Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Got a facial last night at Waterlilly... it was 90 minutes of heaven. They're supposed to be an hour, but I think the new aesthetician wanted to make a good impression... and that she did!

And for a glimpse into my demented psyche (which I am STRONGLY in need of Therapy for - according to the quiz on here's a general summary of my thoughts as I lay there in the quiet room, eyes closed, listening to Enya-ish music and getting lotion upon lotion applied and wiped off...

aaah, warm... bright light, bright light!... skin inspection... time to hear my flaws... what? I have hyperpigmentation? But I've been wearing sunscreen daily for over 15 years... must stay out of the evil sun... ugh, reprimanded for picking at my face... wonder when she's going to pick at my face... aaah, darkness, soothing steam mist... aaagghh, bright light! bright light!!... the picking begins... this is satisfying... no, don't stop picking, there must be more clogged pores! aaah, darkness again, soothing cream, smells good... oh yeah, here comes the back massage... rub my knot, rub my knot... ooh, she found it, yep, grind that knot out... harder... oh, knots in my left shoulder too - she's goood... wow, that was great... oooh, that sounds like mousse being dispensed... ooh, it feels cool on my face... I must look ridiculous but I don't care... I could lay here forever... where is she going? why is she pulling the sheet away from my feet? Oh my God, my feet probably smell horrible! And I probably still have ugly sock rings! OH MY GOD, I haven't shaved my legs in 3 days! Ah, but that foot massage feels so good... please don't be done, please don't be done... she's done... I'm glowing... that was incredible!

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