, "don't be afraid of me"... and moments later procraimed loudly and scarily, "FUCK EVERYBODY". Too funny!

- we saw Yoko Ono waiting in line to see "Winged Migration"

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